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in steemit •  3 years ago  (edited)

Here is the second Part of my free to use Badges. Hope you use and enjoy them :)

If you like to know what Curation Level you are, just look at

So just choose the Badge you like and right click on it to download them.

In case you missed a Part of my Badge Series, here are the latest links:

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In light of the fact that our government is run my satanic pedos (a la pizzagate and spirit cooking) can you please alter the devil one to something more positive?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)


Honestly, they are all cool. So, you had me at curation badge, but this is nicer for sure and without any 2016 weirdness.

What you suggest ? What is more powerful then the Dragon? When I created this Badge i dont have the Pizzagate in mind :)

I love the look of them - great work. I agree with the "Devil" one.. it doesn't really fit with the theme.. The ranking doesn't make sense to me either.. the King should be at the top of the hierarchy... Page/Minstrel, Knight, Wizard, Prince, King could work.. A little femininity might help as well..

Just some ideas- I really like the look of your graphics.. Thank you for putting these together for the community, I am sure this has taken you lots of time!

Well I will think about it, maybe a black Dragon.... femininity is a good idea i looking forward to this...

My first intent, what you think? Do you say Knightess? Is that correct?

This one is great.

Knight also slays dragon..
But I follow your line of thinking that the dragon is the stronger creature.. Black dragon sounds really cool.. Black is interesting if you think of it in credit card terms Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and BLACK. Its the VIP. Maybe it should be female? I think the graphic would look awesome!

...and a Queen so the Set will be complete.... what you think?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I did two more Queen's so which you think is the best?

I like the last one but it might be click baitish? The Cartoonish Queen is probably best to keep it consistent?

So cool, love them!

Holy Shit, just checked your Curation Points, 6,534,610! Amazing! Congrats, here is your Badge, you deserve it!

Thank you so much! :)

great work @elyaque :D. thumbs up


  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Excellent! And I hope the community appreciates how much time and effort you have put into this for the sake of us, the community, so thank you!

Thank you norbu for your kind words

cool badges... can we use them on eSteem?!

sure, no problem go ahead

thanks, It will require some planning and proper implementation but I like style of them....
Are you familiar with badges? Well they don't have badges design but they do give some points for certain tasks, like reaching x followers, x comments, x posts, x reputation, trending post, etc. we can extend this to number of combination and make it happen on eSteem...

Sounds cool!

WooHoo! I'm a curation King!

Coole neue Badgets!
Habe auch einen deiner Badgets in meinen neuen Post eingebaut.


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Very good job @elyaque congratulations, thanks for sharing