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Check this out! It's just Brilliant, this is exactly what I think!
I agree 100% !!! Thanks for the Video @dan-atstarlite , Steem on guys !!!

And Ned was on TV, have a look :)

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I dont think the hardfork will lower the price, because most people have been cashing out of STEEM, that was the main cause of the price devaluation.

If the inflation is significantly lower, then the price has time to heal itself, while the internal curation gets more efficient, rewarding only quality posters.

Then after we get more demand slowly, the price can go up, and rewards will again be high, but without the inflation effect.

This is my opinion how it would look like. A smaller inflation is closer to an ideal closed economy like it should be.

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My thoughts exactly for the top video

Good report, thanks man. I'm feeling more positive that the hard fork will be good for steem/steemit

Thanks for sharing!

Another great set of stats as always. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted and shared on Twitter✔ for my followers to read. Stephen


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