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Wow, 500+ Followers thank's to everyone for the support and the upvotes.

There are some new features since yesterday, you can see now how many views your post really have, and there are now three small icons to share the post at Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

And you can change your Display Name, put your Website, Location etc....

You can read the details about the changes here.

As well I did some changes at my Report, from now on you can see how many Steem worth in $ flow from the Exchangers to Steemit and vice versa. I think this is a very useful info, thanks to @xiaohui for this daily information.

If you like the Report please follow, re-steem, upvote and comment.

Note: 100% of the payout of this post will be paid out in Steem Power!

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Congrats! You deserve it, and I am one of those who awaits your stats everyday.

Thanks buddy.

Good post. I resteem it.

Thanks! Glad you like it :)

AWESOME. Congratulations. You deserve it. One of the best stat producers on Steemit. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted as always.

I recently made a blog that your followers may have missed and would like to see.

The scalability of Steem and Steemit is simply mind blowing..!!


Thanks again for sharing your blog. Stephen

You are very welcome. Stephen

Congrats and keep up the good work! You are very helpful to keep track of Steem's lifecycle!

Thank you for the wishes :)

Congrats @elyaque! Well deserved!
Where did you get these cool badges from?

I did them for myself yesterday, if you want some let me know. I plan to do a series that everyone can use it for free...

Cool, they are awesome. I really like them. Looking forward to the post where you present the whole series.


Danke Dir!

Congratulations on 500 followers. 🍾

Thank amazing, I am happy about it. What you think about the new info about the money from and to the exchangers?

I think it's very useful to see the money flow.

and you see if there is an up or downtrend ahead.....

Congratulations, you do a very good job providing information for us! Thank you!

Thanks, you are welcome :)

I like the change to the report. Useful information. Well done.

I've been wanting to Resteem one of your post for a while, in order to make it easier for me to find these good posts of yours I read on a daily basis. This is the one I'm finally doing it, no more accessing your profile through the search engine or by your name somewhere in my curation rewards, now I'll have a direct link in my list of blogs.

I didn't know about the settings changes, +6% in value, cool examples of badges that could be implemented by Steemit in the future... and congrat on the 500 mark!

Great post overall!

Thanks, I will do a series of Badges these days for everyone, so everybody can use it for free :)

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