UI Release 0.1.161202

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Today we are happy to share our latest features and bug fixes for your experience on

UI Version 0.1.161202

New features

  • views counter #744
  • profile customization #737
  • full power badge #748
  • show order balances in wallet #740

Bug fixes

  • various market bug fixes and price warning #728
  • performance tweaks: minimize rendering and API calls #738
  • fix witness votes not appearing for logged in user #741
  • add support for vimeo auto embed #731
  • fix obscure bug which causes certain keys to trigger back event #754
  • fix follow mute button alignment for mobile display #753
  • do not show dropdown for comments with 0 votes #747
  • fix bug preventing declined payout post from being edited #743
  • handle malformed categories in url #742
  • fix share menu scrolling behavior #739
  • adjust password data-entry error wording #736
  • clarify dangerous-html flag usage #733
  • remove fastclick for JS dropdown conflicts #727
  • allow links to open in new tab without closing menu #726
  • add padding for avatar on collapsed state #717
  • display previous title when closing post modal #709
  • remove negative top margin on comment footer #714

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Great update, now - tags following or favourite tags;)

can you add one more feature that is so important? the ability to mention a username and tag them so that they are notified like on many social media. many times there is need to invite people to a conversation without leaving them with links!

You should point to a github issue or create one.

Thanks a lot for this updates! Already enjoying the new features :) Re-steemed

Thanks!! The full power badge is a nice touch. :)

Not sure I understand what this is.

It's a badge just to the right of a new post, which looks like two dark-blue waves surrounding two light-blue waves, which indicates that all author rewards are going to the author in Steem Power.

You'll see that little badge beside some of the titles in this list, for one:

Thank you! You make us holidays.

Popping in to say that I love the new profile information. It humanizes us even more and definitely gives it a feel of being community-oriented. Great jobs! Fingers crossed for the hardfork tomorrow!

OUTSTANDING! Great work Dev Team.

Great to see new features! Time to go play on! :)
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noticed many of these changes before i saw this post. woah!

Needed improvements, every one.

Thank you.

Great updates and enhancements. Nicely done.

Thank you for the updates!!

Fantastic @steemitblog! Look forward to using the new features!

really nice ones! and price up too :)

Thanks for all! Keep it up!

#739 may have a positive impact on shares (and organic reach) more than a fix on the old drop-down style. Visibility matters.

When is the power down time going to 3 months?

Well done! Thank you.

Love it! Thanks! :)

Great update, Resteemed and Upvoted.

Thank you all guys :-) Really good work. Nice that I am onboard.
In my opinion- this is the first time where a cryptocurrency really is more then only a payment system. These opputunities are limitless and we are first with Steemit.

Great new features ! Just wondering why some of us now have little steemit logos at the end of our title ? And what is the little eye thing with a number beside it , its located right before the facebook,twitter, linked in . ?! Thanks looking forward to your reply ! Steeming on ! ♨👍♨

The eye icon represents view count. The steem logo at the end of a post means the author is powering up their reward 100%.

Àha ! Ok thats awesome ! I thought That of the eye icon! Wasnt sure, but for the life of me even after asking some other steemians we could not figure out the steemit logo ! Thats great I can let them know now ! Thanks a bunch ! Steem on ! 👍😉

Really enjoying the progress! Quick question, is the Reply option supposed to disappear from posts after a while? I've seen a few posts where Reply was not available. It seems like even if there are only two payout periods per post that it would still be beneficial to keep the Reply option available.

Thanks for the hardwork you put in! :D


Nice work devs!