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Hello everyone,

I really enjoyed the Witness Forum chat yesterday and appreciate some great feedback. At our daily stand up today, I shared these thoughts with the team:

  1. We need to do our best to continue to communicate and welcome community feedback and contributions. (@andrarchy and @roadscape already working on this post since last week)

  2. Dogfooding, dogfooding, dogfooding. I encouraged the team to use the platform by blogging more, mainly myself. People want to spend more time blogging and sharing their ideas, dreams and thoughts, so hopefully we see more activity.

  3. Marketing! I told the team my plans for a "Call for Marketing" and will start working out those details this week.

A few team members listened to the call and asked how I felt about all the Ivory Tower mentions. I was honest on the show, admitted there are no excuses in areas we lack and will continue to listen to the community. As far as an Ivory Tower goes, well, I just had some delicious Bumble Bee Lemon Pepper Tuna for lunch as I prioritize and keep projects moving, have been DM'ing about 20 Steemians, answering tons of emails, getting caught up in Slack/Discord. We see you and we hear you. It did make me listen to and oldie but goodie, Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks. Great song. No Ivory Tower here....

Next up will be a financial update that is ready to go, just need to update some things.

Hope everyone has a great Monday,


The way how Steemit Inc. communicate has changed, after the disastrous financial situation has been managed from the ground.

Currently the biggest asset Steemit Inc. has, is the community. And to decide to be part of it is a great management decision, even if it not easy on a daily work routine.

The interesting part is, a lot of Steemians does have full time jobs and still contributing with full heart to the community, which makes this place so special.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the community and inform about your thoughts.

This is exactly it.It doesn't need to take hours and be formatted to death but quick and regular updates as to what is happening are brilliant. Just to show us you're all still here and something is happening.

The marketing team is a great idea as there a re lots of talented people here willing to put in some work and i would hope that you can go ahead with opensourcing steem.com a bit. I would love to see it turned into a portal for the blockchain showing what's happening in all of the various apps as well as information and updates about what is going on.

We need a modern site fit for a leading blockchain. One that allows instant sign ups and showcases the talents and development here and a site that we can show to our friends and tell them why they should open an account and buy STEEM.

Have A wonderful Fourth of July holiday!

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I don't know about you but my "dogfood" tastes like amazing filet mignon! Until we begin to see participation on STEEM itself as an amazing privilege it is in this day and age, those negative tones will continue to endure. Thanks for chiming in, but I do hope you see it as less of a chore. Im here working my 40+ hour week as well, and I love the escape that STEEM provides!

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Well this was fast :)

Good points! Everybody on the team should be very vocal on Steem as well.

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Happy to see that delegation is going to good use!

It was good to hear you there Eli!

I wish the witness forum was open to all witnesses not just to a selected few..