2020 Certainly Not a Boring Year...

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Hello Steemians!

What a beautiful thing to see 'communities' live. I hope you all enjoy the first glimpse of what communities can do for all of us. Most of you have been on the beta site for a while, so thank you for testing it out, providing useful suggestions and sticking by our sides as we finally ship this feature.

Steemit - Tron Partnership

I knew 2020 was going to be interesting...communities, SMTs, kid graduating from high school, and, oh ya, this Tron collaboration. I am so excited about all the opportunities headed our way. While change is always hard and confusing, in my experience, change has always led to greater things. This is one of those. Did I say communities is live? YES!

The teams have met several times since last week, and we will continue to work on short, mid and long-term roadmaps.

For more info on the partnership, see https://beta.steemit.com/steemit/@steemitblog/tron-and-steemit-join-forces written by @andrarchy.

What's Next?

Good question. As I mentioned, all teams will continue to meet in the coming days, weeks, months on how we can take this great ecosystem beyond what we ever imagined. I have received many DM's from community members with some very good questions. My goal is to get you the answers. Just keep in mind this isn't even a week old and there is a lot of great work to do. In the meantime, please continue exploring communities! Our goal is to always be transparent and communicate with you as much as we can. Stay tuned for a lot more!



Hey hey!! Its great to hear from you and assuring everyone that the team is fine and executing changes in a positive way. Hope to hear more updates and know that the community is behind you guys 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾 #teammalaysia

Have you ever considered live-streaming any meetings to let the community chime in? A kind of digital transparency activity. I am not saying reveal EVERYTHING but having the users as "guests" at meetings via livestream can be very beneficial to everyone involved.

@elipowell and members of the Steemit team have been really great about coming on live shows like the Monthly Witness chat in The Ramble and interacting with the community.

Indeed they have! I just manage to miss it every time due to hour differences.

Have you heard of that old saying, "May you live in interesting times" (purported to be an Ancient Chinese curse). Seems like someone wished, "May Steem be an interesting blockchain..." 😂

Thank you for shouting out, and I hope you have some decidedly uninteresting times ahead of you (so you can get some well deserved rest)! 😊

All the best for you and your team

Holy cow, we finally got notifications. It only took four years.

Our goal is to always be transparent and communicate with you as much as we can. Stay tuned for a lot more!

Yet another NPC post from Steem(it) headquaters:

Community...yeeeey...great...community...did I said...community

Let's take 100$ for this, like Comrade Stalin, and let the peasants eat, earn and sleap community ideas

in my experience, change has always led to greater things. This is one of those.

Always? Really?

I think that your public posts should be more concrete about what's going on behind the scenes and to be an overview about the current state in team and what you are currently doing and what is planned next, not just casually stopping by to tell us that new Steem is awesome and that we should stay tuned in.

Thanks for this short overview!
Keep up the good work! :)

Appreciate your support, @jaki01!

Keep up the work, thanks for keeping us updated.

Thanks for all your hard work and also for supporting many of the communities voices around here. Looking forward for this year as it will indeed be an exciting one! Also, thank you for supporting #powerhousecreatives! We will be here creating the best of contents in the steemsphere!

This post is certainly overvalued

Interesting, but as the CEO of Steemit, where you were while whole those drama happens? Atleast one post, you didn't show up! This is the first time I am agree with @berniesanders


Thanks for the update. For what it's worth you've got a ragtag army of crazies and zealots supporting you :)

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Congrats to your kid graduating, and yes this will be a big year for Steem.. Do you have any specific goals that want to achieve in your position this year?

I do hope for the best for the communities which reminds me of the Gab groups.

Hang in there Eli, you're doing a great job. Keep us posted!


Thanks for the update! Good to see developments happening regularly. I have no real clue what i am doing with regards to communities but I have signed up to a couple that seem to fit. Going to play the rest by ear ^^

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it's So great that everything's great !


Quite the unusual situation, i hope you lit a candle for the saint of jobs ... :)

lucky !!!

quite unusual ? 'for a company to taken ... over or switching hands and for nothing to change' is ... quite unusual hence ...

well, maybe not there, what would i know :) got options now anyway ... question is what the boss-man really wants

i think that's the exciting part, no ? (retorical, i dont even exist ... do i?)

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I'm sure it hasn't been an easy week but hopefully you and the rest of the team can continue to push the development and plands for the steem chain. It has to be said that you have done an amazing job since taking over the running of steemit.inc so i'm hopeful that this new direction will just add funds and backing to what you were already doing.

Best of luck with it and please keep posting and keep us updated.

Keep good work!

This is a fucking joke

You are so right about there never being a dull day on the Steem blockchain. You are also right to point out that this Tron Steemit News is a few days old and I am sure there are many details to work out. As you can imagine many community members are both happy and scared, both hopeful and apprehensive. The posts by people of stature like yourself and the others you mentioned in your post are reassuring.

This reassurance is so important now. People are converting their Steem Power to Steem in anticipation of a Token swap since it takes 13 weeks to power down and some maybe thinking of selling their Steem and sitting this one out.
Thank you for the reassuring post.

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F a n t a s t i c !
Thanks, Eli! (:

Thanks for the snappy update Eli ... just a quick one if you can...How does one update one's profile these days...?

Good to see you post @elipowell ... hopefully you'll do so more often. You know, with all that spare time you have, eh. I really think that Steemit Inc has come further in the last 18 months than ever and your leadership is appreciated.

Interesting times indeed.

i'm not to sure about the change to be honest but I hope for the best

Are you still working for Steemit? Are you still alive?

Stressful and exciting ... I've been in the... oh by the way we have new owners and you have a new boss situation.

Glad you seem to be taking it well! (my initial downvote was just a misclick) So glad you guys are well funded and still here.

Misclick? haha. You know, never a dull moment here.

They are close to each other. :) Upvote and downvote. I missed.

Thanks for getting a post with your thoughts and goals out, Eli~ I have said in a few places to others, and to you already, but I am not envious of the balance you have to strike right now between excited and cautious, business and personal. I'm looking forward to seeing some more resource oomph backing your organizational skills and for you to help the Tron foundation truly understand the unique company they're getting the pleasure of working with. The last year has been so challenging, and I appreciate you for taking it head on. I owe you another beer. 🍻