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Disappointed to see the exclusion of the updated design version, but I will still pick up a couple here soon.
Re-Steemed. - COA's come with all the rounds regardless if you reserve specific numbers or not, correct?


That is correct in the COA you only buy the COA if you are requesting a specific number. Thanks @elamental

For sure, thanks. I feel compelled to mention that I did quite a bit of campaigning in the canna-communities on Steem and Discord letting everyone know about the update with the leaves as requested (and the opinions were about 85% hell yea with i think 2-3 people not being about it comparatively (100% agreed in canna-comms)), most of which were excited to purchase rounds because of that fact alone... I cannot guarantee any of those people will still purchase rounds now, and I will also be getting less than I was planning on. I hope this doesnt effect sales in too much of a negative way. I am still a huge fan of the project and this year's round. Good luck moving forward, hopefully they will sell out again. I will have to do an update post about the design reversion (as a retraction) soon to let my people know after I do a little more research as to why this occurred. Any incite from your end would be appreciated before I start digging into discord/steem. Much love, and thank you for all your hard work on bringing this project to life once again. I am still here to support in any way I can, and will be honest and factual in my post update after i gather more info. Blessings.

Well, it was very difficult to reach EDX. Here are and where the concerns, this was a major changed to the coin, one that was made after the voting was over with. Now we could have put the whole thing back up for a vote, but being that it's the Middle of September time would not have allowed for another vote round and still be able to get this project done in 2019. The coin is a underwater theme and the cannabis leaves did not make a lot of sense to be on a underwater themed design. Hopefully the Cannabis group can understand this, hopefully they can stand back and look and see that the leaves did not make sense for the round. I appreciate your support of the round, and the fact that you are a stacker, then you are aware that the over all goal of this project is to bring awareness to silver and steem. This WILL NOT be the last round design. Hopefully someone from the Cannabis group can come up with a design for the 2020 design. As always I appreciate your support and concerns about the changes. I felt that it was the right thing to do consideringt the circumstances. By the way I sent a message in the ssg discord addressed to @everyone. You are more than welcomed to look back through it. Once again @elamental I appreciate your support.

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