[Steemdebitcard.com v1] - Purchase in stores, online and withdraw Cash at ATMs directly in STEEM ! Support the STEEM DEBIT CARD !

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Cash your Steem$ at any ATM in your currency !
Connect Virtual to the Real world!
I’m proud to introduce Steemdebitcard.com the first and official Steem Debit Card!

Get ready to spend STEEM anywhere!

Quick introduction

A lot of steemers want to connect their STEEM to the real world. Using STEEM currency to load on a wallet linked to a card, you’ll be allowed to Withdraw money from your Debit card at ATMs or purchase goods and services direction in STEEM, all in real-time, with no delays.

http://www.steemdebitcard.com (Website v0.01)

How It Works

We are building a web wallet service project similar to Xapo and Bitpay where instead of Bitcoin, it uses Steem.
Steemers will be able to deposit STEEM on the wallet and order their STEEM Debit Card.

STEEM Debit Card is a Visa card that you can use for your purchases in stores, online and to withdraw cash at ATMs, all of this directly in STEEM. The card is accepted in billions of stores and ATMs around the world.

Like the Xapo Card, our Steem Debit Card works just like any other debit card, but instead of drawing funds from your bank account, it debits purchases directly in Steem from your Steamdebitcard.com primary wallet in real-time.

STEEM Debit Cards are offered in three different spending currencies: USD, EUR, and GBP. You must select this base currency when you order your card, although all transactions are always debited in STEEM. You will be able to order one card per account. The STEEM Debit Card will be valid for three years.


You buy something with the STEEM Debit Card. Cost 20$. The card will deduct 20$ converted into STEEM at the current market price via an API connected with defined exchanges or market.
The STEEM amount will be deducted from your primary wallet original balance. Simple as that!

Why not use the existant Bitcoin card instead of creating a this STEEM Card?

Today if you want to Cash out Steem you have to go to an alt currency exchange and convert your STEEM to bitcoin, then go to a bitcoin exchange like Coinbase to convert your bitcoin into dollars/euro that can be moved to your bank account. You can also use those Bitcoin debit card and other services, but it still makes you Bitcoin-dependent!
Bitcoin conversion has fees and quite slow transactions; STEEM has fast transactions and no fee! This is why we need the STEEM Debit Card.

What’s the project status? Can I order my card?

The project is only in Alpha! We are building a solid team to work on this project and look to create a long-term service based on STEEM as blockchain and currency. If you are interested in joining and feeling like you can contribute. Please contact me at [email protected]

For now, a business plan is done, and we are validating a robust business model based on Xapo Card. I have contacted their card issuer which is “My Choice company”.


  • (3) Team members (Expert NodeJS developer blockchain and STEEM experts, Web Designer, Project Manager, Business Consultant)
  • Very good knowledge of STEEM blockchain and API/Websocket
  • Domain name SteemDebitCard.com
  • Demo Website (landing page) -
  • A business model based on other existing cards
  • Some money invested
  • A Web application and mobile app in dev process

Could look for

  • More team members (Advice, IT, Banking, etc.)
  • Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, STEEM, banking payment experts
  • Any resources we can need
  • Investors
  • Upvotes! Help us start the project as quick as possible

About time frame, we plan to start offering the STEEM Debit Card services by the end of this summer. In September 2016.

All our prices will be based on the real fees paid to the card issue. Our team is negotiating with “My Choice company” right now for the best prices based on a starting investment and amount of cards to release. So the more upvotes we get here, the more chances we will have to negotiate and get lower rates!

Is My Choice company a trustworthy and reliable partner?

They work with several outstanding services that you may recognize like Xapo or Wirex. So yes the business model based on My Choice company can be reliable for STEEM Debit Card.

Sounds great! What about fees?

There is a one-time card order fee that is charged to your SteemDebitCard.com wallet in Steem when you submit the card order.

Xapo.com is free the first year then they charge an Annual fee of 12$ because they have a Vault service wallet that allows you to do Savings in different wallets with an excellent interest rate and give some other services. SteemDebitCard.com will be first year free but we plan to add some similar services depending on the community needs, so feel free to comment about this option.

These fees are based on a Xapo and My Choice prices. So Xapo base their model on My Choice and they make a profit on it with the Annual fee and some other commission. We will need to do as well to handle the app and project costs but with less profit.
We are discussing on applying a tiny fee each transaction this cost/profit would then be re-distributed amongst the token holders using a specific algorithm.

Steem Debit Card will be cheaper than any Bitcoin Debit Card and more benefit for its users for this reason.

We will start the procedure in August.

So Upvote if you want one !
Any question feel free to ask.

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Edit: @ekitcho has at the very least made his identity known and I have more confidence that this is legitimate. I downvoted early because I didn't see enough detail that this was a legit project, but I have reversed the vote now. Best of luck to you @ekitcha and apologies for the grief. Original comment below.

I'm going to downvote because you don't seem to have this put together and I don't know who you are, your Steem account barely has any value, and I have no reason to trust you.

Amazing pfunk !
Check this recipe i posted today with Photo verif. I'm 32 yo business consultant from Strasbourg France, just a Steemit member that want to contribute to Steem community.
My friend @fabien who built SteemJS and SteemAPI bought me here and i love what i see and what we can do. I'll do a presentation post soon with more detail. Please unflag i don't think i deserve this with the work we have done me and my friends.

So i should have more value ? What can i do to get trust ?

  1. Who are you
  2. Who knows you and who knows them
  3. Why should Steemit users trust their money to you
  ·  3 years ago (edited)


What can i do to be more Legit than someone showing his face on a pretty anonymous website. On his own Magazine and Webzine you can also find me on the editor website as President and CTO.

I mean i m really upset by the way my post is treated here. I dont know who scam people on this website but not me. Maybe some fake girls ?
Im there to do the job , 2 friends brought me there
@fabien (steem api guy) and @metrox (bikini guy), they can testify i'm real as they seen me I.R.L !!! and know for a long time.


So this post deserve no help, no support ? This is how you treat people who wants to contribute ? I m expecting an answer ? What could i do more ?

Hi pfunk, you were the first with some vote weight who upvoted my Bikini Joke last week. If I made 3000 dollars from this post, it's partly because of you :-). I could stop here and do nothing for the community, but I decided to give back to the community by giving 4x one week holidays in Thailand trough a meme contest. My post made 20 cents, only had two entries; I decided to give the price to 2 guys and reward the 3 Meme from my previous post that I posted for example. Not everybody is a scammer. Some people just want to give or give back. I helped ekitcho with a few corrections and hints; I think the guy is excited to contribute. I don't understand your flag. 95% of ppl are awesome, if you give your trust to a scammer, then it's the life. But don't stop helping ppl with your votes. Cheers. Metrox

There has been too much abuse and I flagged it as a precaution. @ekitcho and I chatted on steemit.chat and he has thoroughly proven his identity. My vote is reversed now.

Cool dude, thanks for him, I really hope this platform will bring the best of ppl. See you on the next buzz. :-)

Thanks for making it easier for us who aren't sure if they should spend all time reading it.

thank you so much for your attention. You are actually right. This kind of project involve security and trust. But this is what i would have done anyway later. I'm happy you did change your opinion.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

so you're using shift-api? looks like you're using their images...

and asking for upvotes does make this thing sound even more shady

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

As it's said in the Post, nothing is decided yet. The project is in early step. I just contacted My Choice to get more information.
We used Coinbase, Bitpay and Shift even Xapo, which are the most famous Bitcoin Debit Card and of course we based our design on some of their visual to Show what the end project can be. I have nothing to hide. The final design will be different if people show support. That's what asking upvote means for me. If whale doesn't want to upvote whatever ! But Flag ?!

I really don't get why everyone is getting so much suspicious for such a good idea.

oehj, hard one

i dont want to be offensive in any way, but im really tired of seeing this kind of populist post saying "ill do this and ill do that" the post gets thousand of dollars and nothing really happens afterwards

Fake it until you make it. Vaporware? More like Steemware. It's the new thing. Make up something that looks nifty and slap Steem on it and get a few thousand. It works for others, so it will be attempted by others. Welcome to the Steemit.com model for promotion.

To be fair, it will get better as the charlatans give up and empty content stops being rewarded.

So he should not post on steemit and look if somebody is interested to join his project ?

have you seen any of these "i will do everything after i get the votes" doing something?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

The 20000 dollar billboard ? Come on, last week I've made 3000 dollar with a joke, I decided to give back to the community by giving 4x 1 week holidays in thailand trough a meme contest, my post made 20 cents, had only had two entries, I decided to give the price to 2 guys and reward the 3 Meme from my previous post that I posted in exemple. Not everybody is a scammer. Some people just want to give or give back.

Where do you see "i'll do that".
It says, we are recruting any people wanting to join the team.

The project is open. like this platform.

Also, we did not NOTHING. Check at least the website, this post, and we did work on this project and discussing for tons of hours since i get to understand Steem potential.

I understand you feel tired but this is real.

@ekitcho If you can pull in @dantheman or @ned on this I can put you directly in contact with WaveCrest. "My Choice" is a USA only company, they won't allow you to onboard customers who are not legal US residents.

But they are partially owned by WaveCrest.

They're the ones that issue all the prepaid debit cards you get from HR Block & TurboTax for your tax returns. As well as most of the white label visas you see floating around out there like Vanilla Card.

There will need to be a registered business entity with 5 year track record of audited financials and at least $500k in provable reserves. The price for the white label program is $50k per year last I checked and there is an oboarding fee.

i have already all the information
and actually i'm in direct contact with wavecrest and my choice.

You are actually wrong there is no problem registrering a non US company. And more than that. MyChoice / Wavecrest on the standard prepaid debit card program does not allow Delivery in USA.
The same with Xapo ;)

and apparently our best choice is incorporating in Hong-kong

wouldn't this be the perfect company to create a DAO of software engineers?

I thought it may be a great idea until I read the comments here. Someone should definitely do this type of thing though. It would be great to spend rewards here at the grocery store! Wish you luck @ekitcho if you are legit.

I'm 100% Legit.
I have no reason to scam anyone here. We are working hard on it and if anyone here wants to join the team and contribute he is free to do.

I hope this can materialize. All the best!

Very cool . I am contacting you by email as I could perhaps contribute to the project ;-)

Email answered
Very nice first touch ! i appreciate your help

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Edit : @pfunk edited his previous comment. Thanks to you to realize i'm legit.
Thanks to give me the chance to legitimize myself

We just created the steemit.chat channel

Feel free to join. More information will be given on the chat , each step of the project. For now we are waiting for My Choice proposition based on the Votes i will ask them the Custom Card design (White label), or Standard version .

I also added few steemers that wants to contribute @inspector2121 @sitaru thanks for your help