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RE: SteemConnect 2.0: Easy, Fast, Efficient Access to the Steem Blockchain

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thank @ned! very happy to see this news, a lot of efforts made over the last few months to build this tool with the help of your team: andrarchy, mitchell, sneak and everyone.
I really hope we will be able to release this tools asap. A lot of news are coming. Keep posted!
So far I feel like it's really promising for the Steem blockchain, as it will probably allow creation in the Steem ecosystem to flourish.
thanks for your great support, we really appreciate


Thank you!! I feel we are in the right track!!!

SteemConnect 1.0 was very easy to implement as a beginner coder, sadly due to the fact that it lacks certain features like setting beneficiaries I had to go with Steemjs for my newest project. Hopefully this feature will be implemented in the 2.0 as I'd happily migrate over from Steemjs.

We removed most of the limitation from SteemConnect1, I can confirm you that with the v2 you able to setup custom beneficiaries.

Can't wait to start using it then. I found SteemConnect 1.0 was far easier to adopt as beginner than Steemjs so that's a big one. The documentation has been very lacking on Steemjs and even the examples in official documentation have left me with many questions... I only had this problem regarding what to put in json_metadata with SteemConnect, now that I think. Hopefully extra effort will be put into documentation and showing clear examples on every call - it's a work that will have huge benefits with time as new developers don't have to look for answers in chats and who knows where. The info currently is scrambled all over the internet I've found and it can be a pain to look for it.

I also really dislike the idea of handling keys of users when there's money involved as beginner.

Awesome work guys! Really awesome!

Thanks once again to @ned, @ekitcho and Team Steemit + Busy Team.

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