How to send Steem Power in 5 Seconds to others (Easy Tutorial with Pictures)

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Couple of days ago we received a big STEEM POWER gift from @knozaki2015.

We wondered how to do it, and after a couple of minutes we found the trick ;)


1 day agoReceive 200.000 STEEM POWER from knozaki2015


Go to your wallet and click Steem, chose POWER UP


Enter Steemit Username you want to send Steem Power to


Check Wallet 


3 minutes agoTransfer 0.022 STEEM POWER to knozaki2015 

This is our second tutorial, if you missed the first one it is HERE.

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Ok, but this is not a direct Steem Power transfer.

I would prefer to send the Steem direct, so the receiver has the choice to Power Up.

it arrives in Steem POWER !
19 minutes ago Receive 0.022 STEEM POWER from einsteinpotsdam

I just received it in Steem Power !!

Yes, it arrives as Steem Power. But you can not send Steem Power that is locked inside your wallet.

that is correct. but you could power down and then send it

Hello Twinner.

You can do both. You can click Send to send Steem, or chose Power up and then chose the recipient.

So its Steem or Steempower the recipient will receive.

I would prefer to send the Steem direct, so the receiver has the choice to Power Up.

Then, I would send SBD instead.
STEEM has a built-in inflation - If the receiver doesn't power up right away, he might lose out.

yeah. but this is a tutorial how to send SP ;)
nobody would send Steem usually

I didn't comment on the tutorial, but on the comment by @twinner ;)

This was helpful

Thank you! Hope it will help you !

This post was helpful as I want to get some gift Steem Power from a friend. I will direct him over here. Also I upvoted this post.

Thank you lucashunter ;)
Happy that our posts helps you!

Thank you for your upvote on my recent post. I share one back! :-)

Like your posts, upvote and follow you now, thanks for voting my last Post appreciate it!

Wish Steemit Could Make This A Little Easier. Thanks for sharing I have been trying to figure this out for a week. lol

I am trying to do this and it says I have insufficient funds. I have no steem but have steempower which is what I want to send.

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