Many ways to earn money on Steemit - Few Tips

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Hello Friends!

Welcome to this article. Many of new users want to earn on Steemit but they are not familiar with the ways to work on them. When I was new, I was like there is no other option except to invest and get some profit because I was not familiar with ways and opportunities here to grow. So, today I’m sharing few points so you can read and start working today.

Quality Content:
If you are good in any field like article writings, crypto-currency experience, youtube tips and photopgraphy etc then you can post your content regularly on steemit with proper tags and engage with your audience. People from your relevant field will follow you and they will support you by upvotes, resteems and mentions etc because you’re working on targeting exact niche what people are looking for. The key is consistency here.

On weekly basis, there are many contests running on steemit. Anyone can participate in that and submit their entries. Almost Article Writings about different products, events etc and photography contests as well. You just have to follow the organizers who are arranging these contests and get updated when there will be a new one. Follow @contestbot , @OriginalWorks etc and start today. Here is a screenshot of their rewards they give to their participants.


If you have money to invest then send Bitcoin, Ethereum etc to and get Steem Dollars from BlockTrades directly in your account. Now you have SBD’s and you have to work now a little bit. Just post your quality work and then send this money to different UpVoting Bots to get upvotes on your posts. By this way, if your investment is big then you have a chance to bring that post on home page of steemit and a big community will see you there. You’ll get your investment back and Steem Power as well (Steem Power will increase your account voting value). Steem Power is also steem and you can power down to withdraw that too. Please keep in mind that you’ll get profit if you completely understand the whole process of upvoting. So, learn that first before taking any risk.

Delegation of Steem Power (SP):
There are many people who delegate their Steem Power on rent, either on weekly, 14 days or monthly basis. You can find anyone and get some steem power by sending some money initially. Then it’s up to you, either you’ll run a bot or will give upvotes to your posts. By bot, you’ll get maximum profit if you got bids on your vote. You can register and create a bot on SteemBotTracker .com as many other users are already doing this.

There is also an opportunity to collect some extra bucks and that is commenting. You can keep an eye on posts from big profiles in new feed and you know, this will be in trending so do a best relevant comment on that post and answer every reply to your comments. By this way, if you do at-least 10 relevant comments then I’m sure, you’ll get some reward. You can also find a profile which gives an upvote to every best comment on his post.

Final Words:
I hope, this article will help you to get started initially and if you have any suggestion or knows about any other beneficial way, please share with us to add that too in the article. We would love to hear from you all friends and don’t forget to Up-Vote and Resteem this post. Peace


Using bots for promoting good quality content is fine but they are often abused.Upvoting your own content isn't good either.This kind of activities are harmful for the community.Overall I have positive feeling toward upvoting bots if not abused but self upvoting is preety lame.Anyway really informative article for new users.Keep up the good work😁

Thanks for your guidance sir. Sir, I spend my most here because was trying to bring this content infront of many New comers so they can find a guidance. If we don't send anything, then our post is like a post in Google second page where no one try to visit. BTW, will follow this next time. Have a great day

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Lot of helpful tips. I am new user . I hope I will be benefited. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for such valuable post...
I was waiting this type of post

Thank you so much for your kind words. Will update you with more content like this.

This is very good post so I resteem this now u can follow me bro

Thank you so much dear

very solid info...tankz

Thanks for sharing the tips, it's very helpful for us newcomers. Perhaps I will first learn about the use of upvoting bots or investments, so that I can succeed in steemit just like a successful man who has succeeded

Thanks dear and yeah, try to learn everything first.

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Helpful for the new people like, for that I will upvote it, ty

Thank you so much for support. Peace

Thanks for sharing this post boss, it is very useful and helpful

Thanks sir for this appreciation.

Soo helpful bro, thanks for the great amazon tips.... Thanks alot

Stay blessed and do your best.

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Thanks very useful tips

Thanks brother

good sharing article.. im new here and i totally have no idea how to get earn from steemit at all, but now might start to try these.. thank you

Hola Ehtesham como estas?? excelente tu articulo gracias por ayudarnos a los que estamos nuevos en el mundo Steemit, quiero ver si me puedes orientar como se usa la guía para el markdown?? es decir para darle cuerpo a texto y como se cita la fuente?? puedes orientarme?

Thanks dear. Yeah, I'll guide you.

Thank you for this post! I am newcomer here and these info are very helpful. Could someone please send what does Resteem include. Where to click? Thanks!!! :)

Welcome dear and Resteem button is just left to Reply button with a sign like a curved arrow.

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

YES... Venezuelan minnows, as I, need MOTIVATION... thanks a lot ;-)

Welcome dear and stay blessed

Blessings for you too

Very good post

I am still a Steemit NOOB... but I find it fascinating. I am impressed with the way people are committed to Steem and building the community.

You are most welcome!

I saw your writing, I liked it very much
I want to see something better in the future.
Be good friends

Thank you very much for this usefull information, i believe this will realy help me as a newbies here.

Welcome dear and I hope, you'll be successful if you utilize your skills in a proper way. Best of luck

Thanks sir.

Thanks for your information


I know about some new ways, thanks for sharing.

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