Web Utilities and Tools for Steem/Steemit Beginners and Regular Users

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I have recently been looking at Steemtools.com and found out that many of the tools indexed were obsolete or the websites simply did not work at all.
I looked at all websites on Steemtools.com that can actually help Steemit users, or simply have fun with features related to STEEM.
I came up with this list of websites, some well-known and some not so popular, after scrolling down Steemtools.com and clicking on links for a few hours.

The List

Dice Gambling with STEEM/SBD
This was the first thing that came into my sight. @pharesim developed this website on GitHub. Try this if you trust him, looked through all the codes, and feel lucky, although I would not do this until my account gets bigger in size.

This is a very popular alternative to Steemit.com, and I do not think I'll have to write a lot more about it.
The @Busy.org bot upvotes if the sum of your followers' SP is over 500, and you wrote your post with Busy.org while including busy as one of your tags.

Get total SP of your followers using Node.js, by @lopezdacruz.
This script will help you see if the sum of your followers' SP is over 500, and therefore eligible for an upvote on Busy.org.
Go to the GitHub repo in this post, clone/download it, install steem as a dependency on npm, and use Nodejs to execute the program.

Support open source development by upvoting #utopian-io posts, or get paid for upvotes by writing about your own repository. @utopian-io is one of the largest whales on STEEM, so I am quite sure that your open source development workflow will gain momentum.

Youtube-like service in the STEEM blockchain, get paid for upvotes by uploading videos. This is also very popular, and you can also get upvotes from @dtube if your video gets viral. I recommend using Dtube over Youtube if you are an avid STEEM user.

Image upload service for embedding in STEEM posts, and the uploads are securely preserved, unlike other file hosting services.

STEEM newsfeed website, posted on the blockchain.
In order for your post to be indexed in Insteem, use news as the first tag and use at least one of the tags from the main menu.

SoundCloud-like service in the STEEM blockchain, get paid for upvotes, while not having any limits on the total minutes like SoundCloud. This platform is optimized for audio posts, like what @Dtube does for videos.

Monitor STEEM rewards of your account, if you want statistics of your activity, enter your username in this website.

Open database (MongoDB, WebAPI, etc) service for the STEEM blockchain, by @furion. This database enables people to use the convenient MongoDB service instead of parsing JSON from https://api.steemit.com/.

STEEM faucet service, courtesy of @klye. You can get paid every hour, after signing up and posting a verification photo. The verification is done by @lucashunter, but it can get slow, so please wait for your account to get verified.

STEEM search engine index along with an API, courtesy of @thekyle. You can put in a keyword, similar to Google, and look your query up.

Diversified forum within the STEEM blockchain by @jesta, you can make your own forum category after an initial payment. Afterwards, you get 5% of the earnings made in the forum category. Other users can use STEEM in a forum format.

Mentions/keywords tool website, you can look up all keywords and mentions of a username. I found a mention from @cheetah because I forgot to cite my own documentation on PyPI.

This website looks obsolete because I found a Steemconnect v1 API on the login page. You can share files, and get paid a price you set per download. Prices look quite ridiculous, but it's worth, or not worth a check.

This is actually the best utility I've used on this list. It is a web widget to visualize data of accounts, etc in form of a script. You can embed the widget on a blog or webpage.

Please write more useful utilities in the comment if you know some. Thank you very much for reading this list, and I hope my post is useful to someone.

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Thank you for your post! This is very useful information for new people on Steemit.

well I will need to look most of these terms and sites as a minnow this is just a step or two over my head
But thank you so much

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Good list, but I noticed https://steemworld.org/ is missing (it's not in the list of tool either) - To me, it is one of the most useful tools of them all.

(And maybe check out SteemThat - it's a smaller platform for SteemIt users which has a lot of unique tools too.)