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Presenting .. ecoTrain


You may have noticed the ecoTrain popping up in your feeds, especially if you are following me as I post the ecoTrain highlights posts each week, the question of the week and other ecoTrain activities. I am the Driver of the train, and we are a group of around 17 people. Just like in a real train, we also have a conductor, and passengers. We also have VIPs and even VVIPs! Before I get into explaining what those roles are and mean, I would like to share with you what the ecoTriain is all about and why I am doing this.

I discovered Steemit in June 2017 (2 short but very long months ago!) through watching one of Jerry Banfield's YouTube videos. I was new to cyptocurrencies and was learning the ropes of trading and investing and listening to lots of YouTubers give their perspectives. I would often watch Jerry's videos. His passion and openness always struck me. When I jumped onto Steemit I didn't really know or understand what it was about. It is one of those things that you just have to experience to understand. You can't explain Steemit in words, because it is about so many things, and many of them very personal. I discovered VERY quickly that there was an amazing community here. REALLY good people and and good mix up too. Sure we had some mainstreemy type people like @sweetsssj who was doing some nice travel blogging, and we had a lot of cryptocurrency posts going on.. but as i started to delve into it I discovered so much more! I really loved the positivity and feeling of this anarcho capitalist world that I had unexpectedly stumbled upon. The people were really engaging, and I was getting such great responses to some of my posts. Way more interesting than the kind of things I had gotten used to on Facebook and Co!

Before I knew it i was hooked! My morning walks in the forest were preoccupied with Steemit thoughts and what I would post about, and I began to enjoy and become a part of something much bigger, and part of the great changes that are so needed and now happening in the world. Once I had realised the real meaning and potential of Cyprocurrencies ... to give the world back to US, the people .. I was telling everyone about it!

The idea of the ecoTrain birthed quite quickly. Within a few weeks I could see the strengths and weaknesses of Steemit, and I felt that we, the users, had to learn and figure out ways to make it work! It was clear to me that whatever we did had to be totally synergistic. We needed to support ourselves, as well as others.. and very importantly everything we did should support Steemit and the spirit of the ecosystem. I put everything that I understood about how Steemit works, and how to be successful together into one idea called ecoTrain. The full name of it is ecoTrain Seva, The word SEVA is a sanscript word that means:

"Selfless service or Seva in Sanskrit (Punjabi: ਸੇਵਾ) is a service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it. Such services can be performed to benefit other human beings or society."

I wanted to highlight the idea of working without any expectation of reward since it's easy to forget when were getting upvotes and money from Steemit, that we are here primarily to give service to the world and the people. What rewards we get are just a bonus! We may make money, but that is not the main goal!

The ecoTrain are a small and supportive community. One of the best things about the ecoTrain train is that we are really engaged with each other. We are all genuinely interested and engaged with each others posts. Therefore, we always have a backbone of support and interest in what we post and are never left feeling 'left out in the cold'. This is much more the case for new authors who are writing great posts, but not being noticed.

ecoTrain Driver

As the driver I do many things. I do whatever is needed to keep the train going, keep the content varied and very interesting, and look after the passengers and VIPs. I have some help from our Conductor to keep an eye on things and give help where needed. We support our passengers and let them get on with writing! We don't want you being stuck trying to figure everything out. We let our VIP's know about things like timing with upvoting, so they can get their curation rewards for supporting our passengers with their time and Upvotes. I help with technical stuff, like monitoring their Steem Power in case they are upvoting too much. We basically are there for each other and I do my best to hold a great and safe space for everyone! I'll happily make you a nice banner header for your account and send it to you, so you don't have to learn how to use Photoshop. Being Driver is quite a job, and so far I've been really enjoying it. I'm always motivated by encouragement, and we've had a lot of it!


A passenger is someone who is primarily a writer or creator of great new content. Passengers are the engine and heart of the train and offer us their wisdom, insight, and varied ideas around many topics. A passenger is asked to tag their posts 'ecotrain' as one main category tags, so we can find all our posts easily. We also ask for an ecoTrain logo image and link to our weekly highlights post in their posts. This gives everyone a chance to be notices and get a bit more engagement. We ask a maximum of 5 posts a week tagged 'ecotrain'. If a passenger wants to write more than that, they can choose the one they want to feature on the ecoTrain and tag them. By doing this we limit the total number of posts to a number that our entire train produces, so that we can all really read and engage with them. Passengers do not need to have any Steem Power or investments.


Our VIP's are people who have bought into Steem Power or already have Steem Power and may or may not also write. Most of our VIP's read and comment and upvote and resteem, and sometimes write. It is their Steem Power that helps to give our passengers a better chance of reaching out, and becoming more visible on Steemit. As we grow and get more Steem Power Delegation and VIP's we can have more effect and really help push some of the better writers to where they deserve to be. We are not only highlighting good authors, but also good causes and topics that are generally good things for people to know about.


Our conductor helps to manage the train along with the driver. The conductor is a gentle guiding hand to see things are running smoothly and there is a happy and productive Steem Train moving along! The conductor may post but is generally supporting, upvoting etc and checking on the passengers are doing ok etc.


We are hoping to have our first V.VIP very soon! A V.VIP is someone who has delegated more than around 5,000 Steem Power or is committing at least some of their time to looking at the ecoTrain posts and upvoting the ones they like the most. The more Steem Power a VVIP has, the more effect they can have on the ecoTrain. We have removed the challenge of finding good new content by creating it ourselves, and we leave it to you to just sit back and enjoy the read! We know how hard it can be to find great new original content, so we have made it easy for you!


Much of our chatting is done online in a private Slack group. It is there that we co-ordinate things, and offer our help and advice and general chat too. Slack is a big part of the community feeling. There aren't too many people on the ecoTrain so its not too busy and we all get to know each other pretty well that way.

In order to expand the ecoTrain concept I would add more trains rather than have one huge train. These trains can interact and support each other, but the core community of each train would remain small. I think a maximum of around 15-20 people is about right for one train. As more trains come we choose new drivers and even eventually can have a train station and a new role of Station Master. The ecoTrain SEVA can help to support and move new trains on their way.

The ecoTrain is about many things, and the word eco needs explaining. The ecoTrain motto and our definition of eco is:

Things that help to make the world a better place".

That can mean many things, and so the ecoTrain are interested in anything on that theme. Therefore we have a great diversity of posts from our 14 passengers. We cover things like Spirituality, ecoBuilding, Healthy Vegan Eating & Recipes, cosmic knowledge, philosophy, psychology, esoteric writing, story writing, and more! If you would like to see some posts from the ecoTrain you can check our weekly highlights links below. There are quite a few Great read in each post! This highlights post is another way that I try to bring more support and engagement for our passengers.


I hope this helps to give you a better sense of who we are and what we are about. If you have been searching for great posts to read then we hope you will continue to check in with us and read our weekly highlights! To make it even easier and so you don't miss them in a busy feed you can click here to subscribe to email notifications when we post our next highlights post.


If you would like to be a part of ecoTrain as a
passsenger or VIP please email me on

[email protected]

We would be honored if you support us
with some Delegated Steem Power.
Help us make Steemit Shine!

Here's How To Delegate Steem Power In Under One Minute

Just copy the code below and paste it into any word editor.
Change YOUR-USERNAME to your username (no @ sign) and then
paste the whole URL into your browser.

2 SP (apx $2.50 on todays rate)
5 SP
50 SP (apx $60)
100 SP (apx 120 USD)

500 SP

1000 SP




Done! Delegated 1000 SP just now! I used and just switched your username because when I used your first link the amount was slightly off!


Would it be ok if i post about this..and also refer to you as our first V.VIP ? I want to write a little tribute post about this..<3

Jerry.. SO honored to have your delegation. What a truly altruistic act!! Thank you .. I will enjoy upvoting You now all the more! as will you ;-))

The link worked but the amount was off! I tried to use the 1000 link and I think it did a hundred. Maybe I clicked the wrong one!

I just tried again to delegate 1000 Steem Power because I think it overrides the last one send. Now it should be correct!

Thank you Jerry for giving some of your power to Alex for promoting ecotrain articles! I'm sure it is going to help us get out there better! <3

Ill check my math and correct it.. ooops and thanks!

indeed it is! you are the real thing!

Thanks for believing in this project. That means a lot!

Jerry you are a legend, thank you so much in believing in us, hope to repay with great and meaningful content.

This was a great choice @jerrybanfield as this eco project promotes a lot of very good articles for humanity the earth and the greater good. This will help support and promote more content like this.
Thanks a lot and Bless you~*~

I will be a very responsible driver and curator.. Please let me know if you have any rules or desires about how i use this.. I will primarily focus on the ecoTrain posts.. and only others that fit the theme.. im assuming that is fine!?

Thank u again.. what an honor!

lol i was looking for that link for half an hour this morning!! ;-)

That´s great, Jerry! Thank you so much for your support.

Thank you Jerry ! The SP you delegated goes to help quality people grow on the platform !
We all appreciate your help !

That's so kind Jerry. Thank you for believing in the ecoTrain.

This is a great project Brother!
Congrats and Blessings~*~

Wahoo! All aboard the ecotrain! =D So happy to be riding along with all you wonderful people! This is an awesome project and I am loving that it's growing as it is! The content in here is incredible and could have me reading my whole days through ;) Thanks for leading us <3 Much love my driver!

YES so many post to read!
Gret to connect with u all.
Bless it be~*~

so glad you enjoying this experience! We need more hours in the day for SUREEEeee!!

YES! If you crack that technology please do share it with me! I seem to be struggling with the one I have atm ;)

This is a great initiative to get many like minded people together and to create good energy and push for great content. Thank you for setting this up. Following the train!

awesome! thanks for the encouragement and support.. Glad you are following!! ;-)

What a great community support idea! I love how you explained it all here so well! The concept of Seva definitely speaks to my soul! Now to go read through all your highlights!

yay! that's what i like to hear! have a good journey ;-))

Well, I read quite a few of them and wow was that impressive! I wish I had time for more but my morning homesteading tasks call for me! Goats can't milk themselves! Thanks again for putting together such quality content!

happy to hear this! the good news is that these posts will be there forever ;_) som come anytime and get a nice dose of good posts!

@eco-alex Ecotrain was inspired. It's brilliant. Do you still have time for morning walks now steemit's in your life? On lots of different trains, that's a very interesting idea (I've been looking at business clustering). Would there be any guidance to other potential train drivers on how to hook a whale/VVIP for sponsorship? I couldn't drive but no doubt others could...

i think we have to wait a little bit before we have new drivers.. but once that happens they would basically be guided by other drivers.. or relevant people.. there would be a driver group on slack etc ..

Thank you very much @jerrybanfield for seeing @eco-alex and the Ecotrain's potential!

Such a wonderful idea thanks for sharing.

thank u! glad u like this idea.. we are having fun too! ;)

We have to be a passenger to join ecotrain? Is it ok to still write and use the tag even without being a member? Like a normal passenger that leaves and boards the train? hehe.

Woop woop thank you Jerry! For he's a jolly good fellow. We really appreciate your good vibes!

Wow! thanks for sharing this link with me Alex. I had goose bumps when reading all about the eco train and how it works!

I think and feel it's an amazing project and great that there is the scope to expand into new trains when the time is right.

Super excited! Sounds like you're doing amazing work. :)

Definitely interested, mostly because of the amazing team of writers you have on board, any more information about being a passenger?

ok! Here is a good post that explains things pretty well...
let me know for any more questions!

I love this and I just sent an email seeing if I can join :D

I'm happy to discover your train. I'm working with another Steemian on sustainability projects and have a passion for how we can be good stewards to our planet.

awesome! ill check your blog out.. ita always nice to bump into fellow brothers! Thanks timeshift!

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