Strategies for Promoting Steemit in Africa - 9 Groups to target

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It is not so long ago that we hit the 1 million member milestone, and a lot of credit goes to all those passionate members who daily promote Steemit in their countries and localities. I salute all of you. You do a thankless job.

That said, I would like in this post, which I will later translate to a video, to share what I believe are fundamental ways and means that you as a steem promoter, particularly in Africa, can use to bring in relevant users. And by relevant, I mean users who have the capacity to come in and stay here!

The first important thing that every steem promoter in Africa needs to understand is which people/potential users and which places to target.

There are basically two types of users that are relevant to the steemit platform. These are: those come to make content and investors who pump in money.

Promoting steemit to the vendor on the street, to the market salesman at this still low level of block chain consciousness is ineffective. He is not a content creator and he is not an investor.

So whom should you target? Simply put, target People with vested business interest, passion for creating content, with the requisite infrastructure and access to online accessories like a computer and internet.

So the question is: who are these people? Here I am going to list them, and brief justify. I will later in my next post expound on each of them.

  • First, the corporate business community. The corporate business community has investment interests that match the business potential steemit offers.
  • Secondly, the student community in institutions of higher learning. They have the time, the infrastructure, the computers, and access to internet. The student community is especially the niche for content creators. They are also tech savvy and passionate about technology and social media
  • Thirdly, the private sector development actors. With the requirement for financial accountability one of their core concerns in a continent full of corruption, the transparency of the block chain suits their interests.
  • Fourthly, target the elite political class. The blockchain needs sympathizers in political and legislative circles as it aims for mainstream, adoption.
  • Fifth, the female gender. And I will say that again. Target the female gender. I say this because far as I know, women are more faithful, and committed to any given cause once they choose to take it up. Unlike men, they also seem to have more time to spend ‘socializing’
  • Young people. Target the young people as these have the time to spend, are drawn to technology and are enthusiastic about its potential.
  • English language speakers. This sounds discriminatory, but hey, it is the truth. Africa is very multi-ethnic and multi-lingual, the cross cutting language is English.
  • Target professionals. Those who have expertise on different professions, including Doctors, Engineers, Agricultural practitioners, scientists, social artists… idea of Steemit is a one-stop platform where one can access all relevant information on several aspects of human life.
  • The christian Community. The christian faith is about spreading the gospel, it is about reaching as many people as possible to lead them to salvation. Christians are therefore a good target group. If they can be made to understand the social aspect of Steemit, i have no doubt, they will join in throngs, drawn by the hope to win more converts.

    What I have here listed are the target groups. In my next post, I will discuss the several ways and means that you can use to reach out and woo each of these target groups to join us here, and be part of the most ambitious social media platform of recent decades - Steemit.

    Much love.

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I have liked your post and strategies and we as Team Uganda have tried students/youths and found out they are innecfective!

I have read through your blog and even watched your video and damn,you good .

Where have you been hiding all this long,we have a Steemit team in Uganda and would love you to join us.

I have seen your post just because you used the Uganda tag...continue using it.

I am just wondering why you had never used the Uganda tag all this long hehehe.

Go to my profile it has a link to my Facebook,just send me a message and we link up.

I just resteemed your post so that some of my friends get to see it hehehe.


Thanks mate. I have been around. I stated, then at some point an event here discouraged me, and i took a break.

But i am back now. And yes, i will very much like o meet up. And join share with you guys. I will shortly look up your blog, and contact you on FB...i hope i have my OTT paid! Hahah

Nice idea. So can people turn steem into usd easily?