What happens when you Auto Upvote Your Own Post ?

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It's a default setting here on Steemit. Recently, several things have changed behind the scenes. This one is rather important if you want to get credit for voting for yourself (if you don't care, then read no more).

Here's a behind the scenes look at what the OP gets as far as a percentage of the curation rewards. @kennyskitchen shows 0 Weight and will get 0% of the curation rewards. This may not be such a big deal for most of us minnows, but for the large fishies out there, it'll make a huge difference if you are creating content of your own. Of course, when the minnows do there thing, humble as it may be, it's good to be getting all the tidbits you can the sooner the better.

The OP (original poster) was @kennyskitchen and the only slice of the pie he'll be getting is the one from his Vegan Cheesecake plus the regular payout portion.

Back to the graphic, the orange coded icons represent users that have a lot of Steem Power and therefore, voting weight. Hence, they'll also be taking the whale's share of the curation reward for putting their 'seal of approval' on the article as such.

Wow, I had a "large impact", who knew... 0.99% - of course, all these numbers are changing as time progresses and other weighted users vote or not further shifting the distrubutions percentages.

Update: It appears that after you untick the 'upvote post' box, your preference will remain (best to check each time in case you've cleared your cookies)

I almost forgot to untick the upvote box for this post, that would have been ironic!


Preliminary figures from this post: author voting on own post with meager amount of SP and slightly beat up voting power at 86%

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(special thanks to @jesta #steemstats for building that interface)


It actually does still make sense to vote for yourself. Please see this post for details.

yes, vote, but not right out of the gate!

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Solid post once again and helping out the community :)
41 votes and only 0.04? #MinnowsUnite we must tip the scales!

a new mass vote bot just hit the scene - someone just wrote an article about it

@cryptocameo, I think this new update has lowered payouts or something. I too have noticed many upvotes on articles that maybe might have earned dollars that are now earning cents.

fuck off downvote bot, my 1 cent is bigger than you

huzzah - I found someone who uses my ultimate favorite F-word phrase. LOL

looks like they are testing the DV bot on your comment - so harsh!

at least all these accounts that compose the bot seem to have relatively low SP, @cryptocameo was able to throw me into the positive by .01 still despite all those flags

I support this positive take on such a rough situation.

Thats because we are hitting you with .1%. We can always up it and throw on accounts with heavy sp if you want.

Can you please don't use such a big picture in a reply?

good info im not sure i get it though. should i be up-ticking my posts or not?lc.JPG

yeah idk either haha heres a helpful post i read

Do you think its worth it to delete something and repost it if it didn't get any attention but you think it's a good post?

I was reading this comment from a post on upvoting yourself by user

[-]bardamazon (40) · 6 months ago

Be careful upvoting yourself. I did that on my first day on here with all of my 30 posts and I ended up running out of upvotes for the day. I find it is better to post one - three posts a day and spend the rest of your time reading, sharing, and commenting on other people's posts. It's a great way to meet others and up your overall score. It's also more fun and interactive than just posting your stuff that gets quickly shoved down to the bottom if it doesn't pick up views, resteems, or upvotes in the first few minutes. It's like you never existed after that.

And it got me realizing that is what happened to me in my one post in the art section, even though i thought it was better than my post in the introduceyourself section, it got a lot less attention.

I think i'm just going to repost it.

Any thoughts you have will be much appreciated?

Will upvote comment and follow back : )

Trying to help this community grow.

Thanks for your time,

P.S. Also if any one could explain this witness thing i would appreciate it haha

I didn't know you could run out of votes. Thanks for the tip.

Nice to know, so i wont auto-upvote my own post.
I will follow you, because you seem pretty nice.

Thank you for the information. but still where can I find more info about this vote stuff as I just join few weeks.

I'm still new to this and trying to learn things. This indeed helps. Thanks!

Thanks for the post, its helping me improve on steemit

Wow, I didn't even realize this was happening. I wonder if there's something in the code that awards the author regardless of time or if this is working as intended and if you immediately upvote you don't get curation rewards.

Almost every post I've made I just leave the "upvote" box checked, and it's always been 0 weight. Never paid much attention. I'll have to watch myself how these numbers interact wth eachother!

Also, thanks for writing some interesting content that also features steemstats ;)

My pleasure and thanks for always refining this tool. Really is like a game sometimes figuring out the in's and out's. Also good confirmation on my findings to hear about your vote history/results. We experienced a new bot on the scene tonight - check out the -28 downvoted comment - all of those user names are also in the upvote for this post - I cross referenced them in a pic: http://steem.link/wARyK

I try to up vote myself every post.

The question is what is the implication? I do upvote myself as well. Is it good for me to do so or it is against my interest and the community?

I've got like zero weight so I guess it doesn't really hurt me to upvote my own blogs - but now I've recently found out that I should keep an eye on my voting power percentage on steemd - so as I follow more people, I guess I need to be a little more conscientious about who gets an upvote.

Thank you for this comment. You share my view.

Hi. So youre saying that when someone have to post something new, he/she dont have to upvote it first?

@akiregor, I believe that even if @kennyskitchen would have upvoted, which yes should upvote yourself always, it would NOT have mattered because he must have wasted his voting power upvoting away. What I like to call, "Going tilt on Upvotes" is a poor strategy. Use your voting power wisely, and try to remain above 80%. And Invest and/or re-invest into STEEM POWER, for more returns. My opinion only. Disclosure, I am long on Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars, both here and poloniex
Full $TEEM Ahead!

correct, you can upvote it automatically as always, but your vote weight will likely be zero on your own post. @kennyskitchen is sitting just about 93% voting power.

@e-steem, you are right about @kennyskitchen 's voting power, so he didn't go tilt. My apologies to kenny. So then it was the new penalty that got him 0 weight (and maybe lack of steem power=voting power)?

from what I can tell, voting right at the onset (autovote) is what gets u that penalty. I voted on this post about 18 mins in... had about 2% of the vote weight... it's dwindling as I don't have a lot of SP yet... but at least I got a share. Check the graphic at the bottom.

Really useful, thank you!

That Vote Distribution, what site or app is that?

I usually check this from steemd.com (steemdb.com is supposed to work, but usually it dont)

are all upvote done by person same or it have value depending on content upvoated

appealing visual pics.

I have very low steem power...my voting effect is minimal...is it more strategic to always upvote my own posts or to not upvote them?

You should be fine upvoting your own posts.

Sorry, my English language is not good, I try read your posting many times, so for minnow. Do you suggest to upvote for own posting or not?

Sorry I know your article from @kennyskitchen :)

Thank you for usefull information. I will follow you.

Glad it was useful and hope to share more interesting tidbits in the future.

This self upvoting is getting ridiculous. Members comment on my post and just so they can upvote themselves and they don't upvote the article.

Well they can not only upvote themselves, they can fuck themselves too! Haha, just kidding!

Very much thank you for the info. Very useful.

This is so hard to understand, that i'd rather skip it and just let it go. What happens, happens.

I am also of the same opinion with you. Thank you for reminding him of the important question he is yet to answer.

Please help me to understand in layman then after a more and more technical term. It would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. What I want to know, incase its not so clear, is what is the what will happen if a post maker 'up votes' his/her own post.

What just i want to know.....thanks a lot...

I'm new to Steemstats, but I like the information that can be gathered. It's helping me too understand the innerworkings of the Steemit platform. Thank you for this post.

super useful and always being improved it seems - hope it helps out with the bottom line

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