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RE: How to Make a Steemit Posts Directory in WordPress!

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Hello Michel
Might I draw your attention to I roughed in a basic profile for you

The object of is to create a branded website which steemians can profile their content specifically or include contributors/collaborators. Since the underlying content is drawn from the steem blockchain, you can switch your userid to anyone and it will automatically generate their content.

In addition you can have off blockchain content. In your case, I labelled it as "About Me" and used some of the content off of your

One aspect which might be of interest to you specifically it that steemhost has banner ads on its pages. What distinguishes steemhost from other sites is that visitors (who have logged in) receive a share of the reward. If you hover your cursor over the ads, you will see the value of the views and clicks. The rewards are shared 1/3 to the visitor and 1/3 to the host of the page. If a visitor is not logged in, the host receives a greater share.

As a host, you can sell advertisements to others... Which is in line with your internet marketing business. The difference that we have to offer is that we pay people to click on the ads.

There is also an advantage to being a host... you are a gatekeeper for advertisements. While our minimum recommendation for view is 0.01. This rewards a visitor and host 0.0033 steem power delegation each. As a gatekeeper, you can charge whatever you want to the company that is advertising.

The biggest value is in the click. The average CTR (Click Through Rate) across all Display campaigns (banner ads) is around 0.2%. We reward people to click on the banners so the CTR is much higher. The last time I check it was over 10 percent (however that was after a specific campaign).


Thank you very much for showing me this and the explanation, now I'll have to see it in details.

On the main page clicking on signup will identify your id using steemconnect.

We ask for email address to facilitate communication. Once entered, it requires contact with site administrators to change the email address. There is also a password option which allows an alternative method into the system.

Once you are recognised by the system, you can select the Host Access Only option and authenticate using steemconnect.

Since we use a process of continual improvement, screens can change on a daily basis but I will try to document the current state of the applications later today.