Steemit meets University Students 🗣-- First ever successful campaign movement📣

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~ Do not do the things tomorrow which you can do today, Time to hear voice of the youth in this wonderful world of Steemit


First ever successful Steemit Campaign

The first ever event of Steemit in our University was very lively and full of fun which lead by these two famous men @themanualbot and @jassennessaj. All of the students were very eager and excited about the platform of Steemit aside from that there are also free shirts and plackards were given to all participants


Youths into Steemit

This can be a great step for us students who are determined to be an advocate of this wonderful world of Steemit, The goal is to nurture the talents of these apsiring youths in the platform as well as to help them support their dreams to finish their studies, Many students from different respective departments were involved which is a great tool to expound the word Steemit


The campaign leaders

These men made an awesome speech during the event and invited decent amount of participants:

The rest is under verification process yet
Funny thing is many of them was still thinking for their name here on Steemit 😂😂

Awesome Campaign Leaders:
@themanualbot and @jassennessaj


Basic Principle of Steemit

The campaign leader @jassennessaj introduced the important basics of Steemit

• He include the basic functions of Steemit, Highlighting Steemit as the future of Social Media News service which runs with blogging, vlogging, social networking which is in a system called blockchain

• He also include the ways on how to earn in Steemit in means of followers and Upvotes by creating a legit quality articles


1. Do not plagiarize

2. Do not plagiarize

3. Do not plagiarize

4. Do not plagiarize

5. Do not plagiarize

6. Keep your passwords securely

7. Keep your passwords securely

8. Keep your passwords securely

9. Keep your passwords securely

10. Keep your passwords securely

One of the best tips he give us is to make a quality article including stuffs which can be helpful to minnows and most especially CATCH THE ATTENTION OF THE WHALES with your work and dedication


The technical sides by @themanualbot

This guy has a broader knowledge and aspects about crytpo world so @jassennessaj give the floor to him, He include on how the earnings be distributed and how to get the earnings into cash, He had thoroughly explain on how to transfer your savings into exchanger namely Poloniex, Bittrex and Blocktrades. He also include how Steemit started their core developers and the do's and dont's of Steemit. It was really fun when the students throw questions towards him which is a good sign for us because it simple means that they are all interested and was paying their attention to us.


The face of amazement

It is good to see these students paying attention to the speaker. Look at me that is the face of amazement, I witness the passion of these two infront of the crowd


Special thanks to these generous person in Steemit 🤗

Thanks to @timcliff for the Steemit campaign flyers that was given for FREE to all of the participants in the event and with the new users can use it for verification of their identity.

Also, many thanks to this kind-hearted man providing funds for this event which is very successful and fun, This words of gratitude is not enough but I am really grateful to have you with us, Many thanks to you Sir! @donkeypong

We are open for more support from all of you my fellow steemians, If you love to fund it would be a great help for our next event bringing more youths in the platform. I am thank you!


》》》》 --ApexZachMarie 《《《《



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Great job on an awesome event, I hope you guys are able to spread steemit throughout your university, we love that you guys are doing this!

Thank so much for the love @teamphilippines

Great job guys! Resteemed! Keep up the awesome work spreading steemit throughout your school!

Thank you for your awesome words as always senpai @shasha.shade

That's pretty neat. The beginning quote makes me think of a song from an old commercial my mom always sings: "Why wait for Spring, do it now!" ;) I admit I was at first skeptical of Steemit, only because I didn't understand how it worked. But I decided to give it an honest try. I think it's a great idea to get young teens and young adult involved and they could gain much over time.

Thank you for your compliment @binkyprod, I admit to myself I am in-love with Steemit as well, I met many awesome friends here who are generous with a big-heart. Yes we will aim our goal to invite and made an impact to our University.

Happy steeming buddy

i love it. that was a great campaign guys. Great initiative. yayy way to go.

Thank you ate @lgfurmanczyk, Great teamwork leads to a wondeful success calling these awesome people @themanualbot and @jassennessaj

Good job guys... Keep it up... Upvote and Resteemed cheers...

Thank you buddy

Great to see Steemit being promoted 👏 I applaud you for your initiative 😃
Up-voted and Re-steemed👍 @crypto-expo

Thank you @crypto-expo, This was made because of the dedication of my fellow friends @themanualbot and @jassennessaj

-- Enjoy steeming my friend

wow excellent! galing naman. Steem on!

Thanks for your appreciation @haleyaerith 🤗

Great writeup and efforts! anong Uni yan?

Thank you @cryptokash, University of Cebu LapuLapu and Mandaue(UCLM)

Are you threatening me!?

Im not threatening anybody @cornholio 😂😂

Great event, pagpatuloy niyo lang at mas dumami pa tayo mga Filipino Steemers! Good Luck.

Yes we will! Next week we will be inviting even more students to join the platform 🤗

That is great, looking forward to the next updates. Cheers

Gread job guys,,
Greetings us from steemit indonesia community
Im from aceh

Thank you @muhammadzairil -- Enjoy steeming Steemit Indonesia 🤗🤗

Very nice story
I agree with this

Thank you buddy

Inspiring post. I am more confident to succeed with Steemit. Thank you for sharing this very helpful information. One vote from me @acehpungo

I am happy that you gained more confidence here on Steemit buddy, enjoy steeming 🤗

excellent post and congrats
Your vote is important to us. For which we thank you. And keep voting @piyushkansal

Thank you buddy, Every vote counts 🤗

followed, Upvoted and resteemed! congratulations for your efforts!

Thank you, everything is possible if you have teamwork 🤗

Great job! We Filipinos always make the best of everything that can help us unite and grow as a family. We always make things happen. Proud to be a Filipino!!!.. Sama naman ako diyan. :) upvoting and resteeming.

Thank you for your word buddy, Yes you can join #teamPhilippines discord channel

Enjoy steeeming 🤗🤗

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