STEEM Reward Pool Close To 1,000,000 Tokens

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As I wrote the other day, STEEM rewards pool is on an increasing trend. It was 905,000 just two days ago, but it grows faster than I thought. At the moment of writing it was 986,000 STEEM, according to

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 2.18.47 PM.png

Although the price of STEEM is stationary (if not slightly bearish), the fact that the rewards pool is increasing has an offsetting effect. A few users reported they get higher rewards now for the same number of votes, or higher curation payouts.

I couldn't think of a better news for a Saturday morning than this one. Well, maybe STEEM trading at $10 would have been better than that, but let's take them one at a time, ok?

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Dragos Roua

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Thank you!

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Yeah, collect as much as you can ;) for selling later.

This is great. It will be exciting to see how high it will go before it reaches an equilibrium. Now's a great time to publish posts and interact with each other!

I guess the price is pretty stable right now but I think it will be able to hold the .85 bottom and start moving up soon.

I've been watching my voting amounts rise for days now wondering, what in the world, since the price of STEEM was doing as you say, more or less stationary or with a slight down trend.

So, the expanding of the reward pool is interesting. I think you suggested it was because of the upvotes that were being returned to the pool by those who were still upvoting within the first several minutes of their post? That's a lot of posts.

What's going to be really interesting to see, since the voting amount at 100% has been increasing, is what it will finally look like when STEEM goes back up. I think I'm already back to where I was before the whole bear market hit months ago as far as amounts go, but I also have quite a bit more STEEM than I did then, too.

If we could get a combination of big reward pool and higher STEEM, happiness would abound. As you said, though, one step at a time. :)

I expect it to start going down wildly within today and tomorrow as posts start to payout :^)


Yeap, that's my take too. Still curious if it can make it to 1,000,000 before it hits that wall.


It would make for a nice screenshot of something that might not happen ever again hopefully :^)


Haha exactly, I'm keeping a close eye on it for that 1M screenshot!!

Now people can post the same spam for more steem, yeey :)

Great!!! 1million tokens...
Imagine steem trading at 100$ and tool reward pool will be 100 million $...

I generally share your overall optimism :) or at least try... but I am concerned about the reduced activity on Steemit. Hopefully we will see it pick up. I have noticed users I follow gradually coming back to normal use patterns. But some are still missing since the hardfork


To be honest, I enjoy more this level of activity. There was some unsettling feeling coming from all that buzz, which, in all honesty, was 80% spam.

Let's see how this unfolds. It certainly feel more Medium-ish than hi5-ish, that's for sure.

Pretty cool. Any idea if it will keep growing or if we will get less rewards soon again?


I think it will soon start to go down (in 1-2 ays) as the 7 days payment interval from the "bump" will kick in.

I guess the new RCs system has reduced spam comments and posts.This may mean a few folks are now posting...

Wish I could just have that breakhrough $20 post in these times. Oh well, guess I'll just keep steemin on

Those engaging with the steemit platform are reducing since the implementation of the hardfork 20 . And this has greatly reduces spammers thereby creating creating more opportunities for genuine bloggers @dragosroua

This is all very confusing to me, and I'm pretty good at math. haha

  • How does the size of the reward pool change rewards which are divided according to votes and the size of votes?

It's because of the printing, which goes on according to the inflation parameters already set on in the blockchain. Printing went on even when there was no interaction on the platform, because of the HF 20 bugs, so STEEM was printed, but no one was there to "distribute" it. The increase is coming - mainly - from that source. Also, because some curation rewards are redistributed to the rewards pool if an author self-votes in the first 15 minutes - in which case the rewards pool doesn't decrease as fast as before.

As the first payments after the 7 days window are approaching, we will see a decrease in the rewards pool.

Does this makes sense?


Aha! Very much so. Thank you @dragosroua!!!

We are on the right track, I like to dawn with good news ... Little by little we are making the right path.

This pool only for whales ☺☺

Yes, I even posted a graph to show the sudden rise in the upvote value.
Why Has the Value of Your Steem Upvote Risen 60% in a Week?.
It should peak in a day or two as rewards start being paid out again, but there is a certain slow-down in activity with the bidbots. This means the reward pool may drop more slowly than it rose.

I've even started posting cat pictures again to celebrate. Here, have an extra.

Yes, it's good news right now, it's an idea to save. While not lower the price we go well.

This reward fun is reaching to the moon steemians love it ;)

I would love to see a dashboard of how much value (measured in USD at the time of reward) is being paid out by each Steem app: / Dtube / Steepshot / etc.

Nice tool. Really very helpful. Keep it up.

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