Ned Scott Promoting STEEM at the Consensus Event

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photo credit Lance Koonce Twitter feed.

Yesterday @ned, Steemit CEO, was part of a live panel at the Consensus event, debating various aspects of social media and monetization. By watching the live blog feed of some of the participants, I isolated a few key points, which I'll try to summarize below:

  • @ned thinks distribution of crypto assets by using social media channel is an accelerator for the value carried by these assets
  • cryptocurrencies are a new type of commodities, something that "was never offered to people before"
  • Steemit was the first platform to distribute cryptocurrency "just like points on Digg"
  • the most important thing is the platform, not the app (obvious hint to Smart Media Tokens)

Here are a few excerpts from this Twitter feed:

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 10.26.47 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 10.26.34 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 10.26.20 AM.png

If you want to follow @ned on Twitter, here's his handle: @certainassets. The presence of @ned at Consensus is the second biggest marketing activation during the last ten days (if we don't count the Korean tour) after the recent Bloomberg feature.

The markets didn't seem to price this in yet, but it's still way too early to evaluate the impact. Big players usually calculate their entry for many weeks / months and when they do it, they want to maximize the benefits (i.e. we shouldn't expect a sudden spike after Consensus, but rather a slow buildup for a few months).

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Sudden spike after the consensus will not be good because it will be followed by a large correction very soon. Slowly slowly moving towords the uptrend will be sustainable.

After this Ned promotion, i hope Steem also gain just like how zcash has grown today....almost 50% up!

Thanks for the summary @dragosroua. It's a good illustration of Ned's focus on the bigger picture and why he doesn't seem that interested in Steemit.

On a completely different note . . . do you know if there is any way to find out how much Steem I bought a couple of months ago. I didn't sign up for a Blocktrades account as the video I watched said not to bother. I just went ahead and traded some btc for Steem through them.

I didn't keep a note of how much I bought and I'd really like to know. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could find out? Thanks!


I think you can use @jesta's excellent It may be a little tedious to surf through all transactions, but eventually you'll make it.


Thank you @dragosroua. I'll give it a go. 😊

I say its still way earlier to make any further impressions on the cryptospehere for now. Yes a slow but gradual build up rather than a sporadic fluctuations which are bullish and bearish combined

Social platforms are the call of the day and it involves billions of people. So distribution on crypto currencies on the platform will make sure it gets to lots of people. Its an amazing idea

Oh I watched this video when @surfyogi posted it.
I especially loved the part where they where discussing the problem of removal of content (that has been contested and lost in a copyright claim) from the blockchain.
There comes a point where Ned just shyly says "I don't know.............." totally loved it. LOL!
Respect this guy like crazy.

This is really a good move that @ned is taking steem to places giving reasons why the internet is the right place to earn.

@ned has many idea for go forwarding steemit... Consensus is another well idea for steemit... It must need for a community... Go steemit go ...!!

In recent days Scott has started to take place in the media that will be very important Steemit's promotion

@ned is love!
Steemit on.the way to touch new heights!

That's great news sir Ned Scott doing great efforts for steemit promotion I hope one day steemit will be No 1 Social media & blogging site thanks @dragosroua for sharing this awesome post keep it up.

backward days scott has started to make the place in media and he is going high

ned is giving his best for steem and SMT, hope he succeeds in his work and takes steem upto the moon..

Wonderful update that is ned is really working hard and steemit is going to boom :)

dragooooooos your site is not working!! please care me!

Consensus is another well idea for you know if there is any way to find out how much Steem I bought a couple of months ago. I didn't sign up for a Blocktrades account as the video

It's great that he's getting out there and messing the platform better known. I keep seeing stories comparing other projects to Steem and Steemit, so there is some awareness. I hope to hear more updates on platform developments soon.

Actually I don’t think that’s a hint to SMTs. The blockchain behind, the DPOS setup is what makes SMTs possible in the first place.

Already now you can build apps on the blockchain and create great verticals as we’ve seen with for example Utopian. A while back I wrote that Steemit’s UX is poor by design and that’s a great thing.

The platform exists already, but so far it’s version 1.x. SMTs will be version 2.

I watched the panel yesterday. All three panelists are very interesting people, and it was a fascinating look into they're respective platforms. Do you know if Consensus will be posting the recordings of the panels?

nice post

can we find a video of it?

Promotion is the key to the global consideration, what better way to promote steemit than then through the hands of @ned scott

The cryptocurrency market is growing by leaps and bounds! and with those agreements comes the good...