Net Neutrality Panel at Consensus with Ned Scott

in consensus •  6 months ago

For those that missed the stream, here's a recording of it.

PS. I forgot to remove my banner off of OBS.

For more streams of the event, go to:

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I missed it. Now finally I can watch it. Thanks for sharing :D

Thanks dude, My stream would not load no matter what!

Thanks Acidyo. I missed it. There is too much going on in the cryptoverse today! Which is a good thing though lol

I freaking missed it even though I was watching the livestream the whole day, god damn!
Thanks man, you saved me lol! =[


It was dope as hell. Love what Ned said, love him!

I'm so flaccid right now, it's unbelievably disappointing.

Awesome!!! Technically it was CONTENT MONETIZATION AND TRUE NET NEUTRALITY. lol I'm really glad you got the video. I thought he did pretty well although the guy in the middle helped him out some.

ned is giving his best for steem and SMT, hope he succeeds in his work and takes steem upto the moon...

Thanks @acidyo for posting this link. It was an interesting talk and blockstack looks like an exciting opportunity for devs and blockchain applications such as ours.

They appear to be more focused on the devs than Steemit INC, which makes the next 6 months a really interesting time around here.

Also, YouNow going down the Blockchain route is huge. It's likely to be a competitor to @dlive really quickly as they already have an established user base to work with.

Keep these videos coming :-D

Our beloved leader making feel the presence of Steem

Thanks for the recording, 6 pm our time was too early for me :D

Thoughtful discussions about organized neutrality have been organized, they should review the role of some discussion meetings and activities and discuss the community, play a significant role here, and many of the developmental activities here should be observed because the chairperson should have many responsibilities about them and their Speaking about all these topics Subject must be presented in relation to the project

Network is too slow and mobile data is about to finish. Can't watch it now. bookmarked in mind for watching it tomorrow! @ned rocks!

Is that ned or who.

Many people will have to develop the important role of the community through intelligent activities and especially because he is the Chairman of this area, he will have to do all these activities and his team will have to take this matter. I think if all these things are known in the dream then only the community is very good Displayed in some specific directions!

The last time I talked about @ned, I was flagged by @berniesanders.

So I'll just prefer to watch and learn rather than commenting.

Thanks for sharing @acidyo

I think if all these things are known in the dream then only the community is very good Displayed in some specific directions!

Sir, you talked about is very important. You play a very important role for the community. Each of your posts and each subject plays a very important role. For the committee members, the things discussed about the chairperson are important and the things that you know about I think all the videos that are on YouTube We get accurate knowledge about those who are being promoted and then we have to present any comments, because they are an important person there, so we have to acquire the right knowledge in all these subjects and continue our activities in the community with the right knowledge about our people.

Ned is really working and trying hard for steem and blockchain. His enthusiasm moves our community to be more positive and productive, wish all steemians goodluck in our conquest.

Yes, it is more than just earning. You not only earn here but invest too. @ned has made bedroom to an investment company which not only generate but also helps to continue lively hood with decentralized work.
Best wishes for new app. @acidyo you did a great job, I personally didn't watched the live stream you made it possible.

Sadly, my browser is not supported. I really wanted to watch

Thanks for posting Acidyo

This is the first time I have seen Ned and/ or heard him speak. I have a renewed confidence in our platform now :) Thank you!

Thanks man, it rained here heavily and it wouldn’t stream cause of bad connection as a result of the rain . Thanks man , this is a great moment of the year for crypto currency

Meanwhile Bitcoin is up by 5%
Could this be the reason


Yes they are going to buy Steem with it, now let's just wait for the Bitcoin to be sent to the exchanges - shouldn't take longer than a couple weeks.


Yes. Yes it could.



It was a great talk @ned. It's great to see you travelling across the world on behalf of steemit.

Watch later -> saved
Thanks! tipuvote! 1

Thanks for uploading.Sadly I had no possibility of watching this on stream.Im really interested since I was really excited and I've been waiting quite a while for Steem presentation on Consensus.

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I'm so flaccid right now, it's unbelievably disappointing.

Thanks dude for sharing i missed it but finally i catch it ☺️ thankyou for sharing such a great video

Thanks for sharing this, much appreciated!

Yeah, I saw it today. Ned is a beautiful human being as always :d

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He has been discussing a lot of relations in the Comune for a while. I think that cryptocurrency will be a major contributor to this community based on their discussions, since an important member I think is that every discussion and ideas of all discussions play an important role.

That's great, I agree, Steemit is the future and a lot of positive news on the future of crypto and their vision. Great video! Upvoted!

Thanks # @acidyo.
I missed this....

Thanks for sharing, I watched, but did not record!

Thanks for the recording @acidyo! I watched the live version and think it was a really good talk with lots of information and also a great exposure for @ned and Steem in general.

These type of presentations are really the best way to promote Steem - I'd even say much better than short frames on TV where you can only briefly respond to a presenter's questions, while on these panels you have a large window to speak and explain your vision in detail.

Well done!

Thanks for the recording, I was looking for it! :)

Well done @ned, have been seeing him a lot on TV lately talking about Steemit and SMTs. Video on Bloomberg was short, but I liked it. That is always good for Steemit, isn't it?

Congratulations @acidyo!
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Thanks very much! It's hard to get to live events... I depend on recordings to stay current.

Was looking for this link since I missed the live talk! @acidyo to the rescue always. Thanks dude.

I did not have time to watch it, but thanks to your post I so can watch, I am very grateful to you, can you help me @acidyo

I think he did pretty well. He seems to really believe that SMTs will come help distribute power on the platform and in the community. Whether or not they actually do, it’s nice to see he is thinking about that.

Hello, I have followed you and got votes on Steemit, be kind enough to follow me. Let's create a great community. Thanks & Best Regards

Thnx @acidyo to bring it for all the steemians.