EOS Just Broke Into Top 10 Cryptocurrencies, Overthrowing DASH

in steemit •  11 months ago

Following a sharp appreciation with over 35% during the last 24 hours, EOS just broke into the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.07.57 PM.png

At the moment of writing, EOS was trading at $14.4 on coinmarketcap and it was showing a staggering $8.6 billion marketcap, an impressive number for a token still in full ICO and without any production deployment.

For those of you who turned on the TVs later, the creator of EOS and one of its cofounders, Dan Larimer (or @dan on Steemit) is also the creator of BitShares and the cofounder of Steemit.

EOS broke into top 10 just a couple of hours after I published my thoughts on eos, cardano, steem and smt (no connection whatsoever, just pointing out a fun coincidence).

DASH is the second "legacy" token to lose its spot on top 10, after Monero was displaced by Stellar a few days ago.

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It really gave us a hope that soon steem will also be in top 10 cryptocurrencies.

EOS is still at the crowdfunding stage.. while dash is quite established, I like both their philosophies.

People seem to have high expectations for EOS. I like it, too, but I always thought Dash was a promising coin, too.

Nooo, not DASH. I had and still have high hopes for it. Seems obscure for EOS to be in double-digit figures without an actual deployment and its still only an ICO.


The crowdsale is still ongoing but the EOS testnet is live since early December with more funcionality added next month. Lots of dapp development happening on EOS right now. It's definitely worth doing more research and considering an investment.

Nice!! I don't know what I'm waiting for Ishould have bought EOS @ $6 and that was when I thought I was making my move late, first saw it earlier. I still still it's only the beginning of EOS's future!


Don't worry mate, even at today's price, it's still a cheap buy. Not to shill to hard, but this is easily a top 5 coin. Maybe even by the end of this year.

It seems that a big announcement is awaited tomorrow at the EOS meeting in Seoul.

Being listed in well-known exchanges such as Bitfinex, Kraken and Poloniex, and being supported by desktop wallets Jaxx and Exodus certainly contributed to its rise. This is good news. I have some EOS holdings in one of my exchange wallets because I see its potential. Having good volume over the past few days will fuel its meteoric rise.

Wow, new trends, one really needs to be careful while trading these days, the days of longterm crypto dominance seem to be heading to an exit soon.

DASH is shit :D It has not place in top 10. EOS - I dont know yet. Needs to show up.

I am amazed with your post because so many upvote people!
But behind all that I feel sad because my post is not much that upvote. Can you help me .. 😢😢

DASH kick out by EOS😱

Yesteraday i analyze eos bought at $9 next target $20
check my profile for more detail
EOS will break $12 next target $20

i hpoe EOS will dominate the crypto trading system...

Interesting post, thank you for sharing! I'm always reading about new cryptocurrencie

wow that's a good news keep hodling !!

I wouldn't have known this if not going throughyour blog right now. Why i always stick to post blog for a juicy news. Thanks for sharing.