Adjusted My Price Feed Bias To 0%, SBD Is At The Peg

in steemit •  5 months ago

Following the bearish market we're witnessing right now, I updated my price feed bias back to 0%, which means I don't support printing extra SBD, in order to balance its price.

At the moment of writing, all witnesses, except one (@reggaemuffin) were displaying 0% price feed biases.

According to the SBD printing rate was, at the moment of writing, 32.66%.

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Great adjusted

I really hope SBD will stay stable at 1 USD and this will give Steem the option to rise!


Agreed, not sure why SBD was allowed to rise so high at the cost of keeping steem low


Maybe because some whales with big amounts had to make some extra money!😉

I was just thinking the other way round, instead of you to update the price feed at any market fluctuation, why not develop an AI into the system that balance the steem market with

You don't support the printing of SBD?


it's a more complicated discussion.


I ain't calling for discussion, I don't have anything to discuss, am just giving you a idea

At the moment of writing, all witnesses, except one (@reggaemuffin) were displaying 0% price feed biases.

What's he still waiting for? Maybe he hasn't been online yet to update his price feed bias.


most likely

Now if there was some change we could implement to maintain SBD at peg and not allow it to go for a ride every time Steem goes up!

There really is a very large drop in prices
This is very frustrating to me
I hope prices will rise as soon as possible


Why frustrated? I hope it stays down longer so I can buy more and all those who are only in it to make a quick buck move on


I think the ones who were in for a quick buck were those who did no research and bough every alt coin under the sun in late 2017.

But as they say 'buy low, sell high' - perfect time to enter the market!

By the way, What is SBD printing?
@dragosroua Would you please suggest me a article about it.

The prices are going down and down
And to see this is so frustrating :(


The more reason to buy more


Solid advice @leczy

Lets just hope for no more high pump ups phewww

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Thanks for the update.

Nice decision, at the moment the SBD/STEEM (debt/equity) ratio stands at 4.20% With lower SBD printing, there might be a pump of its value if steem continues to go down.

@dragosroua, it's complicated, in cryptocurrencies we never know what will happen. To some it comviene that I rise, others become sad because it lowers. We live in a complicated world, We can make it simpler if we want. My regards and respect, friend.

I wish steem power grow up quickly , the prices are going down and down .

Thanks for sharing @dragosroua
Upvote you .