1,000,000 Accounts On Steemit

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According to a blog post published a few hours ago by @steemblog, the one millionth account on the Steem blockchain has ben created.

The number in itself is important, but given the inner workings of the Steem platform, I wouldn't rush at all to infer that there are 1,000,000 users on Steem blockchain. A lot of these accounts are bots, but even taking into account this fact, one million is a very important milestone.

The post also has some interesting statistics, but the most important - for me - was that every day, 60,000 people are using this blockchain.

In my opinion, this is the most important number. We're most likely part of the biggest active crypto-based and crypto-baked community out there.

And, also in my opinion, this is just the beginning.

Steem on!

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This is indeed a great achievement! Congratulations to this great community on completing this milestone on this wonderful blockchain.

Hopefully we can be at 180,000 active when we hit 2 million users.

Great to hit 1 million accounts, a major milestone although I wonder how many are "Real".
I was wondering if you knew a good place for new steem developers to ask questions? Currently I I keep trying to log in to Steem python using anaconda. I keep having the problem when I get to the Account passphrase part. I enter my password which starts P5J... and I keep getting the error "No matching keys found. Correct password?" Any advise for a frustrated beginner??

Wow this is massive now we all are a strong community of one million people :D


Well, a lot less than that since we don't have as many active users. Let's not get started on the ratio of actual users vs. sock puppets.

And this. Steem has the best technology in blockchain according to China ministry of tech.




And the worst application, which is more important.

I mean look at banks. They are now changing the system from something that is 30+years old, so they can make transactions in less then a day. And making a great fuss about it.


I trust their grading of crypto about as much as I trust their credit ratings on all those commercial and residential loans they've been approving.

This is a very cheering news. In my opinion too, I love. The fact that over 60,000 users use the blockchain daily because in the ends, that's what really matters and not the one million accounts. Some people have up to 2 or 3 accounts and many accounts are bots while many users have also abandoned their accounts.

Above all though, 1 million accounts is good news. It shows that the steem blockchain is popular.

Steemit Village evolved to a Steemit City! 😀

Huge milestone!

Well we cannot pass this moment to have a little celebration because we all know that it is harder to get from 0 to 1.00.000 than from 1.000.000 to 10.000.000. So let's go!
I hope we can pass the 100K active users per day soon. According to the stats May will be a record month, the activity level this month will crush the previous records!

But one of the most important stats to me, is the ratio between post/comment. We are still not able the get this average above 3, which is kind of pity! We cannot call it a social media if there isn't enough interaction!

Still a great milestone has been achieved! I am number 514.093 :)


Where do one see the number?? To I remember having seeing mine, but I forgot. It was kind of 267,000. Somewhere in that range


I do use steemd.com for it. Just look up your username.
I assume that the account ID refers to it.

I am an active user of steemit and I like it a lot. I am also an user of steem.supply; what a nice tool! Thank you for that.

I don't want to burst your bubble but that 60,000 active account you are taking about, that number is nearly constant on that chart since late Jan. We can't seem to break through the ceiling for nearly 4 months now.

Also 60,000 users is a tiny number. My town's gym (which is a chain) has that many members (not active members! LOL) :)

So I appreciate the enthusiasm, and I am with you on that. But dude, let's be realistic!

The number in itself is important, but given the inner workings of the Steem platform, I wouldn't rush at all to infer that there are 1,000,000 users on Steem blockchain

This is a good milestone achieved


I definitely agree that

60,000 people are using this blockchain.

is the more important number.

From what I'm seeing on a friend's new account Steemit is being flooded with spam accounts right now.

All the statistical posts I've seen show that the real number of active uses is way, way below the number of accounts.

But number of people using the block chain, you can't argue with that! 😊


Aa ha! I see a familiar face! :)
So how many of those 60,000 are bots, you think, Gillian?
And how many transaction of that "traffic" is a 0.001 SBD wallet transfer to our account asking for a resteem to 17000 members?


No idea @azircon but way too many!
Next time @paulag comes out with a post I'll make a note of her figures.
But I do know that a friend of mine who joined one month ago has more than 100 followers. Yesterday I checked the first 50 and every single one was a spam account. Couldn't be bothered to check the rest at that point.
At least the resteem ones pay us something! 😁

@xmlvnx is the millionth account on steemit but the user didn't made #introduceyourself post or any comments so we don't know about this account anything till now.
But a big congratulations to everyone for hitting this milestone.

That's an achievement, 1 million steemit accounts.
Let's hope we can make it 1 billion.

Wow, 1 million steemhumans! It's indeed a noteworthy milestone on the steem blockchain.
Guess what, my account is a day old, thanks to @samal who aided me in registering as quick as 5mins. I'm indeed glad being a member of this biggest active crypto-based and crypto-baked community.
I started following you yesterday and am glad I did, basically because of the update feeds.


It's okay @joanhay, let's gently steem on. Steemit is filled with great potentials.
Thank you @dragosroua for the update.

I am glad for steemit, 1000000 users, man Facebook took 7 years to achieve this.

That's great to hear this milestone has been achieved. We are spreading very fast! I think the awareness of steemit and also the Facebook's scandal speed up the process. The ratio is higher near to the recent months than before!

This is a great news, Steemit is more popular in these days


Yup its more than great news for all steemians.its growing like a tree.

Congrats steemit... A big achievement of steemit..
We are now 1 million.. A huge members of our community ....

6% daily isnt bad, but not great eighter.

This is great news "the one millionth account on the Steem blockchain has ben created and every day, 60,000 people are using this blockchain." The steem blockchain is indeed taking over the cryptocurrency world.

Congrats everyone! We already knew we were part of something special, but now we can all look back and say we were part of the first million.

glad to hear steem hit 1 Million users, great milestone

Thanks for share your Opinion
thank you

Bot should be regulated, we want superb human interaction on the blockchain.

Talking of bots - I had 7 "users" following me in the first 10 seconds of posting my last post. All 60.26 or 65.24 days old with 25 rep. This is getting rediculous.

Are those included in the 60'000?
I guess yes, so how many persons are really here?

Interesting article, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you! This is great, let's keep the growth going!

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1M accounts and how many of those are bots and empty & abandoned. I'd celebrate if it were 1M active users on Steemit daily.

We are an empire now

Whao, this is really great news. We need more people here, 1,000,000 accounts are really greats and we can do more. #joinsteemit now

I have my doubts on Steemit.com Audience and its motivation. Recently using at least 30 resteemers I reached almost 374,000 accounts. Of course, a lot of redundancy but the number is huge. Results: very poor.

But once a month I plan to blast the audience using those resteemers services which like bid Bots keep appearing every day.

My cost reaching the 374 accounts was about 16 SBD, but I got about 2.5 back