The "How To" of Steemit Posting (Is is what you know, or who you know, or a bit of both?)

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This is a new series of posts I am starting to (1) help out the African community with a few tips (2) Help out anyone else who needs some advice and tips of anything related to steemit posting, commenting and curating. If there is anything you would like me to post about, comment it below and I will do so. I want to share my knowledge and experiences with you and hopefully they will help you to

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Today's topic of this post and "how to" comes from: @yaanivapeji, "How can you attract a lot of streemians to your post apart from making a great post? Thank you."

When it comes to posting on steemit, what you know may not be enough to get views and value on your posts. The best would be a combination between what you know and who you know.

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The 3 Ways to get views on your post

Out on my experience on steemit thus far, there have been 3 main ways I have found. These work, but some work just a little better than the others.


This is one of the worst of the 3, but I have seen it work quite well for some, for others, not so much.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Post every hour on the hour

This works because you will always have a post in the new section and it becomes a lot easier for others to notice your posts. Do people get irritated? YES!!!

  • Sending everyone your link

This is great because some people will actually open it and read your post, maybe even upvote. Is this a good idea? NO!!! This is the easiest way to get flagged, if we exclude plagiarism, spamming people IRRITATES them, a LOT!

I do not recommend using this method!

The HARD Way

So bam! you on steemit putting our your first amazing post. You have added everything in there and you know people will love it, but you only get 1 view and vote (your own vote)... You hope that tomorrow will be a better day. You put out your next thoughtful post, 2 views 1 vote, things are getting better.

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If you are creating amazing content, it will eventually be seen by someone and shared with others. This could take a few days, weeks and, sadly, months. In the early times of steemit this was they way it was done, there was no steemit chat. Although there was a chat that only a select few were in.

This one is a great idea, as you add value, but it is hard and you can get easily frustrated.

The SMART way

From steemits early days, sprung out many different projects. @donkeypong leading this with the first project of providing spotlight on other authors. This then lead to the Daily pick of hidden gems (done by myself and @gavvet). Soon after featuring authors came along, started by @gavvet, to help out those who needed money. Once steemit chat came out things really started to happen, then curie came... This was the huge turning point, the first ever community involvement project (by @donkeypong).

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This is where the "who you know, and who they know" comes in. Communities is the easiest way to get support and attract attention to your posts, they have to be good quality though or else they will get looked over by the curators in the community. Friends are a great idea, I have friends which I had made when I first started and they vote for me now. Keeping a connection with others is really important.

Networking is the best way to get others to view your posts and get them seen.

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Just on a little side note for self improvement. I will be doing pushups, situps and squats for the amount of $$$ (ratio;$1:1) I earn on this post and will give a short feedback every day at the end of each post. This will be split in equally between all 3. Any not done will carry onto the next day.


These tips are really deserving of gratitude, thanks man, @dragonslayer109.
What you know, who you know, and who they know. New mission: get to know a lot, get to know a lot of people, get the people you know to also get to know a lot of other people! There we go. Lol.

@dragonslayer109 - Very practical advice as usual. I definitely have experienced the encouragement and support provided by other Steemians through networking. Taking the time to read posts, providing meaningful feedback and creating quality blogs are the three essentials of Steemit success in my view. I am a newbie so, perhaps I err when I state the three essentials but perhaps they can provide benefit and certainly no harm. Thanks for this guidance. Looking forward to more such posts from you with tips. Upvoted

Spam is the preferred way for new comers, then for hard workers they try to use the second method and the third method is only used by a few @dragonslayer109

I think contests are one of the best ways for new steemians to get involved. the easiest is to just invest and upvote your own posts because it seems like no wrong can be done with that. people with decent steem power earn on every post.

Excellent :D

very useful article i have been wondering about this for a while now i have been leaning on who you know

Very helpful! I'll use this in the future

yes this is great and i think the smart way is the best
upvote and resteem

Networking the important message i got for attracting steemians, aside great post. Thank you

Thanks for sharing these tips. So far the conclusions I have come to is that one should wisely use the tools at their disposal to promote their articles, and of course write quality content. Appreciate the tip on writing for the love of it. When all we see are $ then our views become clouded, we get discouraged and give up. If we keep trying and keep growing, I think eventually we are going to get somewhere.

The tools are there for everyone to use, yet people neglect to use it. Just posting doesn't do much, but a little involvement goes a long way.

nice post, and good for us still learning

Hello @dragonslayer109, another great post for helping us in succeeding on the platform!
Personally I am actually more on the Hard Way , getting engaged to maximum people I can on a daily basis and looking for people who has the same taste and passion as me!
It is kinda very hard, but I firmly believe on the long run the efforts will pay!
Thanks for the great support!
ps. Quite a lot of pushups, situps and squats on this one too!

The hard way builds true followers :)

You are absolutely right @dragonslayer109! Only true followers will make you succeed for sure!

Thanks for the article, I am sure that it will help everybody :).

woo Brilliant idea and practical thank you so much for sharing your idea
resteemit It.

nice input.. atleast a post must have some sense...

nevertheless be responsible.. think before you click

You got my vote and a resteem :]

Great idea thanks for sharing @dragonslayer109

Thank you so much for this helpful post. You have got a new follower here :)
I want to know about curation rewards in detail. Because I was observing that I have got more reward from the posts with low earnings and less rewards from the posts with high earnings, Why is it so?

Would you like me to put out a post about this to explain it in details?

Yes please! If you do so, it will be a great help for me and for many others.

Yes good support and helpful thanks!

merci pour ce poste et es ce que vous pouvez faire d'autres pour aidez les nouveau

''forget about all the rules.
forget about being published.
write for yourself and celebrate writing''-Melinda Hayes
Honestly this has been my driving force since my day one in steemit.i love entertaining people through what in black and white(writing) and give reason for human existence.that is why when i discover this platform is like a miracle to me. thank you dragonslayer109 for motivating me the more.i am indeed inspired.

Nice information! Upvoted and followed you :D

Please follow me back so that we can become friends :D

nice post, and good for us still learning

Great information. Commenting and taking part of the community is the best way to gain support. If you just want to increase your follower count just spam introduceyourself and other tags where new people come and go. if you want to grow your value on steemit take part in communities and provide support to others.

Useful information. Thank you very much

I think that one of the things causing many of the new people to Spam & do it "the hard way" are unrealistic expectations as to the amount of work involved and an unrealistic estimation of how long it takes.

It's very common in their posts, "Hey join Steemit and all we have to do is you upvote my posts and I'll upvote your posts and they give us free money."

Bad habits learned from other platforms need to be broken and the correct way needs to be broadcast far and wide, beginning with the messages used to try and recruit new users.

This post is a step in the right direction @dragonslayer109, it just needs to be repeated by a lot of people over and over again.

I definitely agree with you, many don't understand that they need to put in work to get something.

Awesome post. I would definitely say it's a bit of both hey! Definitely your connections, but at the same time what you have to offer as value :)

Awesomeness. Talk soon.

Nice post sir i appreciate your work and effort i read the whole post and prefer to choose the smart way.

The smart way is to just ge what you can when you can dont begin to think you will become a whale on steemit just do it for the platform to get out what you have to say to the people and if you get a reward so be it. Dont view steemit as a get rich quick scheme make it just one link in a massive chain that you can buildup over the course of a few years. @dragonslayer109 great post just Upvoted and Resteemed

very very true, so many join steemit thinking that they will get filthy rich really quick, but that doesn't happen. I first joined this to write things and use this as a journal.

Getting people notice your post. You must make a quality post with good content, network, and belong to groups.
Great dragonslayer109, you really slew and put to rest the topic.

A lot of people need this, very thoughtful of you.

Very good advises , and they will help not only the nigerian people :)

@dragonslayer109, the smart way is always the best way. I've been learning a lot from your posts. @gavvet, @donkeypong and yourself are doing great job for the growth of steemit.

Keep it up. 👍

Excellent article! Yes, I'm in this for the long haul. It's baby steps for me. I just found Steemit chat and I'm hoping that will help as a source of exposure. I just have to make sure the content is good. Thanks for the post!

excellent article. I did not know about Steemchat. I'm still new to this so any help articles are a very good eye opener to the Steemit world :)

Hoping I manage to find some motorsport friends on here

this is really helpful! I'm new on steemit and still trying to figure out how everyone works and what kind of content works best and all the basics lol but this post is really helpful! followed you and upvoted.

I am your follower, and i saw your posts. you are doing good:) @ronaldmcatee

Networking is the best way to get others to view your posts and get them seen.

When I saw this statement, I quickly remembered what @stellabelle said that if you're new on the platform and your posts are not doing well enough, it only means you're not socializing enough. Thanks for the amazing information!

if the spamming work for some ppl then i guess they are lucky cos when i first joined and i tried it but it did not work for me

Wow! @dragonslayer109, careful study of your analysis shows that almost every steemian start with the first way, graduated to the second and finally landed at the third. Don't you think the smart way( which to me is the best) will be a bit difficult to minnows?

Hello @dragonslayer109
Networking on steemit pays off
I sometimes imagine how the early days were
Thanks to @donkeypond for supporting the community with project

Thanks so much @dragonslayer109. I am a new user and have a problem of not getting any readers. I would love you get in touch with you so i can learn from you and get better in the future. Sometimes, i get tired from not getting any attention, but i wont quit, i'll have to put more effort and learn from others. You is the one of them. Thanks for sharing.

There are 2 ways to get hold of people. Steemit chat and discord.

Thanks for sharing.

@dragonslayer109 i will go with all the rest except spamming it can lead you to been flagged. And again what i must contribute is try to be yourself, post on field you are best good on to avoid plagiarism, interract with those on the community above all build your team @tfame3865

This was really informative, generally this also applies in life, the connections we make can be of a great deal in getting us to the position we want. Tho one thing is knowing that you need connections and another is knowing how to get those.

Thanks for the post and hope you finished the pushups :), am sure you did.

Hello @dragonslayer109

I read @surpassinggoogle post once where he stated that steemit is easier today than it was yesterday. You early members had to do it the hard way and thanks to you we now have the smart way.

I hope many minnows will read this and benefit from it as I have.
Thank you for mentoring us @bluewaves and helping every other newbie out there.


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