My account got HACKED!!!

in steemit •  3 years ago  (edited)

This happened to my account while i was typing a post I don't understand what has gone on because I don't even know how to use my wallet.
All I know is I lost more than $300.

#help #money #steem #hacked

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yes, if you didn't do it, you were hacked!!!

To much visiting dodgy gaming sites. They are powering you down so they have a minimum of you active key or maybe your master password

I take this back, but a good lesson was learned by all and Steemit will be stronger.

how do i change my stuff?password?

my dad was going to help me today to show me how to use my wallet

i cant login into my owner key thing. what do i do?

i can only seem to login into my active

my account is taken guys they changed my master key :''( is there anyway i can use my facebook account to get my password back or at least delete this account off my facebook so i can make a new one?

Check your computer 's this
a lot of things will sure !

Can you change your password? Maybe your computer is infected, you might want to use another computer to change it.

i have no infection on this computer although while i was making my post looking for pictures the internet was extremely slow
i have run anti virus things on the pc to check and nothing has shown up

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

yeah steemit was hacked - there is also an official statement:

But as stated every yaccount will get refunded of steemit.... so all should be good finally for you.

Did you try to download a GPU miner?

no i didnt try that

steemit was hacked