Look out World Steemit Is on Its Way

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Steemit is becoming a whole new revolution on the internet, but it doesn’t stop just there. Reddit and Facebook have a thing coming for them and will change everything as we know it. Steemit will destroy, take over and revolutionise the way people interact socially over the internet… is this all steemit is going to do… answer to that is, steemit’s potential is limitless, there is nothing it can’t do.

Can you imagine something so amazing?

Thousands of people are starting to join steemit daily and as the word of mouth spreads many more will join. If you have ever watched Forest Gump, well this is that fruit company we get to buy shares in. We are at the bottom peering through a small hole at what seems to be an endless space of potential and possibilities. We are right at the start of something great and well what better place to be because things can only get better for us… MUCH BETTER. To maybe put a story to what I am trying to say. Imagine you have just planted an apple tree, still very young, doesn’t have any fruit yet, but with some time, persistence and patients we will be able to receive all those apples year after year and in every apple there are seeds to make more apple trees…it will definitely be worth it I can promise you that

The dawn of a new cryptocurrency

Never before have we seen something like this. This will definitely change the way all cryptocurrencies run and work. Bitcoin must be shivering in fear as steemit is starting to revolutionise everything.

Be in it for the long run

As all new things/fads(if I can call it that) they always so amazing in the beginning and everyone want it/has it, there will be the drop as all new things can’t be new forever… but for everything in life there is opposition. So take the drop as an opportunity not a downfall and hang in there for what is waiting of us on the other side.

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