Calling All Africa, Let Us United

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Calling All Africa, Let Us United

Calling all Africans to come join the community and help us grow and develop together to provide a better future for all Africans on steemit.

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This will be something I do every week to help grow and gather the community. Please comment your username below and where you are from. Also join us on steemit chat (remember to use the same username) if your steemit chat username is different, it will be a lot harder to put you in the channel. If it is different then send me your steemit chat username.

If you are already in the community, please help me by finding others that belong in here and send me their names.


We have 110 users for week 2, sadly missing my aim. I am aiming to get to 150 by week 3. I have a list of users who are not on steemit chat, I encourage you to join is asap so that you can both, give and receive support in the community.

All those from Africa please use the #africa tag.

Why are Communities Important?

It is quite simple: alone it is harder to learn and develop, but with the help of others. To illustrate this point: many new users join steemit, whether through a friend or some other means, they have not yet experienced how steemit works. They are told you can post whatever they want? So they do so, sadly they don't know any better and get flagged. Thus their steemit experience is negative and they leave.

Communities are there to help guild and support everyone in it, if this person above was in the community he/she would of easily been able to be lead right, had all their questions answered and would become an asset to the community and steemit.

Communities are a great thing as all those who are in them are different, they have different skills and information they can offer to others. A community that works together is strong and can do anything.

This Community

This community is strictly for any and all steemians that come from Africa. As this is just the start we will need to get all those involved to help find, grow and contribute to this community. I, with some others, will be providing some valuable information and tips for all those new to steemit in the community.

We will be leading and developing this community to make each users experience better. The object is to get as many active users on steemit to better steemit as well as strengthen and support all those who are in the community.

This community will be based on steemit chat ( where we will be answering any questions and helping all those inside it with the support they need. We ask you to tell all your friends and anyone you know that is from Africa to join this community and help each other out.

Project outcome so far:

I am seeing some really great ideas coming out of the community and some really great posts.

To all the new-comers, there are 2 channels, on for general chat and ideas to improve the community, the other is for your posts. We have some support that will be going through these posts and upvoting the really great ones, I will also be going through them and will try to comment on each post.

We have some users doing the same, even though they are minnows, I see how they vote and support each other and this is really great. The activity in the channels is increasing and so the growth will continue to grow.

A big thank you to all those who are helping out in making the community grow, your ideas, your comments, your votes, they are all highly appreciated.

In the end the community is not a community without you and your active participation.

I would love to introduce a few more new things to the community, this will only happen once we have more users. I am hoping that this can be introduced in the next month or so.



Why not I've never seen Africans unit in real life so at least we can do it here on steemit. My username is @gingyptian and I'm from Egypt.


Congratulations! This post has been upvoted from the communal account, @minnowsupport, by gingyptian from the Minnow Support Project. It's a witness project run by aggroed, ausbitbank, teamsteem, theprophet0, and someguy123. The goal is to help Steemit grow by supporting Minnows and creating a social network. Please find us in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network (PALnet) Discord Channel. It's a completely public and open space to all members of the Steemit community who voluntarily choose to be there.

If you like what we're doing please upvote this comment so we can continue to build the community account that's supporting all members.

I'm also new to steemit please resteem my posts for it to get a wider audience

I really love this idea of all africans in steemit platform coming together to help,guide and support ourself. If we dont do so,nobody is going to it for us. Is very helpful in the sense that all knowlegde are not in one head and all experience are not the same. I am from Ghana and we are supporting each other through the one who introduce all of us on #whatapp- where we talk about how to get growing as minnows and helping ourselfs to grow in the community. I am going to tell my group about this and resteem this project for all of them to join. Thank you very much for this great idea. This is me @jacksonoskele and my friends @kwakumax @asarefredrick @obrempon

good option my ghana brother
whats your wassap group all about?

We discuss about how we can benefit,earn, do and dont, helping ourself by checking up on our post and a lot. it for steemit? if so, will wanna join...more so, wassap groups has limited number...might suggest telegram group

Hey, please join steemit chat so we can add you all to the channels and the project. Who is the person that has set up your little community for Ghana?

what is your steemit chat username?

Hello I'm Muhammad from Ghana, Accra. I'll like to be part of your group. My steemit chat username is @muhammadalikatu.

Lettuce United?

hahah this is brilliant

Very good post!👍

Like your post

We have many great people working together with @ADSactly all over Africa. Perhaps we should tell them all to get an account here on STEEM and help grow the Africa Steem Community! What are your thoughts guys?

It is not a bad idea :) Would really love to add more people to the community.

Very Nice Post! Thank you for sharing

like it ..and good luck from morocco

Very great initiative @dragonslayer109
My username is @mcekworo

What is your username?

My username is macdonald.ekworo

Being strictly for users from Africa is, I think, a wrong call.
Being strictly for some other continent might be deemed offensive.
If the goal of the communities are to help out each other like you said before, than why limit the scope of the users willing to help each other out?
What I'm trying to critize is the strictness you are performing.

i feel you @turco
i think what he is doing is to link all Africans since many in Africa are disadvantaged both financially and also data in Africa is not cheap and easy...

I am not sure if you have been in channels before, especially post promotion ones. When you have a specific goal in mind you have to have very strict rules. There are a lot of spammers and simply having an open channel would cause one huge mess. To avoid this these "strict" rules are in place. Those who want to help out are still allowed to do so, by messaging me and we can chat about it all.

I think I understand, except how making the channel exclusive to Africans would prevent spammers.

You can only get invited to the channel by myself and a few others, meaning it is not open for everyone to join :)

I do understand that, but your criterion in assessing whether someone is a spammer or not is their national identity. Not nice in my opinion. Anyways, hope you achieve your goals regarding helping people out! (:

Lol I haven't put a label on anyone, spammers come from all nations, that is why the community is strictly for Africans only :)

Using to Steem to make a change. I like that

thanks once more
whats the group name for the chat
also can we arrange telegram chat group as it has very easy and wide acceptability...we can use it to get updates easily for all africans
please send me info how to proceed

Thanks @dragonslayer109 for getting us all united!!
Can't wait to meet the guys at the get together in Jo'burg next month :)

I would like to again thank you for setting this up @dragonslayer109! The team is really starting to synergize and checking each others posts! This is just the beginning, and with time and growth of the community, it will be simply amazing!
Thanks for the support!

@dragonslayer109 thanks for this awesome initiative. I am Jarau Moses from Uganda,i had always asked in the chat if anyone is from Uganda but i never got an answer.It is good you have began this initiative.Iam hopeful with your help i will head the Uganda team. I am really happy for this my, Steemit Chat username is jarau

Hi what is your username for steemit chat?

My username is jarau

I think the idea is noble. This is basically for marketing purposes. Many people know about crypto but they do not know what Steemit is all about. A continental block of users can change the whole cryptocurrency perception. Well,it an individual choice to make and am in.
Thanks for sharing.

work on @turco comment, its advisable.

Yes, there are no limits to questions.

How can you post a quick ride in hot post?
I post every very hard to get attention from other steemit friends ....
Maybe you can help me by often see my blog and also do not forget .. if you like my post, i'm very happy if you want my post resteem

nice concept @dragonslayer109. Please add me as well :-D
username: mysticlilly16

Lots of love to you and I look forward to reading everything my fellow african @steemians have to say!!

All the way from South Africa with love ;-D

one day world should take care of Africa instead of stealing their wealth!! You see big nations like France China USA Germany the only thing they do is to cooperate with corrupted African governments and exploiting every possible natural source they have. Africa raise head, hope for the best buddy

Wow interesting post, follow and see my content @bangjal

are you from ghana?
lovely name

Wow..Great calling.. I'm really proud of you for this initiative @dragonslayer.. Ghana representing here.. Big ups.. Pls follow me @jakemore.. I'll sign up on Steemchat . Thanks for the support

hi Please message me your username once you are signed up on steemit chat

Sure..Bro I will.. Pls your username on steemchat ..i will inbox you there.

My username is dragonslayer109 on chat

Pls check out my first post: introduceyourself..thanks counting on your support.)

That's my username on steemchat 'jakemore' I even send you a text. thanks

Nice initiative. Building a community is actually the best way to go 👍

Sadly I could not find my fellow countrymen. And I only can watch people of the sama continents/country gets bigger

where are you from...maybe you find yours too

This is nice:)

Keep Up The Good Work

Please what is the name of the steemit chat channel

It is a private channel. Direct message me and I will be able to add you in if you are from Africa

use the steem power to revalution in social world it is best platform that makes together every one africa is wonderfull place to be i just love the post thanks for it

It’s a great idea! But usually it’s really hard work to unite people. Like, ‘come on, get it, it’s great inside’ but…


I wish you all luck possible :)

I will be constantly trying my best, the nice thing is that the people are very humble and willing to do the work to help themselves, so just a few reminders here and there are needed.

happy for your efforts man.. keep it up

Nice work your post..
I really want to do the same thing here my state..but still learning...keep on mate

Would it help to go back and add the #africa tag to old posts related to Africa?

Well for future tags it will help. :)

I'm all for Africa getting their fair share of the Steemit pie! I hope more people realize there is opportunity on Steemit and take advantage of it. This is all part of building a progressive community.

Imagine the whole of Africa using Steemit and steem as their choice in currency.

It's very interesting post!!!

Africa for life awe :-) #fromzim

The amount of money oil producing African countries make yearly is enough to end extreme poverty in Africa, yet many Africans are poor. Let us unite... upvoted hooooh 👍🏻

very correct...maybe once we unite we kick their asses out of Africa..our African leaders are extremely bad and selfish

Yes @kenhudoy please go through my posts and if you like please upvote ..

@kenhudoy, you are very correct. african leaders are greedy and most times, one just feels like having some kind of powers to destroy them all

yes...imagine with all abundant human and natural resources the shame african passes through due to corrupt and selfish leaders...the youths should take over and ensure Africa is liberated...
What areas do you blog my friend...

It's a good initiative, hope more people join. Upvoted and greetings from Kenya 🇰🇪

Proudly African - SOuth African - thanks for this

Unity is strength in numbers, love mama Africa

right my bros..we need unity in Africa

nice initiative.. hope it will work well. great work and good luck
Have a nice day!

Great post! Loved your style of writing in this one.

I'm not from Africa, but grew up in Zambia and Tanzania.
Still not allowed in? :)

where you from my friend...are you stil living in africa?

You are still African if that is your homeland

salute to member from africa, from the first time you create sample to others community how to use steem in the right manner, growth together without polemic. You got my respect brother

fancybrothers, Tunisia ..!

Liked your way of writing
great concept
Well done : ) @dragonslayer109

United we are stronger!

Good post 👍

Thumbs up bro

Your Post is nice thanks for sharing :)
I started following you .. please follow me back @Rabody so I can support you more.

One love keep us together !!! Africa Unite...

Hi would you please sign in so we can add you to the community channels :)

please add me to the channel. username

you have been added :)

Follow me..
please upvote my essay..

Thank you for this initiative, saying hello from Port Elizabeth

@mrzebest this is for you bro 😀

This is cool. I'm based in Egypt, by the lovely beaches of the Red Sea <3

I use the same username on Steemit Chat.

Time to solve poverty

upvote and like it

nice are yu from where?

I love this, where do i find the chat room. My steemit name is crypt0ish if anyone want to check out my page or want me to follow them

i really appreciate your work on this @dragonslayer109 it is a good thing. we really need to make this work to grow and especially support new member. i am at as @outhori5ed; will appreciate been a part of this community

I have a complicated relationship with Africa. Born in Serbia, but lived more than half of my life in Africa (including Kenya, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa), and I have a South African citizenship.

I am living in Canada at the moment, though.

So, may I join this community?

I think that would be fine :)

Congrat's brother. You have a great community in #Africa. I'm so jealuos with that. I hope you all will make a good start and make a @steemit more growing with your community. Wish you luck.

This is a good concept and worthy to support

I'm not from Africa, but I'm loving this idea, great job! And I really hope this community skyrockets! Good Luck!!!

I have been looking out for this. Thank you for making it happen because together, we shall achieve greater result

Wow! Feels great to be among families.. I am honoured to be here, my username is @danasty1 please add me to the chat group... Thanks

Wow! feels really great to be among families. I am honoured to be here.. My username is @danasty1 please add me to your chat group.. Thanks

Yes brother. Respect. United we stand. Divided we fall. Upvoted.

Very nice post

Hello spanish @maite

Love this! Thank you so much! I'm from Durban South Africa! Upvoted and Resteemed. Much love @sweetpea

Thank god for finding people on this continent that know about steemit and crypto.. everytime i mention the word crypto currency people look at me like what are you even talking about! Feel free to give a follow and will follow back!

Great idea. I do love Africa: #Africa

Good luck to you. I love Africa and I believe in you.

Hi @dragonslayer109!
Thanks for your post! I recently wrote about how steemit community can also contribute with home sharing:

One of the things that amazed me more about blockchain is that people have now the real chance in their hands to help poor countries.

Good luck!!!

Hi @dragonslayer109, I am from Pretoria, South Africa, I am on chat, but not very active on it. Will check out the channel

Thank you that would be really nice.

Welcome said.. Truly,unity is what is needed most in Africa.

Will surely add the #africa tag to all my New posts.
I made a blog about one of the various festivals in Ghana Please upvote and resteem for it to reach the corners of the globe :)

We can start now. Is never late. After all the idea United Africa was first conceiced by am African- Dr Kwame Nkrumah and other Great Africans who lived in the recent past. @edemdanso

Hi everyone, My name is Faris.
I am new on this website starting today, and this is the first post I have come across. May I ask, How will steemit improve condition in Africa? Is it because of Bitcoins and its effect it can bring in the economy across the continent?
Thank you/ #Africa

Well right now steemit brings many new opportunities for us to help Africa out.

I see, I hope it does help us out. -- Thanks for the reply.

Hope am not late to the party @enm

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