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RE: Reminder - How to Use Sneaky Ninja

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EDİT : My problem was solved by typing @michaeldavid e reply.

Hi, i sent 10.00 SBD for following post but did not get my upvote. Could you check it please?


Please don't ever leave this many messages about this type of thing again.

Its called spam here, when you advertise your "cause" on other peoples pages. I will flag that every time I see it. You've been here long enough to know that. Also, if you had bothered to even read this post you would realize that this is in fact my page.

I really don't mind what you do on steemit but I do mind what spam you leave on my pages. I'm in no way steemit police but spamming is really frowned on here on steemit. When it is on my page I will flag it every time. I will also sometimes flag it if it is on a friends page. So will a multitude of other people here on steemit.

There are many other acceptable ways to get noticed man.
in this post you are asking to learn how.

Posting comments on people pages that are unrelated to their page will not only get you flagged but also simply get people to not like you.

Hopefully you can take all of this as just constructive criticism:

Actually take the time to read the post you are leaving a comment on. If you can relate with it somehow, leave a related comment, something meaningful. Something that relates to what they are talking about. This is one way you will get people to notice you, there are many others. Do a search for it, there is a lot of info here about it.

Why is my problem still not resolved?
This situation is shaking my and others' confidence.

I used @sneaky-ninja for the first time and I had this problem.
It made me very sad.

And this problem is not solved.

These negativities will move people away from @sneaky-ninja

I hope you can help me.

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