How Education Can Change The World!!

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Education is an important factor to retarding and preventing global poverty. Many countries around the world are trying to perceive the significance of education. Giving education to all, around the world is a way to guarantee that poverty reduction. So now I would to share the four important benefits of education.


Education helps people’s health throughout their lives, from a mother’s pre-birth way of life to the chance of developing diseases later. Women who have at least 6 years of education are more probable to use prenatal vitamins and other useful tactics while pregnancy, therefore, reducing the risk of maternal or infant illness. Finally, mothers who have education are 50% more probable to vaccinate their kids at early ages than other mothers.
Moreover, educated people are less probable to take diseases, especially HIV/AIDS. Almost 7 million new cases of HIV/AIDS can be hindered if primary education were must for all. Researches show that AIDS grow twice as fast in female who have not received at least primary education. In some countries, education is regarded as a “social vaccine” against HIV infection because female’s attendance at academic institutions is strongly linked with preventing the infection.
In a nutshell, education accelerates people’s knowledge of how to stay a healthy lifestyle.

Economic Growth:-

By giving education to every person, economic growth is going to change and it does have direct effect in percentage of educated people. Researches show that every extra year of schooling can accelerate a person’s income by 10% later in life. This obviously shows that a country’s GDP can flourish by 1% annually by giving education to its entire population. Enlarging a country’s GDP creates numerous opportunities for both trade and development.
There is no country in the whole world that has achieved prompt and steady economic growth without at least 40% of its adult population being educated. Education can drive people to become hard workers and can give people the motivation to improve in the workforce. Intensifying the literacy rate in a country can eventually improve economic thrive.

Empowers Women:-

Education has demonstrated the benefit of females at a higher rate than males. The empowerment that women gain from schooling in both personally and professionally is incomparable by any other factor. Women who are literate usually take better decisions with high self-confidence. Researches show that in Kenya, if female farmers were given the same quantity of education and facilities as male farmers, crop yields could improve 22%. This concept can be implemented globally.
In some poor countries, every additional year of education after grades 3 or 4 can provide women with a 20% increase in income. The pleasure that comes from a woman being able to offer required resources for her family is innumerable.

Education help to save the planet:-

Overall climate transformation and the consequences increased number of natural disasters and cut down the agricultural production. This may turn 122 million people into poverty by 2035. The establishment of green industries will depend on high-skilled, literate workers. Agriculture grants 1/3rd of all greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, schooling can provide future farmers with relevant knowledge about great challenges that can be adopted to reduce greenhouse effect from agriculture.


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The point is that education needs a decentralized reform. I intentionally used that word "decentralized". Because every educational system is centralized in the hands of those who have the financial and other means to manipulate the education in their favor.

Education must me redefined and reformed by the masses in a way of more transparency of how and why studies are funcionating, especially in some second and third world countries. Education needs to be supported by the humanists and not the centralized government educational institutions.

Also, there is a huge financial problem considering education in many countries in the world. This should be overcomed by making education free like in high standard countries e.g Scandinavia.@dommaraju


I agree with your point, We have lots of things to develop to provide quality education for every children. I am also providing education to 50 underprivileged kids in my community. I am sure if the financial system is the major barriers to ensure quality education. @freedomnation

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela


anything can be used for good or evil "education" in the form of indoctrination is what we are seeing today


Yes the purpose of education is to maintain the status quo of bullshit.

Lovely ideas, really wish some of it could come true :)

Agree 100% but we need to change our education systems. They are highly out dated and not teaching people to survive in the future that is approaching

Totàlly agree with you. Resteemed

Totally agreed.

I agree. Education along with a societal responsibility to make the society and the lives of people on the planet "better

Education is the weapon which we never have to fire. When it comes to living a sensible life, education is among the utmost importance. Education is what makes a man, a gentleman. It not only teaches us where to earn money but how to live in the society, how to talk, how to behave. Education is what diffentates a man's character.
Thanks for sharing the article @dommaraju


Yes @cryptonet, Hope one day we see world with full of equal opportunities.....

Education is the only property you can own that no one can ever take away from you. Good article.

Great article. I come from a country where education back in my days was not a priority, esp for women like me. 1 in 5 people back in my days in India could not read or write, and most of them are girls. I have learnt to read and write with my children and many a times, I wish I had the opportunity to study further during my childhood. I am all about continuous learning and encourage everyone with limited educational background to never give up and continue learning from every accessible source. (I have used my daughter's help to translate my message in English as I am not fluent with this language, but maybe someday I will get there).

This is what I firmly believe too. My Kiva Fellow Profile Page states the following:

As an educator and a life-long student himself, Oleg is very passionate about teaching and believes that education is a vital component in improving people's lives and alleviating poverty.

Nice to Meet you Oleg Izyumenko @oleg326756 Following..

education as we know it is pure indoctrination. not only that but it's designed to waste a childs mind away without teaching them half of what they should by adulthood


And what SHOULD they know according to you?

You say giving education to all, around the world is a way to guarantee that poverty is reduced. The truth is that our current education system is putting those with bachelors degrees, master degrees and PhD's into poverty because of the high cost of education. We need to stress more about affordable education instead of traditional education because the ROI is not a great one not to mention that a lot of traditional education teaches theory and not reality.


Yes The education system is that way, we as a community always need to try for better world. We need to make education affordable to all.

Well our education system is quite twisted at the moment, there is segregation amongst the rich and poor regarding of what they learn, and this is uphalling..

No doubt, education has a great importance in one's life but I guess learning humanity is more important than learning any new skills. Why am I saying this?
I daily see some education people in my country hitting poor people with their speedy cars, abusing their servants and treating poor people like their slaves. We want educated well mannered persons in our society, rather than educated harmful persons.

the whole education system is occupied by some greedy pigs.the private mafia hijacked whole education system just for making money. it's time to revolutionize the education. the education system should be same in the world.
everyone knows that the education is the most powerful weapon but very less number of countries have the right tool to make this weapon. there are too many countries in world who don't have tool make this weapon.

nice post, we need education emergency enforced all around

I am so happy to read your article as I see you are here for same cause. I am an educator and founder of a school. also I have been working with women empowerment. Would you love me to read my articles so we can share similar value here. @dommaraju

Rather than talking down on our educational system, lets figure out what is not working and find ways to improve it. Learning is all about making mistakes and changing. Awesome post, thank you for sharing!

What you say is very true and if we focus on educating all equally, be it people of lower socioeconomic groups or those who are of higher socioeconomic groups, I am sure crime rates and many problems in society could be decreased.