A Steemit Experience: My First 30 Days Blogging on Steemit

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I have been on Steemit for about 40 days now and I feel like I should summarize my brief experience. Yeah, I know the title says my first 30 days, this post is long overdue. I will not focus on how much I earned or anything monetary for that matter. This post will be about my personal experience as a user interacting with other users and reading other people's posts.

The experience has been great. I read a lot of great posts from several users. I like that some of the content is far from the typical blogs you usually find in google. Posts that share genuine honesty and experience are the ones I enjoy reading the most. And of course..... The Memes.

The excitement of discovering exactly what STEEM and Steemit was and the mechanics of it all kept me curious. It was difficult to understand at first, but with the help of several posts and a great community, I eventually managed to figure it out.

As mentioned, Steemit has a great community. It's what makes blogging in Steemit worthwhile. The Minnow Support Project has been arguably the best so far. The Minnow Support Project is a community of over 3000 whose goal is to help people in Steemit find success in their own way. I've learned a great deal of knowledge from them. From the anatomy of peaches to the intricacies of creating a masterful meme. But in all seriousness, it is a great community that will make your stay on Steemit an enjoyable experience. If you want to learn more about them check their Steemit account @minnowsupport.

With the good also comes the bad. It's not all rainbows and unicorns in Steemit.

One thing I hate about Steemit is that most of the people are only in it for the money. I understand that Steemit provides a great opportunity to earn passive income, but it is also a community. People commenting "Great" and "Amazing Content" on posts without reading what you wrote just so they can upvote their comment is very annoying. How can I tell they haven't read the post? I wrote a post about my imminent retrenchment from my job and someone commented: "Great post keep it up." That's how I know.

Another thing that annoys me is the flood of plagiarized posts. People who simply copy and paste from google. Thank God for the Cheetah bot. But even worse than this, are scammers and people with false identities. Most notable of which was the latest expose by @fraenk about a person who created several accounts to abuse the voting system. Not to mention a fake sob story about him only having a hundred days to live. You can read more about that scam artist HERE I feel ashamed that I am from the same country as him.

That's pretty much it. Steemit might not be perfect, but it is without a doubt an amazing platform with an equally amazing community. It is still relatively new and is continuously improving. Let's all do our part to making it great.


The minnow support project is definitely the best part of my experience so far. I also agree that too many users make vague comments and didn't even read the post. I haven't had a lot of users commenting on my posts and hope that will change in the future. Thanks for your post! TGIF

Thanks for sharing the info about the minnow support group, agree with you on the plagiarism posts mate. Anywhere there is money there will always be some scammers it seems

Thanks for the post, i am 13 days in and still finding my feet. cheers