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With active work, all users from poor countries can provide enough Steem - Cash for basic needs. There is no obstacle or problem in the Steemit system that will not be solved, there are your decision and the way to understand what the Steem blockchain represents. The question is, what do we think about money, what is our relationship with money? Steem is the future and paper money is a dying past, you are part of the future we create together. I see that some people are promoting more blockchain systems at the same time, I look at it from two angles. I can invest in any coin, but if I work on a project, I do not have the energy and the time to work on several projects. Imagine that you have ten women at the same time, that you have ten families and that you should respect them equally. For me, Steem Blockchain and Steemit are great because they give me a great space for investing, promoting, upgrading, getting information and real friendships. All I want to do is to connect with Steem blockchain, it's the way of gratitude and vision that Steem has and the sense of responsibility and loyalty that each user needs to have.

Imagine that you have a monthly salary of $ 5, that's the reality in some countries. Steemit and applications made on the Steem blockchain give the future of material freedom, which means that anyone who is active can make for a normal life. There are users who are active only when Steem's value is high, now that they do not have big profits, I do not see their posts. I did not skip a single day without writing a post on Steemit. I want to tell you several reasons why I love Steemit, why do I invest in Steem my money and time.

-1. Steem blockchain is the future, Steem is the first coin for social networks
-2. Steemit gives you the ability to start earning with active work
-3. Steem blockchain is a project that has the power to free all people on the planet from chronic poverty
-4. Steem is a great investment because it gives us 25% to 40% of the annual profit in Steem.
-5. The Steem value will rise to a minimum of $ 15 to $ 20 this year (that's my prediction)
-6. The Steem value is now unrealistic, the moment the Steem Platform for Steem Token is set, the value will be over $ 5 and will never fall below that value. (that's my prediction)
-7. Steem community is so positive and focused on development, this energy is the seed from which a great tree of success will grow.
-8. The business system is sustainable and realistic, which guarantees a serious growth in the future.
-9. Steemit and all applications that are installed and those that will appear on the Steem blockchain will attract hundreds of millions of people.
-10. I personally develop and build business acquaintances in all countries of the world, Steem is a sufficient platform for all our needs.

The point is that you find the focus, to be disciplined and honest with intentions. Choose goals and things with enthusiasm, it will take you to the right way of success. There are three rules about money, first we need to know how to make it (Steemit and Steem Blockchain), then we need to know how to save money, and in the third place, we need to know how to multiply the money. Our relationship to money is a crucial factor for success if we think that money is the source of all the misfortunes or that it does not matter, then we will never have enough money for financial freedom.

When you invest annually, a profit of 6 to 12% is great, if you invest in Steem Power then we get from 25% to 40%.
We also know that the world is changing, that the blockchain is a future, and that Steam Blockchain is one of the best investments in the future. If you are looking for prosperity then this is the right place for you, if you are looking for a growing trend then you are in the middle of the event. If you are not in a business relationship with the Steem Community, now you have the chance to set new goals and determine the future and way of your life.

The Steemit community provides open opportunities for anyone who is not selfish, be in the game and give your personal contribution (invest in Steem Power, make a great post, promote on other social networks Steem blockchain, connect with other bloggers, give people positive words and smile, etc. ). Perhaps your situation is difficult, you may not have the money or you do not ave enough money for food or other needs, then this is the right place to start your career, because one day you will wake up as a financially free man.

It is not easy for anyone to become successful, the road to the top is the road that we all go through in a similar way.
This is the path leading into the future, this is the energy of enthusiasm that is unstoppably spreading to all parts of the world. We all represent the Steem blockchain together, this is our mission and responsibility.



See you on the top @dobartim
We win together - Welcome to Steem Schools

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See you on the top, keep going with great work


Thank you.


You are welcome

When someone predicts the future price of steem this way it motivates small account holders as well, great way of motivating content creators and investors, if you see someone trying won't you save a good % of vote for that person? Some people on steemit have refused to help others and they don't post they don't even use their steempower and well i can't tell anyone what to do with their steem power. Most people just love to have money just for the sake of having it and others for a genuine purpose. May God help and direct our actions Amen


Anyone who invests money in Steem Power has the right to do what he wants with his money, the real point is that only with honest and focused work we can all raise the value of Steem.

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