Four Principles of a Marketing Strategy For Success at Steemit

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Every business strategy is a marketing strategy. Your ability to attract potential voters and followers determines the success you will achieve at Steemit. You are responsible for making important strategic decisions for your own business. There are four main areas that will change your viewing angle, with this marketing knowledge you can achieve great success and find yourself in the top 5% of bloggers at Steemit. We have different types of bloggers, from investors to those struggling for one piece of bread for basic needs. Every day we get new users, competition becomes big and it is, therefore, necessary to build a personal brand and create your own unique marketing strategies for Steemit business.

-1. Specialization - is the area where you direct all your activities.

The specialization becomes the driving force of your marketing, sales and business activities. Your activities (posts, comments, apps, etc.) should be targeted to a specific target group, your offer should be unique. If you do the same things that you do and compete, then there is a price war, that's the worst marketing strategy that exists. Your offer should be faster, more efficient, and superior to that of competitors. Always add an attractive service to your offer, which means your post should offer specific solutions for Steemit users. You can focus on Steemit to investors who have Steem Power or to those who have a specific value in their blogs but do not have Steem Power. You can contact a local community or country, it is important to choose an area in which you are better than competitors. Your posts represent a product that you sell on the market, so it's important to choose your specific area of action and to focus on creative work. Improve your knowledge and make a special value in what you do, because when someone is good at everything, then, in the end, we can see that there is no result in anything.

-2. Diversity - this is the pulse of marketing and the main cause of success or the failure of every business.

Diversity is the part that separates you from all other bloggers who compete to sell their posts to those who have Steem Power. Imagine that all competitors are gone and that you are the only one who makes a certain type of post. What difference will it make for your earnings and profit? I suppose you will become the most successful blogger on Steemit in that area. This is a real question - how can you make your blogs different from others, that is, how to achieve that you are a unique choice on Steemit?

-3. Grouping - this is your ability to accurately group your marketing activities.

Companies spend billions of dollars to find out who their real customers are. The question is who are your true supporter who is most appreciated by your speciality or your superiority, and who most likes those characteristics and profits that you deliver? I chose a target group of users who do not have money because I want to support them to become successful bloggers on Steemit. At one point, all honest users will support my efforts and this is happening because the Steem Schools project educates thousands of people to work properly and successfully. Our mission is to win poverty all over the world, you choose your mission and do what you are the best and what you believe in. The second part of grouping is to choose people who have similar visions with you because those who are similar to you want to support you. In your posts, offer solutions to certain problems, help people eliminate their fears because this is the primary cause of failure in life.

  1. Focusing - Focus only on those bloggers who want to support you.

What are the best ways to advertise and communicate with your target audience? Choose the best way and the most powerful messages you are contacting with your chosen blogger group. We have four different communication styles (controller, promoter, supporter, and analyzer), make four different approaches because in this way you can achieve maximum results. If you want to learn more about different communication styles, come to our live lessons every day at 9 pm in central European time in Steem Schools discord channel A good marketing plan constantly invites new users to join your project and mission. Knowledge is the most powerful support we can give to users, so make sure that your posts have the right value for the readers. You are on the wave of a new trend - Steemit, which is a blend of social business network and digital currency. You have the chance to become successful and financially independent, Steem is the best crypt and it's time to work smartly because in this way you give full support to the entire Steemit project and to all users.


See you on the top @dobartim
We win together - Steem Schools


Great post
Your job will determine your site .. Work hard and do not wait for something from people
Thanks for sharing‏…

This is true

And finally it's worth a lot everyone on Steemit should read and they will find something interesting and motivational for the growth of their Steemit life.
Lovely and inspiring dear sir.
Thank you

Great pic! It's yours?

I hooe it is!

At the end of the day, only perseverance will get you to the top of success, and that is the problem of this fsociety

Thank you for support

It's always a pleasure to get something intresting and motivational from you dear sir.

Muito bom aprender com quem tem muito a ensinar, me segui, quero mais .....

Great post. Your point is well made that this is like a business and should be treated as such for success. It never gets old being reminded of the importance of strategic planning and marketing. Thank you!

You are welcome

Choosing a niche is very important. Some people only write about Cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. Some people are writing about lifestyle.
Thank you for your sharing

You are welcome

Wooow. Sir @dobartim.This is one of your most resourceful post among the others. Am gonna keep this on my wall. So that i see it everyday. I gonna practice until it becomes a part of me. SteemSchools is very favoured to have a father such as you.
A great man once said "we win together ".See you above the top @dobartim😊

See you on the top

See you there Sir

@dobartim This is very smart when it comes to business. Being diverse has helped me as I like photography, cooking, and making videos. I like the fact that #steemschools has helped me be able to identify with the types of bloggers to connect with and it has, in turn, helped me build some valuable relationships with these bloggers. I have learned so much and look forward to learning more about marketing and learning how to better promote myself and learning what my specific niche is. You have many. You are good at the marketing and poetry. I am still learning about myself and learning from you Thank you, sir!

You are welcome at any time.

Thank you, sir!

Wait for me

It is interesting how your communication styles align with negotiation styles:

Controller, promoter, supporter, and analyzer aligns pretty heavily with Assertive negotiators, Accomodators, and Analysts.

Thanks for the post!

You are welcome

Interesting Steemschool project, I have a week in steemit, and I'm getting to know it. It is an immense platform and a multidiverse community. I'm a Doctor in Management and I'd like to collaborate with you

Welcome to life business school - Steem Schools

@dobartim always has insightful content. I’m still trying figure out what I can specialize in. I’ll get there. Sadly I’ve found that people in general don’t care about education. Likewise on steemit. My lowest voted blog have been about education. As I make this journey into good health, I’ll keep chronicling it and help people on the way. See you at the top too!

Thanks for the tips @dobartim :) Interesting and helpful article, keep 'em coming!

Yea, he’s good dude

Thank you very much for the great post.

Hello there!!!
thanks a lot for sharing this helpful information, it will help me a lot.
also if you can make something related how to transfer my steemdollar to steempower, what is the easiest way to do that.

have a great day!!!!
Good luck!!!!

By Steem in Steemit market and then power up your Steem Power.

thanks a lot, i really appreciate that for taking your time to respond me!!!

Steemit's top posts are about how to get your posts into Steemit's top posts.
I wonder.... what did all the Steemit gurus do for a living, before they became experts on how to self-promote their "content" (if you want to call it that)?
"Steem is the best crypt and it's time to work smartly because in this way you give full support to the entire Steemit project and to all users."
No offense to the writer, but that's garbage. There are missing punctuation, spelling errors, and it's devoid of meaning. It's time to work smartly because you give full support to all the users? Come on, we have to do better.
Steemit is dying, and this is a symptom of that death. Anyone paying attention?

Be persistent and make something good in your life.

Finally, it is worth our friends steemians read, find something interesting and motivating for the growth of your life in this great platform.
Charming and inspiring, dear friend.
I stand up and I applaud you @dobartim for your great contribution to the community.

Thanks greetings..

I am glad you like it, see you on the top

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wow! thats Great

So great, glad that someone is feeling like me

I am glad you like it

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Very useful and interesting tips @dobartim

I am glad you like it

This is such a great and splendid principle you've shared. You're such a great man @dobartim. Thanks alot

I am glad you liked it.

I feel like theirs too many ideas spread out to tap on the ones that hold potential make the most change on here. Maybe they should align some of the other features directly onto this platform?

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Great post! Concise, insightful and resourceful as always.
Thank you @dobartim

I am glad you like it

Every business needs a good marketing strategy, it is not enough to be the best, we have to make them know us and the marketing plan is the tool to achieve it. Thanks @dobartin

Be creative every day

When you come across this type of content, it is when you realize that you are in the right place. Grateful with your contributions @dobartim.

Thanks @dobartim for supporting those who do not generate for now. The winning win is present in Stemmit, and this is proven by the increase in his community. I love the link to the school to educate yourself. Thank you thank you thank you. "See you at the top"

Welcome to Steemit

For this great growing community, these tips for success are very valuable. Using such strategies correctly will help us achieve the goals we have in this community. Excellent thanks for sharing.

You are welcome

You got my upvote, @dobartim. Very helpful post.

I am glad you like it

Excellent article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

See you on the top and Steem Schools

Wow! Just what I needed right now. I'm new and it's not been easy.

Thank you for this great post, sir.

Welcome to Steem Schools - Learn and grow

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Gracias amigo, realmente inspirador.

Thanks for your advice, I will try to follow it, every day I learn a little more.
I consider myself a persevering person; That's the reason why I'm here. I think, I have been improving little by little, thanks to the advice and tutorials of the people who care about those who are starting on this platform
Thank you very much

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Zasto imam osecaj da je @dobartim sa Balkana :-) ?

Beogradjanin koji zivi u Skoplju

Znao sam da ste Srbin :-)
Sta ima novo u Skoplju?

Hi @dobartim. I identify myself in some aspects of your publication. I'm still looking for the key to excel in steemit. I guess I'm one of those who fight for the bread of the day. Although I preferred to call ourselves "little goldfish", in all this ocean. I am in Venezuela, and I can assure you that working with steemit here is not an easy task, especially because the internet at the national level is very hard and limits us a lot. The strategies you talk about make a lot of sense. I usually write from my little experience, and I do not focus on just one thing. Rather, I write about everything that inspires me at the moment. But according to what you say, I think it's not very good strategy. I'm still to learn a lot. I'm still looking for that that makes it possible for me to get stability in steemit.

But due to the strong economic problems that Venezuelans are experiencing, and that are not a secret for the rest of the world, any progress and reward in the network is of great help. However, the idea will always be to obtain the greatest possible stability, and this can only be achieved with good market strategies such as those that you explain. Thanks for the valuable contribution.

Maybe it's not such a bad idea to start seeing this more as a business than as an alternative. And I may be able to get what I expect so much, reward and recognition.

Hola. Me identifico en algunos aspectos de su publicación. Todavía estoy buscando la clave para sobresalir en steemit. Supongo que soy uno de los que lucha por el pan del día. Aunque prefería llamarnos a nosotros mismos "pequeño pez dorado", en todo este océano. Estoy en Venezuela, y puedo asegurarles que trabajar con steemit aquí no es una tarea fácil, especialmente porque Internet a nivel nacional es muy difícil y nos limita mucho. Las estrategias de las que hablas tienen mucho sentido. Normalmente escribo desde mi pequeña experiencia, y no me enfoco solo en una cosa. Por el contrario, escribo sobre todo lo que me inspira en este momento. Pero de acuerdo con lo que dices, creo que no es una buena estrategia. Todavía estoy por aprender mucho. Todavía estoy buscando eso que me permita obtener estabilidad en Steemit.

Pero debido a los fuertes problemas económicos que los venezolanos están experimentando, y que no son un secreto para el resto del mundo, cualquier progreso y recompensa en la red es de gran ayuda. Sin embargo, la idea siempre será obtener la mayor estabilidad posible, y esto solo se puede lograr con buenas estrategias de mercado como las que usted explica. Gracias por la valiosa contribución.

Tal vez no sea tan mala idea comenzar a ver esto más como un negocio que como una alternativa. Y puedo obtener lo que espero tanto, recompensa y reconocimiento.

Of course the marketing is a powerful weapon in business policy....
this post is really good for that person who want to be a successful businessman....

Hola, el contenido de tu post me es de gran provecho, ya que me aportó ideas que puedo aprovechar en el mejoramiento de mis publicaciones en steemit, gracias por post y que sigan los éxitos.

Interesting topic I will detail, THANK YOU for sharing, CONGRATULATIONS!

Thanks so much for this great tips, it will help me a long way for a newbie like me

Incredible like a robot he said steady and successful ,, continue

Just accept the invitation to your discord. Hope to learn great things there!
And, thank you for the article above!


Very nice info! I have only done about 30 blogs because I have a problem with #1. I don't really specialize in anything so my content is very random. I just don't think i have it in me to be a successful blogger. I have had many blogs go untouched, and I have also success on two blogs (small success - $120 and $350).

I need to find something people want to read, that I personally can provide a contribution to. So my struggle remains....

Execution is the main thing ....

very good advice ,but change this advice to real not easy at all need to hardwork.

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This is a fantastic post that complement some of the online marketing strategies that I have learnt so far. I am into real estate business and what you pointed out above are great marketing ideas that can be implemented by anyone that is into online business.

Very useful article. I found some solutions for myself. I will try to reflect the strategy in my presentation. But most likely I will need the help of experts to improve powerpoint presentation. It is worth paying special attention to such presentations.

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