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After the initial announcement, the community has shown overwhelming interest in the Development Incentive Program (DIP). We cannot thank you enough for your participation.

There was a wide range of opinions – from one-line quick suggestions to very detailed long-term plans. We have carefully evaluated proposals and selected four final candidates to kick off the program.

We will be doing further work with the proposal authors to finalize the selection and support methods over the next few weeks.

Dear Community,

So many great ideas! We were delighted to see such community participation.

Among them, there were about 10 proposals that were detailed enough to be considered as a DIP recipient and more than 30 suggestions were submitted in various forms.

There were many suggestions with great potential, but to be supported by the DIP, more details are required: for example, precise roadmaps/milestones/deadlines/team members/budget are necessary for the Community Developer Representatives to accurately review the suggestions and select development teams.

We would love to see proposals that are evolved from suggestions next time – don’t forget that the program is designed for the long term and we have $450,000 for the first-year budget!

To be transparent and encourage continuous discussion with the community, we would like to present evaluation criteria: there are 6 main factors that are used to measure the proposals.

  1. Clarity: is it clear enough so that steemit users would understand the proposal?

  2. Relevance: would steemians need such features?

  3. Feasibility: is it likely to achieve what it claims to achieve?

  4. Timeline: can we expect the proposal to be finished quickly enough?

  5. Budget: is it reasonable to spend such an amount of money to achieve the goal?

  6. Trust: can we trust the team members to finish the project? In addition to the proposal post, DIP members have examined proposers’ previous posts/comments/activities.

After thorough reviews, we would like to introduce the following 4 proposals for the first DIP candidates:

So what’s next?

Community Developer Representatives have already initiated direct communication with the proposers (@upvu.witness, @starlord28, @steemstation, @symbionts) to further develop the proposals.

Issues include the following:

  • Verification of team members

  • Specific milestones and related deadlines

  • Budget justification

We expect to finalize the process over the next few weeks. We will try our best to expedite the process and share the progress with the community.

In the meanwhile, if you have any suggestions, please share them with other community members by commenting or posting here!

Thank you,
The DIP Team


Promising projects - let's build!

hello i am new please help me

contact me guys, i can help

Great to see things starting to get going. If any of the selected projects would like any help from a UX point of view, please drop me a line.

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Looking forward to seeing these features being implemented in due course! !thumbup

this is getting exciting 🤩

Great to see things starting to get going. If any of the selected projects would like any help from a UX point of view, please drop me a line.

This is so great 👏

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These are great features that will improve user experience. We hope to see them soon

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