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Hey all. It's been a while since I last posted on Steem. The DIP initiative taken by Steemit INC is a great move in these markets. Mainly because building things during the bear markets is what propels projects to great heights during the bull cycle. This initiative also goes on to prove that the main entity behind the Steem blockchain does want to improve its flagship product by utilizing the resources that the community over here has to offer.

For all those who don't know me, I am starlord28, a developer and a witness from India. Over the past couple of years, I have built the steemcryptic range of tools that have helped several people on this platform to do various tasks to this date. Additionally, I am also the developer for steempoll. While Steempoll was not completed with all the features that I had planned for it, steemcryptic kind of stole my attention due to the large number of users who use it.

The DIP initiative feels like a great way for me to contribute to something that is already going to be used by tens of thousands of people. This is why I have decided to try and add some of the features/ fixes that I feel will make steemit a very user-friendly platform.

1- Warning pop-up:

We have all witnessed numerous phishing links that get spammed in the comment section as well as posts of various users. Most of the time, these links are edited in markdown to hide the original URL and simply display the word that you want others to see.

In such cases, you can hover over the hyperlinked phrase and see the redirect URL on the bottom left corner or you would need to manually copy and see if the URL feels fishy or not. Both these options are not convenient and not all of us would do this on a regular basis.

This is why we see so many users getting their accounts stolen. To help reduce this risk, I propose to add a feature that would warn the user and also display the complete redirect URL, and only after the user confirms the validity, he would be allowed to move out of steemit, to the external site.

This warning would also help in the case where the attacker was trying to mask the URL but always meant to trap the user on his/her phishing site.

2- Improvements to the profile section of the accounts page:


Currently, the profile section of a page looks very unnatural. Basically, if I want to edit the status, profile pic, cover image, etc, I would need to click on the settings and then edit all the details. The problem with this is that a new user would not even know that he can edit his/her profile details by going into settings.

I want to change this up and add an edit profile button on the right-hand corner of the profile section. On clicking on this, the user would be allowed to edit their profile details through an edit modal instead of a completely new page.

By adding this, I think we will see users updating their profiles more often than not.

3- Fix the SP calculation in the profile section:

SP displayed on steemit

My actual SP

While this might be something that not many of you might have noticed, it is something that keeps bothering me every time I look at it. The current SP displayed in the profile section of an account is incorrect and seems to have gone unnoticed for quite some time now. I want to fix this once and for all.

4- Bulk Transfers and SBD limitations based on exchange-supported markets:

Communities that offer delegation rewards today do so by making transfers to the delegators on a weekly/monthly basis. Currently, there is no support on the steemitwallet to achieve this. I have implemented and tested out this feature on my application and I want to bring this support to the steemitwallet.


In addition to the bulk transfer support, I want to also add a new safety mechanism that stops users from transferring their SBD to incorrect exchanges. For example, Binance account, deepcrypto8 currently has over 27,000 SBD just lying dormant in its account. These tokens were transferred by users who forgot that Binance does not have an SBD market.

To add this feature I would be making use of external APIs to update the markets on a daily basis. This will prevent the accidental transfer of your tokens to an unsupported marketplace.

Time Frame:

Well, some of you might have already known that I am a backend developer for the most part. However, for the past 4 months, I have been working on frontend frameworks on a daily basis thanks to my day job. While react is something that I haven't worked a lot on, these features are something that I can build within a time frame of 2 months.

Most of the time here would go into familiarizing myself with the existing codebase and getting a hang of react to do this. With my extensive exposure to angular lately, I feel that I would be able to complete the above features in this timeline.


I am requesting $2,500 to implement these features on Steemit. While most of the work would be completed by me only, I might end up outsourcing a bit for pixel-perfectness if needed.

Additional developments:

Apart from this, I plan of removing any dead links that exist on steemit. I do remember that there were a few that gave a 404 error status but don't remember them at this time.

Advanced Queries:

Most of you who use steemcryptic would have used it for its ability to make advanced queries on Steem. While I wanted to take this up with this proposal, I don't want to overburden myself with this huge task at this moment. Since this is a year-long development initiative, I would like to pick this feature up once I have delivered my initial items.


Your suggestions are very good, hope you get support to do this

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