Time has come to take a week off work and focus on Steemit and crypto

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So there we have it... I have put in a request into work letting them know that I have decided to take the month of September off. I plan to use that time wisely everyday to better focus my energy to Steemit here and also to the crypto world and currency trading.
I am going to focus really hard and use this time to do some serious work online over here!

Come on over to Discord P.A.L Network if you're interested in chatting with some awesome folk in there!! We have a new channel which has just started which we have respectfully named TEAMCANADA and let me tell you, there is some good action in there for being such a new group. The group is starting to get alot of activity in there as more and more come on in to join the chats. We have even had a few Aussies in there :)

Things I plan on doing:

  • Starting a routine with new ways of healthy eating
  • Hitting the gym everyday
  • Bed by 11:00pm and awake by 6:00am everyday
  • A pic of me everyday for a month
  • More involvement in the discord chat channels
  • More involvement in different contests around here on Steemit
  • Reading more everyday before I go to sleep
  • Start writing some good quality content again to show the world what im up to
  • Start going on more adventures with fam and friends, and documenting it to share them

    I also plan on doing another big update to the MSP phonebook, so let me know if you guys want in. Its just an easy way to find people who maybe have different names on Steemit versus Discord chat.

    Let me know if you or anyone you know wants in and I will gladly add you to the list :D

I am going to try really hard this month to focus and make this new idea work.
If anyone out there have any requests as to what I could do to help out on here, feel free to leave a comment and Ill forsure come and take a look

Going to miss the rigs for a while, but hey, Im here to learn bigger and better things :D

Cheers and thanks for taking the time to read along with me. Feel free to follow along if you want to see some cool posts coming up 😊

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Great aspirations. I hit you up with a follow...keep us abreast of the progress you are making.

Thank you thank you thank you for stopping in. Will try not to disappoint :D

Thanks for the referral to my post about technological unemployment.

It is greatly appreciated.

No problemo bud. I did read it, and will formulate a nice response when I get a min :) (I am getting hollered at to come and have supper lol)

I am glad I gave you a follow.

Best go have dinner...even if just to keep the peace.

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The dancing bluejay is off the chain! Haha Nice fucking drill pic u make it look beautiful. Show the scared earth next time lol Lucky boy got a month off! Good luck following your goals and I look forward to more posts

Those all sound like great ideas man, sounds like your going to be making good use of your time, looking forward to reading about it.

Good luck Digger. I look forward to your posts and chatting with you in the Commonwealth chatrooms on Discord.

I like your plan more steemit and more gym!! Btw, Please forgive me for spamming you!. I'm in a running for a contest would love your support!!

You got my support :D now get out there and kick some a$$

Kicking Butt and taking names. To send thanks you letters to. :D

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