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RE: 8 Mistakes I See Beginners Make on Steemit

in #steemit7 years ago

I agree! If someone is confident with his/her writing ability, people will just follow naturally, no need to beg for reesteem or upvotes. Focus on creating quality content.

I also posted something similar to this. Great post!


I have read it earlier - wonderful article! You have a great approach and your authenticity is already paying off. :)

Thanks! :) We should post more topics about that to educate steemians.

People should share about their experience on the platform and what they learn along the way. But not too much so that potential newcomers checking the trending page only see posts related to Steemit. :)

I think the "document vs create" idea is very powerful. Sharing the journey is the most powerful way to create compelling content.

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