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RE: There's No Flow in STEEMIT - you cannot jump from 1 post to another

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It's still in beta, so.... your remarks will probably be adressed at some point. The goal is to make it into a 'sort of' facebook. And that means the chat-window option, PM's and a whole range of things. Making a group for people with the same interest or language for instance. I mean...there's just a hell of a lot to do, if they want to compete with the best.

So your points are valid, but hopefully already in the process of creation


I know and I got a bunch more suggestions, but this seems like a rather easy thing to do for them, no?

to set up a secured, private ms is a lot more complex than adding a few lines of code to the templates and have some links on the side ... it doesn't have to do anything, there's nothing behind it, just some links

they should be able to do this in a matter of days and comparing the little bit of effort with the significant difference it will make for the users ... massive ROI guaranteed

There is the question of determining what links to show though. There are some 'easy' options, but pretty much any implementation is going to draw criticism from different groups about fairness. There is also the difficult task of determining relevancy and choosing posts the reader would want to see. Doing this feature 'right' is actually not so easy.

I do think it should be done though, and am in support of the idea. I know they are hard at work to improve Steemit and add new features, so I suspect it is only a matter of time.

well ...

  1. the $SD is there for a reason = the post with the highest $SD for the same tag's
  2. but people also like to find new stuff, so ... latest post under the same tag's

that are already 10 posts, that should be enough
(ok, maybe 1-2 posts of the author)

just my $0.0002 SD ;-)

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