Steem Power Interest Calculator!! (New)

in steemit •  2 years ago

I have added new feature and made my old Steem Power Interest Calculator more accurate.

For those who don't know this tool allows you to calculator the amount of Steem Power you will gain after a amount of time as interest on your existing Steem Power.

You can find the calculator here.

Hope you found it useful.

Side Note: Yesterday I made 1 post writing an article for a long time but after pressing post it did not appear on Steemit. I don't have a backup of that post and is there anyway to get it back? I think it was a problem with Steemit since no new posts were created in that period. Anyone have any ideas?

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Awesome! Great work.



I use the tool as well. Unfortunately at the moment the price of steem is falling faster than the interest rates can keep up with. For inactive steemian who are only investors in steem they see a decline in dollar value.
Anyways I am here for long because I have a mission: