•In wake of Steemit Hack: IMPORTANT•

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Fellow Steemers,

•In wake of the hack that had happened the evening of July 14th, I cannot stress enough how important password security is. I advise anybody who hasn't changed their password already to do so, and remember, the stronger the better.

•your password should be 16-32 characters long, even longer if you'd like.

•the more random, the better

•if you have a word in there, mix it up, make a letter or two capitalized the the middle.

•add symbols in there ( ! , . @ $ _ ? ; )

•use symbols multiple times, make your passwords strong!

•• I can't stress how important password security is in general. Remember, it doesn't have to be easy to remember, your Steemit password is attributed to real money and it is important only you have access to that money and your account!

  • write down your password and put it in a safe place.

  • Don't store your passwords on your pc or cellular device!

  • Type your password up and back it up onto a USB. ( but do not store text file onto your pc, just keep it stored in your backup )


• Steemit is a beautiful tool and platform, and i am glad to see in the wake of this news, the Steemit team is dealing with things professionally and in a respectful manner.
It is good this happened in an early stage rather then later stages, now we can create stronger security protocols and techniques that will further avoid these actions from occurring and Create a much more secure and safe platform.

  • decryptson
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Agreed...To many Steemit will become a business , and security is of the up most importance with any business. Anyone that values there Steemit account should take that extra and i meen extra step to insure it is secure to the best of your ability. What i do now is use a password program thats on a usb stick and run it from there, i also write down every password or print it out and have it in a journal for safe keeping. The darkness is always lurking so make sure you have the light on with full brightness.

The multi factor authorization will make a huge difference alone in my opinion. That's always a beautiful property.
I advise everybody who hasn't already to go to Permissions, and change the passwords to All 3 Keys. Your Owner, Posting, and Active.
So strong passwords that are new, and on top of that a multi factor authorization implementation, you should be quite immuned to most potential attacks.

Cannot agree more.
I recently lost my owern-pass, but was able to recover it because I WROTE IT DOWN this saved me a lot of money!

Take the proper precautions guys!


Ahh yes, writing it down is always the way to go and the old fashioned way if you will. Haha. I also always keep on a USB and back it up just to play it safe :)


Although these two storage devices are new attack vectors for a hacker to take.

Pm me your passwords y'all, i'll review them and give you a note /10!



okay ty heres mine


do you think mypassword1234567890 would work?


Toss a $ in between the 1 & the 2 ;)

Maybe if we could implement a 2 factor authorization , do you think that would work?


Why wouldnd it ?


Part of the update from Steemit earlier..
"As some of our users have mentioned, the Steem blockchain was never hacked. Likewise, our servers were never hacked. Instead, the hacker exploited browser-side vulnerabilities, a challenge that every Fortune 500 company faces as well. After patching the problem,• we are now at work on a new multi-factor authentication solution •that would prevent similar attacks from happening again."

I will most diff do this now

Can you log into your owner account right now if you tried? I'm asking this because I tried to update my password and the system won't let me log into my owner account to change my password. I would like to know if this is happening to anybody else.


My apologies, I believe you cannot as of now log into owner key because of platform adjustments and updates being done currently. But as soon as you are able to log in to your owner account, go to permissions and try to change your password. Play it safe so your not sorry :)

Nothing like mashing the keyboard with your face to generate random passwords



Looks like good things are to come. This platform has huge potential, I believe the future is strong and this is just a beginning of something. I have to say the beta is quite impressive already for how young it is. In 6 months to a year I think we will see a very impressive, lucrative system and platform here.

Thanks for the information is very useful : ) ...


Glad you found it informative.

Good post man. Thanks.


No problem, glad I could be of some help :-)