How Do I: Send Steem or SBD from Poloniex to Steemit (ANSWERED)

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Insert your Steemit log in ID (username) into the withdraw Address Field.

thanks to everyone who helped get the right answer especially @complexring and @leon-fu 

I am posting this as a question for now and will create an "answer" article once I know.  I'm left a little clueless at the moment.  

Once I have the answer I will update this post!

Thanks so much to anyone that can answer, sorry if I am just plain dumb.

What needs to be filled in here?

Nothing here to inform me of what I would need to put in the Address and Memo fields to make a transfer:


Click on "Permissions". There you will see a "Memo" address. Copy and paste that into the Memo field in Poloniex. Put your userid, decrypt in the address. Hit Withdraw, 2 factor auth, email confirm, etc.

EDIT: Memo field is actually not needed in Polo. I just entered my user id in address field, left the memo field blank and it still worked.

You got to the "Put your username for the address to which to send" answer first. Kudos.

your answer is not the same as his answer, so which one is correct... how do you guys think someone that provides great content and has 10s or 100s of thousands of people that follow them who knows nothing about crypto can use this system without its power users being able to explain concisely and precisely how just to transfer funds.

definitely some room for improvement here :)

Memo field should be unnecessary to withdraw from Polo / Bittrex to your account.

wait ... so i dont just put the username into the address field? there is another step?

@leon-fu Can you confirm if this memo field is necessary or not? @complexring is saying that it is not necessary


@complexring is correct. I withdrew some Steem from Polo without entering anything in the memo field and it worked. I don't know about Bittrex since I don't have any Steem there at the moment.

ok great thanks for following up! @complexring @leon-fu posted updated

I concur with @complexring. No memo needed. If you are still unsure then try withdrawing 0.1 Steem as a test. It should arrive in your wallet in about 5 minutes.

I was asking the same thing myself yesterday and did not find an answer yet.

You have to confirm the withdrawal from an autogenerated message sent to your email address.

Dude I have used Polo for years, I know that part.

What i do not know, if you bothered to look at the screen shots is what is the steemit withdraw address?

and what do i put into the "memo" field.

This is not obvious for many of us....

Your username is the address for the transfer. No memo needed. So, you would put in 'decrypt'.

ok thank you so much. :)

would be very nice for everyone if it was noted in the wallet gui

i work with a lot of artists and for sure they would be more clueless than me

apparently this other commentator is saying it is more complex than this...

now you see why i am confused....

Yes, same problem here I tried asking in chat and looking at google and found nothing.

I guess I am just plain dumb lol. Used a pgp sig over 15+ years ago and that took me a while to learn as well...

gpg is never easy to learn. kudos!

The Dude
Thanks @decrypt!

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