We should start our own Steem #MillionaireMakers drawing just like reddit.com/r/millionairemakers! Would be much easier to do within Steem anyways.. and much more effective!steemCreated with Sketch.

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If you are not aware, these guys on reddit do this (mostly) monthly drawing called #MillionaireMakers

The way this drawing works is simple, everyone who comments on the entry thread is put into a drawing as long as the account is atleast 30 days old and active, and then a randomly generated user is chosen from that list, this winner is then named in a brand new thread and users all shower him/her in donations, in the hopes that this crowdfunding model will change peoples lives at random, and over time, possibly make them millionaires.

And while we do alot of contest, giveaways and crowdfunding, we don't do this specific thing, and I'm not quite sure why.. so I am writing this post to get the community feedback on such a crowdfunding model in an effort to show the current moderation team how easy it would be to transition their giveaway away from Reddit onto a blockchain backed platform where it belongs! Or simply, use both platforms as they see fit for maximum effectiveness.

Just a few takeaways from the #MillionaireMakers Project for everyone to consider:

The Amount of people participating is pretty amazing, and its only giveaway 31...

It's quite successful too

I think it would be a perfect fit for our community, what do you guys think?

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Great idea!

Testing steemit!


Welcome my friend!

If you need any assistance or any questions answered steemit.chat is a great place or you can DM me back on Reddit as well, alternatively I am on steemit.chat too

edit: This is the mod of the current giveaway on reddit guys!


I shall steempower myself and vote on every millionairemaker thread. (i'm also going to do a separate monthly millionairemaker drawing, or two because can we have too much of a good thing?)


See but now we gotta verify each account because we don't want anyone acting like they are doing this legit then running off, but yea multiple accounts is fine. Having 2 separate drawings, 1 on reddit and 1 on steem might work best...


i'm not paltrydigger, but I agree. & also I still don't know how I can pull an entire list of upvoters off a post, which is going to be a necessity if it is going to work the way I was thinking.

I really like the idea @decentralizd.... I'll be the genie pig and test it out! :)


I have been saying for a while that we need a dating site with steemit BECAUSE it will actually tell people how much money someone has! LOL if someone wantsto prove they have bitcoins tehy can buy steem, and quickly sell it, and they will be able to easily prove they have bitcoins if they dont wanna give out their deposut address to let someone verifu

the whole idea of steemit makes it easy, u dont HAVE to ask someone how much mony they have! peple can just click your wallet and find out exactly how much money you have! sure you could have more than that, but this way you find out who really is a millionaire or not! , but this would be a really awesome way for our steemit whales to get some much deserved action LOL, steemit IS a dating website!! ALL social networks are dating sites! facebook is the biiggest dating site in the world and reddit is like dating for "smarter" people, but is mostly mae dominated while Steemit is the Nuber One blockchain that has most gender diversity so theres more women here per capitah than all the other blockchais, like bitcoin and ethereum are all male dominated theres barely any women, but steemit will soon have th MOST women too! Because now there are probobly still more female bitcoin users than steemit users, HOWEVER that will change as soon as we get a few millon users!

Anyway this place will have all sorts of amazing upgrades and features, at least I know I will be speening my future steemit fortune on paying developers to just work full time on this website bilding projets and upgrades just a team of fulltime developers maybe start by hirig people in countries where we can affford 4 guys for the price of one guy here, and eventualy id like ti pay loccal people but yeah i want intersn who will work for stee, that i wont have to PAY out of POCKET who ill be happy with the steem they can earn theselves! and honestly thats WAY better but BUT i WILL pay people like a company tho if it comes downto that! Id rather find peopel who will wrk on steemit for free but i wanna then give them financial freedom and give them a job so they know they are gonan be paid a paycheck ...i wanna make sure people i hire have job security but are also aware of the fact that thi is a diverse and dynaic market and ill let them know how much money I have to pay them for a certain amount of time...ill make sure i have like several months of paycheks ready to go, before i ire anyone, and ill make sure the work they do directly pays for their FUTURE pychecks of rthenext year! i would LOVE to have a pay loop gooing that helps to upgrade steemit the way @jesta has done with http:/beta.chainbb.com

Would be a lot better with that project here once we get more users and thanks to the recording of transactions from all users. As long as we keep it to actual donations to participate though, not reap pool rewards for it. :P


Thats the goal! Or atleast shower someone in upvotes... and donations for their post.

We will work on this together ;)


I was just pointing out how good of an opportunity this could be :D Glad to see other had the same ideas!


I agree! I love how we all have the same ideas! I love supporting all this :)

Fantastic idea. One possible way to implement it would be this:

A randomised draw amongst the entrants. Would have to have some sort of control to ensure not duplicate or fake accounts.

The winner posts 10 new steemit posts, and everyone who wants to contribute to the winner can go down and upvote all 10 (or a few). Or just send them Steem.

Another idea would be to delegate steem power to one user for the period, then after the next draw all tje delegated power could swap to the new person.


Thats a very smart way to steemify the entire thing, good idea!


If I have tons of steem power, and host a draw, will that help me generate more steem to give to the winner? (still learning here)


You could send the SBD direct to the winner and save the steem power for delegation/ growing the account.

ive even thought of making such post on last drawing but then i thought.. we already make millionaires here everyday :)

but you have some idea so.. lets do it!


I'm not the man for the job on this one, merely suggesting it so we can further spread the love! But I hear @acidyo & @steemitqa might be down :p

thank you for you post i love the idea of it

Great concept, we should definitely give it a try. What's better is, you don't have to pay from your own pocket unless you want to.


By doing it with upvotes instead of straight up cash?


That's the plan.

oh ja , sounds good lets win the Steam Lottery


how u gone call it STEEM POWERBALL ?

Sounds like an amazing idea!!

I've participated in a few of the ones on reddit but having to send money is a bit of a pain, it would be so much easier to just up vote, haha. Perhaps the winner could have one of their threads pinned at the top of hot/promoted/trending with a prompt for everyone to vote them up? Great idea!

I think this is a great idea! I would participate for sure!

Good Idea lets do this :) The winner gets 100% votes.

Great idea for Steemit. I have been following the reddit version for a while now. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Sounds good!

yoo! great idea bro...the possibilities with steemit or endless man seriously this could be big

Yeah..... Sooooooo..... You can go ahead and put me down for this ..... Free money stuff you speak of..... Sounds wonderful lol

Sounds like a great idea!

Great idea, it would be supper simple to implement it here.

Sounds promising and it's easier to do here. Just have everyone vote the winner up and when said winner ends up in trending, more people would see him and his reach could widen. That's 2 wins in 1!

I bet there would be quite a few millionares here!

when I first discovered that subreddit I thought that they literally gave One Million Dollars to someone who won the contest. I then started making quick formulas based on how many subscribers there were along with the odds of winning One Million Dollars.

It's still extremely cool, but you don't win a million bucks. It's usually a variety of donations that total to, on average, a few grand. Which is AWESOME, but still...I thought it would be a million ;)


But if the subreddit continued growing /attracting more users it could be a million one day, it would be far better here though.

Great idea! Put my name down for entry when you get it started!

Sounds like a great concept. Will joinits always good to get some help while being on the route ;)

Sounds good to me. We should at least try it.

What's an idea but some forks may dislike because it is not encourage to provide good content.

Let's do it. We could easily top their give away numbers. Challenge the moderators to run one on here and we'll show them a blockchain provably fair contest.

Soundz good :)

I think this would be an awesome way to engage and give back to the community.

I'd be willing to participate!

Sounds awesome, count me in!

great job ,i'll joined and waiting giveaway

Great I idea 😀 the project may sound ludicrous but it is like the internet's version of lottery. It would spice things up around and we could organise at as some sort of an event.


But just one thing, do we send steem, sbd or both?

Somebody listened!

Hey man ,im totaly into this ,super great idea,looking forward to help you as much as I can ,cheers 😉