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I’m contemplating the graphs of STEEM/USD and STEEM/ETH, and I’m not really happy with my tiny 2,5 ether converted in Steem. In USD terms, Steem in its “lifetime”, from the 18th of April 2016 was a relatively good investment. The price, now by 2,2 USD is more than 3 times higher of those of the first day (0,64).STEEM-USD.jpg
But the STEEM/ETH graph is terrific, in Ether terms, Steem has fallen to about 0,5 percent of its value (–99,5 percent, from 0,72 to 0,0038). I know Ether was up, and, basically, not Steem was down, but the Steem/BTC graph is not so nice either. That means that Steem as an investment, was not really successful in its first 2 years as most other cryptocurrencies.
I know, I know, you can invest your Steem and earn your dividend-like passive income. But if history repeats itself, I mean the huge fall from end of 2016-spring of 2017, this income can also be lost.STEEM-ETH.jpg
More than 1 million users, that sounds good, but is not really a useful number.
More than a half of this accounts never have been used. (If I have inspiration for something, to write a blog post, I don’t want to wait 5-10 days…) The number of active authors is falling continuously, from approximately 40 000 in February to 22 000 for now. (Number of curators is stagnating by 22 000.)
Statistics here
I know, I’m a novice, worst, a plancton here, may be I’m totally wrong, but can’t stop thinking. Like this:

  1. If the big weight of the wales keeps unchanged, as of now, the big money goes always to them, many steemian users will leave the system early and number of really active users stays low.
  2. If powers would change, whales and dolphins had less power, the system was more equilibrated. But hoarding steem would make less sence – a big selloff of steem could push the price down. But on long term, that could encourage more users to be more active.
  3. I’m wondering which effect new steem blockchain applications, like games can have in the ecosystem.
  4. A lot of altcoins seem to fall much more than bitcoin, if bitcoin falls. And they skyrocket, outperform, if bitcoin surges. You can hope Steem ‘ll reach 8, or 80 dollars again – but you can never be sure. Maybe it ’ll be only 8-80 cents in next years. Maybe you shouldn’t invest all you have in Steem (nor all you have in cryptos).

Correct me, comment me.


User retention is a huge problem on here -majority of the users dont invest i.e start from the very bottom (like me) and give up when they realise how much hard work it is and most people dont actually make alot. Steem is also complicated and takes time to learn the system and the politics!

If your new here I reccomend joining discord there are loads of great people there who can help you out

Most people dont't want to invest to earn money. Mixing investing and work is not for everyone. Such "tie in sales" or "tie in arrangements" are not even always legal in mainstream business.
Many people shouldn't risk thousands of dollars in cryptocurrencies, not even if it is Steem. But without this they have no chance to earn.
I 'll stay because I'm graphomaniac and like risks but I wouldn't recommend Steemit not even to my friends.

I would like to invest here but dont have the money to do so! I will just slowly blog away and earn a bit more pocket money. I think loads of people here are in the same boat as me - but leave pretty quickly when they realise this aint a get rich quick shceme and you actually have to put effort in!

Fair enough! Enjoy your stay here - let me know if you have any questions and im sure I can help or point you in the right direction :)

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