Sent SBD or Steem To Wrong Account? SOS!! PLEASE HELP!!

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SOS, HELP ME!! Well, I guess this can happen to anyone as it did to me this morning. I think we all freak out at first and then we try to figure out how we can fix the problem. I had a few people on Discord offer some suggestions. I sent 1.897 SBD to @nado and meant to send it to I then realized my mistake after the fact. So basically because it's sent over the blockchain you can't reverse it. You have to send a small amount like 0.01 SBD to the same person and then in the memo area explain to the person that you made an honest mistake and hopefully, they will return it right away. I am sure most will return it as there are a lot of platforms besides steemit to call somebody out and it would also tarnish somebody's reputation as well. If you send it to a wrong person on bittrex or another online wallet platform you will have to open a support ticket right away. I guess the golden rule here is to triple check everything, I have learned a valuable lesson today. I was told someone lost over 500SDB dollars a few weeks ago. So please everyone be super careful and triple check everything before you send it. Good luck to everyone and Happy Steeming!!

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Happened to me once, luckily the user was a active one and was generous enough to send them back to me! Hopefully the situation remedies for you!!


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