The Signal Marketplace and SpectivVR

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Forgive me but this photo has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, except that you are getting this information at a bargain price. :)

I have been playing with the new Signal Marketplace today, which just recently launched for Beta testing, and I thought that it could be the perfect companion for Steemit Bloggers. I am testing it right now by both listing an advertisement using some of my SIG tokens and by signing up as an influencer and posting links to the Spectiv website. This way you can be some of the first users to check it out for yourself, and if you click on one of my links here I will get paid a small amount of SIG tokens for influencing you to try it out ha ha!

So the reason that I think this will be great for us here on Steemit is that you can go the Signals Marketplace often and look through the list of advertisers and If you find something that you feel comfortable promoting or that goes with your blog you can sign up for that campaign as an influencer and add the link to the end of your blog. Thus you can link to something that you think your readers would be interested in and earn a few SIG tokens to go along with your Steem earnings. If I decide to use the Signals Marketplace in the future I will only be linking to things that I like and that I would like to tell my friends about anyway, so why not?

It took me less than five minutes to list my own ad on the Marketplace, the only thing that I could think of to advertise was the sign-up page for a Manna account using my referral link lol. By doing this I found how easy it is to start an ad campaign on the Signals Marketplace and if any influencers actually sign up to use my ad then they will get one SIG for every person that follows the link to Manna and signs up for an account. Thus it is a win-win for each of us!

The last thing I want to say is that I think SIG tokens are a very good investment at a ridiculously low price right now. I'm no financial guru and I'm not telling you that you should go off and buy some SIG's, but I did want to let you know that they do have a working platform and that advertising is a huge industry. If the Signals Marketplace manages to gain only a tiny portion of the money that is being invested on digital ads then it is going to be worth a lot more in the future than it is selling for right now.

Not only do I think that the Signals Marketplace is potentially a big deal, but Spectiv also has the SpectivVR site where the SIG tokens will be put to use right away by Virtual Reality content creators. I hope you will at least go and take a look around and then let me know what you think, and who wouldn't want to click on my link knowing that I'm going to earn a little SIG for each click anyway?

Here is the link to the Signals Marketplace:
And here is a link to SpectivVR:

So did I include enough links to get you to try one lol?

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This definitely sounds like a nice compliment to Steemit. I think Steem could also look at a similar model for its blockchain, like you say advertisement is huge !

Absolutely, Steem is one of the most underutilized blockchain for its huge potential there is. The no-cost trades across the platform alone should have had it in the top 5 tokens in the world. With EOS and other DPOS Graphene based blockchains popping up now that advantage is going away. 🙁

Yea the advantage is getting smaller, but if you look at utilization Steem is doing very well, and in my opinion that is what is lacking for a lot, just a fancy white paper, but what good is big talk if there is no action ?

You are so right, Steemit has to be about the most used and useful of all of the crypto projects, and with the SMT's launching, it should completely explode with new use cases! 👍

It’s hard to wait, but hopefully it will be well worth it !

I guess so many people tried to visit after I posted this blog that it crashed 😮 they must have picked the perfect time for maintenance on the site lol, since it just launched in Beta they are constantly updating it right now.

Well, I think I will come back as myself and sign up :)