Making History in Colombia with Crypto - Steemit's chance to help

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I'm delivering the first 20 laptops to Cucuta this week.

Would the Steemit community like to sponsor the next round.

I only need $1950 for 30 machines.

With this outreach to the community, it will help with those that are just trying to make it from day to day.
Food drive for those in need
Food drive for those in need.

Thanking us for giving
Thanking us for giving

We are also looking to helping the youth in their education using inexpensive, but high quality tablets with hard covers and Bluetooth keyboards.
David Hay showing his first pre-configured tablets and also showing some other needed school supplies
We are showing our first pre-configured tablets and also showing some other needed school supplies like crayons, scissors, etc...

The tablets are configured with Google's Play Store for all of its apps for on and offline use, a cryptocurrency wallet Jaxx, Duo Lingo app, YouTube app, and Chrome browser.

Reaching out to these schools is extremely rewarding. You can see the smiles and gratitude these kids and teachers have for us being there to give them something way out of their potential.

Here are different areas of the school.

They were really thankful and took a group picture for us.

We are talking remote folks. This truck was a little top heavy and was on a really dangerous uneven road on a steep decline. Bringing tables/benches to another school.

The kids were excited to help bring the new tables into the school area.

Thank you all for your help and your wishes.

Special thanks to DigiByte for your quick response to our plight in helping those that are less fortunate.

Lets get some Steem behind this project guys. The Steemit community has what it takes to put this project out on a global level for us. So Steemit!


David said a little bit more about this project here:

Great! I was looking all over for this video but now I found it thank to you. David should post it on his Steemit Blog or Thanks!

Great initiative David, thank you.

upvoted, resteemed and send you my leftover SBD's (78 SBD, more or less 250 USD) just now.

good luck, and keep it steemy!

I second that! Just Now. whatever we can help with, thanks for the idea @roelandp!

Good to see you posting on here again. I think what you're doing is great. Has a proposal been put forward on SmartCash? I'd vote for that.

great call so would I...

I'm new to the community. I'll look into this today and find out how to make a proposal.

I've started a pre-proposal discussion. It would be great if you could add a comment.

you are doing very good job

you should be ashamed of yourself... upvoting yourself for 75% and leaving a positive comment and then NOT EVEN VOTING for this proposal that is helping out people in real poverty, giving them a chance to improve their situation

What?! This is amazing! I was thinking of doing a project like this. This is how I visualize the future: every person on the planet will have access to the internet. Also, digibyte is one of my favorite ever. I think it’s incredibly under valued. 👌🏼

David, awesome news...I am travelling Columbia for two months starting mid May. Speak Spanish, I help demistify crypto for people and show them how to use wallets properly. Background in IT training and have supported clients using the Google ecosystem and Android for years. if I can volunteer in anyway let me great to catch up regardless Carl

Awesome that you would volunteer yourself like that! Esta bien!

I think it's really awesome what you're doing. To me projects like this exemplify the true potential of cryptocurrencies. We can't rely on governments to solve these problems. The current power structure has gone as far as it can go and has done as much good as it can do. They're a step forward from where the world was with mostly monarchies hundreds of years ago, but with this technology we're ready for the next step which I think is decentralized power of the people.


Dear David,

Absolutely love your initiative and enthusiasm. I am up to your challenge of getting the Steemit community to help support your project. Here is what I propose:

  • Do a specific Steemit post welcoming donations and state which crypto wallet accounts they could donate to (hopefully more than one kind of crypto so you can attract more donations).

  • You are asking for $1950 for 30 unit and that comes to $65 each. I am willing to donate a full $65 to support for one unit. Just tell me how. I could then make a post on my Steemit blog pledging my donation and invite my followers to do the same (or donate a smaller amount if they can't afford the full $65). Maybe you could even "pair" any donation at $65 or more with the name of the student recipient of the unit (and photo?) so that the giver can have even more of a connection with the project. I think this could make it more personal.

  • Also, if time-permitting you could have a specific web page for the project with updates, where the donated money goes, etc. then that could be great too in order for the project to flourish even more and gain more followers an donors.

Please let me know if you are keen about these ideas and let me know where I can donate to help support your wonderful project.

Anyway, keep up the great work! The world needs more generous souls like you!

Love what you are doing in crypto!

well you have my full vote, just make regular updates here and more votes should follow
and make a proposal on smartcash, I would vote for that

I am very inspired by your commitment to this project and think that it is a great cause. Its a great "use case" for how cryptos can be used. Hopefully it can be a model for other similar projects around the world. I also think that you are correct in saying that the best place to start is where it is needed most. On the other hand, everything is happy in the US economy right now, but all it might take is one major economic downturn and we may be looking at mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the US as well. Either way, thanks for leading by example. Actions speak louder that words.

Yes David is very inspiring. It's so nice to see people commit their time and even moving to another part of the world to undertake such a fulfilling project. I'm gonna suggest below how he can get more of us to help inthis endeavor; maybe we can build a larger Steemit following to support David's project.

These are high end spanish keyboards by logitech $20 on Amazon in the USA. Wonder if you can get them cheaper if you buy in bulk?

Thanks for sharing this post.

You are really doing a great job. I really wished i had some cash on my wallet.. i just joined last month, i love to see smiles on people's face basically the less privilege.. May the Lord increase you on every side and create more opportunity for you to reach out to people.. Well done dear

That's really and great work sir @davidah. To build youth i think this will helpful for all.. and wish you good luck.

well done mate, I have upvoted this.

great job David! really great!

I really love what you've been doing :) Your older videos were the ones I trusted to give good info, and I really miss what you were doing. But, I think what you're doing now is a much better investment in people and cryptocurrency. I really wish I had more than an upvote to give. Keep it up!

Thank you very much David for doing this beautiful work in my country, when I read these projects, I fill my soul with hope and gratitude, because we can build a better world.

WOW. That's a very interesting article, I'm a investor and new project enthusiast myself, keep up the good work :)

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Aw, yo también soy Colombiana, me llena de emoción ver que esta plataforma no solo te ha ayudado a ti, sino que también ha ayudado a los nuestros. De verdad me siento muy feliz de que todavía hayan personas nobles y de buen corazón en el mundo, en nombre de todas las personas que ayudas quiero darte las gracias por compartir tus riquezas con los demás, de verdad que la vida te lo sabrá recompensar, Yo tengo un proyecto similar aquí en Venezuela (vivo aquí y debes saber que la situación y calidad de vida de vida acá es más que horrible) así que con todo lo que gano en Steemit me dedico a alimentar perritos callejeros, todo están en extrema desnutrición y me parte el alma. Espero al igual que tú, algún día tener suficiente apoyo para llevar estas obras a cabo en mayor escala y poder ayudar a más ángeles de cuatro patas. ¡Me alegra muchísimo ver a uno de nosotros triunfando en esta plataforma!
Por cierto, si no es mucha molestia quería invitarte a leer mis posts. Agradecería enormemente si te tomas un tiempo para leerlos,y en caso de que te gusten, apreciaría muchísimo que me regalaras un voto, un comentario, o un resteem.
¡Tienes mi voto, y quedo atenta a tus próximas publicaciones!

This is an amazing initiative @davidhay .. a few months ago I along with 3 other bikers from different parts of the world, got together to deliver laptops In Cambodia and teach children along the way. Do check the link for the complete blog... god bless you with your efforts


Interesante el proyecto! 😊😊

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Gran y noble tarea la que estas realizando, la verdad que es una necesiad imperante de nuevas tecnologias con la que los latinos podamos crecer. Un fuerte abrazo y mis mejores deseos para tu proyecto!

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Nice one David :)
I feel like doing that here in Cambodia.
Facebook is dominating everybody here!
If only they knew!!
I do my best to educate them.
I hope it goes well for you man!

This is a wonderful project! Thank you so much for doing this!

Hey David,

I have a better than Abra solution for merchants who want to receive payments in crypto.

Please contact me at telegram @Chibchombia

where is this guy¿? He hasn´t broadcasted any youtube videos for 2 he safe in that shit hole where he moved?I hope he is fine!

Mate awesome stuff :) we need more people like you in our world and more people like you on steemit :)

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