Reclaim delegated SP and revoke dMania app permissions

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dMania has been shut down as a platform. @zombee decided to shut the site down in less than 24 hours after announcing his intent.

I'm asking for everyone to please resteem this if possible to try to allow everyone who is affected to view it. Not everyone looks at the trending/new/hot pages.

I wrote a detailed post here on why I thought that @zombee wasn't abusing the community. While I still think my analysis is sound. I agree that @ned removing the SP delegation from @dmania was the right thing to do. Specifically after attempting to view the dMania website this morning, and seeing that it was already shut down.

For anyone who is wondering if I appreciate the irony of writing an entire post defending someone. Then the very next day I end up writing a post on how to remove that person's work from your accounts. Yes... Yes, I do appreciate that.

This is what we were greeted with this morning when attempting to visit dMania.

Pissed is an understatement...

You want to shut down the site?

Fine... I don't think you should keep a website up you don't want to work on anymore.

You can't handle the constant barrage of insults about dMania?

Fine... Criticism is hard especially on the internet. If you can't tune out the haters, or distance your mindset from criticism while running a platform. That's ok too.

What is not understandable is shutting down a website that people still have delegation to, before they can get it back. I get that the site couldn't be left up forever, but you should give people longer than one day to find your post, and then realize they need to un-delegate.

This is directly screwing over people who supported a platform that you were building that they believed in. No-one should directly punish the good users just because that person is butt-hurt.

How do I get my SP back?

Anyway, for all the users who have been left out in the rain. That might not have had the time or realized that they needed to remove delegation in less than 24 hours. This method might help you get your SP back.

I haven't been able to use this method, because I had already un-delegated. However, it is the same method you use to un-delegate from smartsteem, so in theory, it should work.

Please take the web link I have included below, and change the {userhere} to your username. Then pop it into your browser's URL area.{userhere}&delegatee=dmania&vesting_shares=0%20SP

An example with me as a user.

You should then get redirected to the steemconnect URL. Like my example below.

After that, you should be able to log into steemconnect to get your delegation back. Once you log in you should see a tx, and block confirmation.

Please Note: It takes seven days for you to get your steem power back.

You can also check Steemworld to see if your SP has been successfully un-delegated. On the delegations out tab, you should no longer have dmania.

Example below 2018-05-02_at_10.33_AM.jpg

Remove the dMania authorization from your account

You might not realize this right away, but if you used dMania, it still has access to post things on your account's behalf. You probably want to remove this as well.

Login to steemconnect:

Once you log into steemconnect you will want to click on authorized apps.
You will then want to revoke the from your account. Also if you are supprised at other apps in your account, you can also just revoke all.
You will then get a confirmation page to remove it.

This also no longer allows the dmania account to post on your behalf.

You can then see in steemd that you will no longer have dmania listed as an authorized app. Here is an example of zombee's, because I no longer have mine authorized.
You will want to make sure that this one is no longer an authority.

What did I learn?

You can skip this part if you want (just some introspection).

I learned that everyone is a dick.

No, Just kidding...

What I learned is not burning bridges all around is still the best policy for me personally. If you can't handle the burden walk away gracefully. Especially when you had a community of people behind you.

I also learned that I loved becoming a vocal member of an online community (for how short it was). Right now, I might just go back to writing underwear reviews. Then, I might be back in search of another community like dMania.

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There are alt to dmania: and

So he shut it down simply because he lost steempower delegation from Ned?


I don’t know. I’m going with not being able to handle people on the internet.

Had no idea it shut down. I only posted a few times there. Never delegated anything. Didnt make much on memes there but it did feel like some favoritism was going in there. Thanks for the share, resteeming.

damn. But it is clear that the community requires a steemit9gag...
It is obvious given the number of dmania posts...
I, for one, will keep my delegation one more week. Wait and see if it will come back with a fresh perspective


Welcome to Memeit --


It is necessary, but now I think that if the reward system is not refined for the choice of good memes we will not go anywhere, we all want a 9gag here, but a pure one, where laughter abounds more than the desire to get upvote .


very true. maybe mixed with steem plus: using its human/bot/spammer tag

I am shocked dmania closed and thanks i have just revoked my permissions with this simple tutorial of yours.

There is another community you can try called

Then, I might be back in search of another community like dMania.

Thank you for making this post. I did not know that dmania went offline. I did revoke authorization now thanks to your nice little tutorial. I will resteem this because there will probably more people not aware of what is going on and how to get back SP and revoke authorization.

Quite an interesting and useful content. It was an enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing

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Somehow, I still have 5sp there and had no eye dear it was gone... I need to stay active. Thanks for the information.

Congrats! Your post has appeared on the hot list.

Thank You Very Much


This is a really serious problem. I never liked Dmania. It didn't really turn me. I'm glad I only used it thrice now..
Thank you for this as I shall resteem as requested..

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thanks .. its a good news, permission to resteem..thanks for info..

Although I had fun at first, I always thought that the quality of the memes was very low, then I realized that the "memes" were only a cover for the indiscreet search of SBD. It is good that this app has disappeared and that there are people like you who want to help the zombies of this sad experience in the quest to become rich with memes.

Thanks for this @datapotomus.
I too was pissed seeing dMania being shut down the way it was.
Was also wondering about the delegators and permissions dMania had.
Thanks for this tutorial/walk through. 🍻


Thanks, the only reason I even knew zombee was shutting it down was because someone sent me a reply. It sucks hardcore for everyone who might have not even checked in for like a day.

Gawat .. I think We should act immediately...

Dmania is gone please use my hashtag #kfun

great post enjoy over great upvotes

As of today, Dmania is back. Hope to see you there. :)