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RE: Introducing #SharkSchool - How To Take Over The Trending Page By Being A Bloodthirsty Savage

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Absolutely great post @yallapapi
Thanks for the insights and for speaking the truth! The truth bloody hurts, and I've felt that here too! No point in bullshitting folk is there?
I was introduced to Steemit in January by an online friend and You-Tuber who I'd wrote some music for his videos. He said all of the usual 'you'll make loads of money from your music' etc etc! But I didn't! I was completely deflated like a double airbed within a week of being here, and I CAN actually write decent content and produce original music.
So, I'm now in my 3rd month, on my 2nd account after my original account was hacked by some robbing bastards! I was supported by a fantastic bunch of helpies who created me a new account. My music was heard by the right people, and I now make some SBD every week from my music posts. It's been a real eye opener here but, I totally agree with your point about the importance of up-voting your own content to get 'Some eyes on it' cos, you know what guys? 'Money talks and bullshit walks'
So I echo what you are saying to the new users here!

Even if you can only afford to chuck 5 or 10 SBD at a bot to upvote your post DO IT! Because you won't make it here if you're not willing to invest in your own content!
Just make it good content though eh people, and try to comment on others posts with some worth and intelligence 🧠
Cheers for your post @yallapapi I enjoyed it.
Here's a post I wrote a few days ago about my time here so far! Not up to your standard but it gets the point across.


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