[FEATURE REQUEST] Save new post as a draft, publish privately, set a 'time to publish'

in steemit •  2 years ago

I am an avid fan and long term 'investor' into the #steemit platform as an author, curator and 100% 'power upperer' (lol)...

I suggest the need for added functionality which would allow authors to:

  1. Save a new post as a draft.
  2. Publish privately.
  3. Set a 'time to publish'.

Not sure where I should post this.

Is this already being suggested and/or discussed? Is there a specific tag for such suggestions I should be using?

I believe these added features would be well received by the community.

I am sure the devs are already hard at work on this (great to see all the new updates rolling out, well done guys), if not, perhaps they should be? Of course, I understand these things take time, and there are probably other priorities...

I personally, would love to have these features added. Would you?

Is there any type of road-map for added functionality we can see? My apologies if this has already been addressed and/or brought up previously.

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Yup. 100% with you on the search functionality as well.

I would be down with this feature! With demands of young children my quiet time to work on things like Steemit is either very early in the morning or late at night. It would be awesome to be able to schedule content. I would find this a useful feature. That said, it is nice to be at my computer when I publish a post so I can engage with any comments, it also adds a real-time element to the platform.


it is nice to be at my computer when I publish a post so I can engage with any comments

This is a good point.