The case of @haejin and how you could also get upto 6 percent of the reward pool

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I don’t think there is any steemian that have been active on steemit for a couple of months now that does not know about @haejin. he sure is a steemit celebrity albeit a very controversial one but still a celebrity all the same. @haejin is famous for the fact that he alone takes up to 6percent of the reward pool available on the steem blockchain. That means that out of 700k accounts on the steem blockchain, about 66k of those being active are left with about 94 percent of the reward pool to contend with.I can understand why @berniesanders goes all out for him, just imagine if we had just 20 users on the steem blockchain earning as much as @haejin then that would mean there would be nothing in the reward pool for the rest of us to share,that is very unlikely to happen I hope though.  

Anyways this post is not about judging @haejins earnings (because we probably would never know why he is greatly favored by @ranchorelaxo) but rather to use his case to motivate steemians to do their best to promote steem to huge investors. Truth is every steemian has the same and equal opportunity to earn as much as @haejin does by promoting steem to huge investors, might be individual investors or corporate investors. Yes it’s ok to promote steem as a platform that pays users for blogging and vlogging and basically providing contents online but that mostly draws in bloggers and vloggers and users searching for ways to earn online and as much as that is great for exploding the network effect of steem we also need huge investors that might not really be keen on blogging or providing content to buy in and create a balance that would ensure a steady growth of steem. A quick check on would confirm that just about 65 percent of the first 20 steem whales still have reputation scores less than 40 which shows the huge investors don’t blog a lot.


From an investment point of view, in my own opinion (and I believe most steemians would agree with me on this) steem ranks on top of the list of cryptocurrencies to invest in, what with the numerous ways available to earn  dividends on the steem blockchain for steem investment. From curation rewards to authors reward to delegating of steem to automatic selling of votes, not forgetting these facts that  steempower yields interest even while it’s still being used in other ways to earn more steem  plus any increase on the buy in price of steem is profitable , add lightening fast transaction speed and also one of the most secure crypto wallets to that. Steem truly stands out as a safe haven investment in the world of cryptocurrencies, we just have to let the investors know this. There are  lots of deep-pockected individuals and corporations searching for investment prospects  that would buy in big on steem but they just have to be reached out to. We all have interactions or the opportunity to interact with this moneyed class of investors in our day to day endeavours, that wealthy uncle or the loaded boss or that stinkingly rich acquaintance, even that telecom corporation that is located near your office can become your @ranchorelaxo.


lets consider this hypothetical scenario. John Doe is a steemian who understands the investment prospects of the steem blockchain so he convincingly discusses it with a wealthy uncle, the uncle goes ahead to make a whales investment of 1,000,000 steem. John’s confidence grows, he walks into the telecom establishment down the road from where his office is located and ask to speak with the financial manager, his steem promotion is a success (after all facts don’t lie) and the company eventually powers up with 1,000,000 steem. john doesn’t stop there, he convinces his boss and someother rich friend to both invest 500,000 worth of steem each. Now is there any justification to judge john’s earnings if the investors he brought on steem decide to add him to their autovote? I would like to read your thoughts on this in the comments section. 

In conclusion, each and everyone of us steemians can earn as much as 6 percent from the reward pool, we just have to find our own @ranchorelaxo to invest big in steem and chances are they will always upvote our post, perhaps in gratitude for leading them into a safe haven investment- THE STEEM BLOCKCHAIN.  



You didn't mention that if we lure a handful of whales here the price of Steem also skyrockets and pretty much everyone wins. I've put every penny I could into Steem over the last few months and now I have 1000 SP. I can generate about $3 worth of inflation a day.

Steem has gone 50x in the past year from $0.08 to $4.00. What happens if it goes 50x again in the next year? I now control $150 a day of inflation. That is life-changing money and I wasn't even the one who had to get a whale to invest in the platform. We all win.

sure thing, as long as steem moons we all win. steem is still cheap at its price, hopefully it gets to @ least $20 by the end of the year.

I think it's going to hit $20 in the next few months... it will crash back down though. Hopefully SMTs can stabilize it at a higher value.

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