HOW TO Make More MONEY on Steemit !

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Steemit is the place when you can make money out of thin air! It is the most amazing place that may give chances and opportunities to people to change their lives! Any action you afford to this community you get a reward for it (directly or indirectly)!

Money is the fuel of our activities! It is the first motivation to work! And if you are one of the creators of a good content on Steemit but you don’t get a satisfied earning, sooner or later you will give up Steeming and search for another profitable thing to do.

In this post I will share with you some tools on Steemit which you can profit from them and gain more Money.

  • SteemFollower:

It is one of the best tools on Steemit - created by @mahdiyari - that let you get more Upvotes from real persons, it is not an Upvote for Upvote system, yet it is a platform of Upvotes exchange, for example if you Upvote a post that you like it, it doesn’t mean that the author of that post should Upvote you in return, but you can be Upvoted by another user or a group of users (minnow or a whale), depending on the number of points that you have.


By daily Upvoting posts on Steemfollower you gain more points and you can either purchase more points from the market if you want to get more Upvotes.


Moreover, Steemfollower is a “refer friend program”: You can refer your friends and earn 0.5% of their upvotes.

If you want to try out this service, then please use my link to sign up:

My Referral Link

  • Bid Bots:

Image's Link

We are already living in the edge of Bots taking control from Humans! In Steemit there exist bots that do things for you!

If you ask me why I prefer Steemit than the other social media platforms (Like Yours for example)! I will Simply respond you that I like to automate my tasks and let machines work for me, the things that I don’t find in other Social-Media Websites.

Bots are like some vending machines where you can insert some SBDs and get your SBDs returned with some extra-gain.

But – yes there is always a “but”—the bots are considered profitable if they are well used of course, there is an explanation made by @xamiker on how to make a gainful bid bot and earn more money on Steemit.

Using Bots correctly lets you get an easy reward, the most amazing thing is that there are always active bots 24h/24h, so, you can use them at any time you want.

  • Delegated SteemPower:

Image's Link

There is another option instead of running your own bot! You can profit from what already developed and running actually on Steemit platform!

You can delegate some of your SteemPower to an existing bid-bot or a sponsorship system like @minnowbooster, @smartsteem, @utopian-io or many others and earn a percentage from their upvote-profit.

Delegating Your SteemPower to someone else doesn’t mean you abandon a part of your SteemPower and give it to that person, but it means you keep your SteemPower for you but you let someone else use it and you get earned in the curation rewards.

Image's Link

Steemit is also a marketplace to buy and sell Upvotes, there are systems like @smartsteem and @minnowbooster who provides such service, you can sell them your Upvote to utilize it for their users and get a curation rewards for that.
To get more info, check their links : and


Keep in mind that the most important things to make money on Steemit are: Creating a good content, Building an interesting audience and Working on increasing the SteemPower.

Don’t forget to Follow, Upvote, Comment and Resteem!
See you soon!

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Steemfollower is the best among all.

Yes beside the service that it offers, it helps to strengthen the relations of the network by letting people curate and follow each other.
But personally I like to try all the tools that exist in this ecosystem .. sometimes just to understand what's going on :D

letting people curate? They should be begging people to curate. I can assure you that they don't let people curate. - Without people. They have no business!

I've done a lot of this and so far it is mixed reviews. I do want to get more into steemfollower and learn more about that one.

Yes it's an awesome tool ! I hope you share with us your experience and what you've learned more from steemfollower!
Thank you @cflclosers

Thanks for sharing this, I have not heard of SteemFollower but I will check it out

@jeffjagoe - I do use it and it works quite well.

Good! In this link : you will find some links for more information.
Thank you @jeffjagoe

For me (the beginner) steemit is the most complex media social platform ever...... but, that is who make it interested.......and thanks for the tips..... it's very helpful for started learn about this amazing platform.....

Welcome @budinurdin to Steemit ! I hope you enjoy your journey here and may my blog be your first guide to discover the mysteries of this ecosystem :)

And may your employers - STEEMIT - Pay you a hefty wage for indoctrination.

Nice post, thank you

This is a pretty controversial topic haha
Have you considered the ethics of this post?
There's a term called reward pool rape hahaha

Haha .. This is not in my intention .. I made this blog just to engrave what I have learned in Steemit, Share it with people to help them (especially minnows) and grow together.

hehehe! I know lol! trust me you're not the problem on this platform haha! but as another suggestion, i would say trying to network and grow by making content that dolphins and whales finds interesting is probably more useful in the long-run though. (using discord and chat and just talking one by one with other people on here)

I know, that's exactly harder work than posting and stuff... But that's actually what this is place is.

It's crypto-blogging-networking platform haha. Not a get rich quick scheme!

I would have been happier if that was reflected in the post... Sure, make use of all the tools and stuff like that... But if you're just interacting with robots all the time, you're dooming this project to fail monumentally! Steem will only survive if it's useful and brings meaning and good ideas and all forms of positive things to people's lives... (And I mean in terms of information! Not crypto!)

Lol, anyway, I said what I wanted to say ^^

Run along and have fun you little rascal!

This is really helpful, thank you for sharing!

Thanks for sharing.

I am so new to steemit and been trying to learn. Great article and going to read it a few more times to see if i can learn it. Thanks.

Welcome to Steemit @dayzieblue

Sounds good. I was thinking that hot topic resteeming would be the way to go but steemfollower might be a better deal. Gaining momentum is the toughest thing here for beginners.

Nice Post! Upvoted, Followed and Resteemed!

Thank you @rlt47 ! Followed you back :)

Thank you for this great piece of information
Resteemed to over 10000 followers and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!

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Thanks for providing this valuable information! I am still super new to Steemit and any valuable info like this really helps. Thanks again.

Hello @kprice ! Welcome to Steemit :)

Mate! This is a great post. As a relatively new user I have read a lot of info posts this is by far the most helpful.

Followed, upvoted and resteemed.

How to make money on steemit? Sell coffee in a cafe. Make food in a restraunt, Get paid in real world currency. But above all - Don't use steemit. Because as your post states? How to make money? Steemit gives cryptocurrency! When they can be bothered to allow someone who isn't there own. Have more than $0.001. I mean come on that's a tenth of a penny. How to make money on steemit. Don't use steemit!!!!

Owning a cafe or a restaurant is really a good business to make money! But there isn't only one option to make Money! Just Open your Mind!
Plus I don't know why you called it a Real Word Currency .. Because Nothing is Real .. We live in the Matrix.
If you don't like Steemit .. just Logout and go back to the other Centralized Social-Media!

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Thank you to take the time to write this post , it's very interesting . It's so difficult to know what to do when we are beginners.

@steemfollower seems to be good tool, going to learn about it more, thanks for sharing about those tool @dakster 👍

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thanks , really useful post!!

Thank you thats really helpfull

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.